Friday, 7 December 2018


In this episode, Neil, David and James attempt to discuss the film Coonskin without getting the podcast banned - a very difficult proposition indeed given the very title of the film. Indeed, one might wonder why a Jewish filmmaker would use such an insulting title, given that it references the term for a black sell-out, which would rather apply to Barry White, Scatman Crothers and the rest of the Negroes in the cast, as we find out. We use the film as a starting point to look at the exploitative nature of the "special relationship" between Jews and Negroes, which the film betrays, as we examine how Jews have controlled and manipulated Negroes and agitated them against White European Americans by dominating black culture. We also address the overt anti-White hatred, but as James has mentioned outside of the podcast, if the cartoon characters were merchandised without the public knowing anything about the source, there would be outcries of racism from SJWs. 


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Thursday, 6 December 2018


In this episode, your hosts Neil Westwood, David Yorkshire and James 'Bevel E' look at Kurt Wimmer's cinematic **cough** masterpiece Equilibrium, as an excuse to look at modern dystopian fiction in general. We also ask the question as to how far Wimmer has pushed ideas into the narrative that dissent from the Jollywood mainstream and are congruent with our own. Is the film just chewing gum for the eyes, or is there some artistic merit?



Sunday, 2 December 2018


I am very concerned for the Youtube vlogger Millennial Woes' mental health. It is true that I do not approve of some of his antics, like his support of fourth generation Holocaust-surviving mystery meat Tara MacCarthy, or his support for MGTOW misogynists who hate white women, like Davis 'I have eight inches' Aurini or Matt 'I'm an Alpha male' Forney (seriously, they've said this on live streams), or getting involved in petty internet squabbles between people who think they are celebrities. But Woes has done some good stuff in between the nonsense, like the videos on the First World War, on the arts and some of them on social analysis. The problem is, however, that he has been on the internet for far too long and far too often to the point where it has become a replacement for real life to the point where his Twitter ban has become like a nuclear holocaust to him and he has started rambling that this might be a sign that there are government agents hidden in bushes trying to kill him:


Saturday, 1 December 2018


I am becoming increasingly intolerant of vegans and largely due to their intolerance of omnivores. They have become yet another noisy bunch of hobbyists in a contemporary world full of nuisance hobbyists who want everyone else to conform to the rules of their particular hobby. These hobbies, like 'anti-racism', transgenderism, social justice, feminism, veganism etc. have become the replacements for religious zealotry in Leftist secular society, rather like George Orwell predicted when he wrote about 'Hate Week'. The Leftist paradigm is centred on their fanatical hatred for norms based upon Natural Order, which they then project onto the defenders of Natural Order, who are then pilloried, attacked and charged with hatecrimes. This of course is sponsored by the new globalist elites like (((George Soros))). The first stage is always the garnering of social pressure via the funding of lobby groups and media outlets who will carry whatever message the globalists require imprinted on the public consciousness. One current one is that of the aforementioned veganism, and one media platform that is subtly getting it into the public consciousness is that of ITV's This Morning programme, which we have looked at before in relation to the cult of transgenderism.



Saturday, 24 November 2018


The weekend before last saw an interesting boxing encounter, as much for what went on beyond the ring as the match in it. The two fighters could not have been more different: Tony Bellew, a loud-mouthed trash-talking mulatto born in Liverpool, and Oleksandr Usyk, a well-spoken Ukrainian and Olympic gold-medalist who has criticised the conflict between ethnic Russians and Ukrainians in the Crimea in true nationalist terms:


I don't differentiate between our peoples. We're the Slavic people, let's just say that.


This is in spite of pressure from Ukrainian MP Vitaly Kupry, who, after Usyk's victory against Murat Gassiev in Moscow, berated Usyk for fighting in Russia, for not demanding the 'return' of the Crimea to the Ukraine  and for sportingly hugging Gassiev after easily winning the contest. Basically, Usyk was berated for not getting involved in petty nationalist politics, of country above race.



Sunday, 11 November 2018


Mjolnir at the Movies is back with an episode celebrating the twentieth anniversary of Alex Proyas' Dark City, a film which deserves far more attention than it has received. We delve into the reasons why it failed at the box office and why it has perhaps been buried, and also compare it with the Wachowski Trannies' The Matrix trilogy, the first of which was filmed using Dark City's sets. We examine why Dark City is a film that is very much 'tuned' to our cause and how pecualiar it is - or maybe not so - that the Alt Right prefers The Matrix, even though the film is just more Jollywood multiculti propaganda....

Tuesday, 6 November 2018


The level to which Britain has become a communist totalitarian police state has been seen today in the wake of Bonfire Night celebrations. For those reading not from England who do not know its significance, Bonfire Night in England is a mixture of several things. Like other bonfire celebrations across Europe, it's roots lie in Paganism, in both the religious significance of Samhain and the preparation for the coming winter. The word bonfire comes from bone fire, for it was originally made to burn as a ritual sacrifice the bones of animals that had been slaughtered for salting. The celebration was then Christianised as Samhain gave way to All Saints and All Souls Days. The event then took on an added significance after the failed attempt by English Roman Catholics to blow up the Houses of Parliament on 5th November 1605 while King James I was at the opening of the House of Lords, after James had failed to stop the persecution of Catholics because of the increasing influence of Puritans. Never let Christians con you into believing that Christianity united Europe.