Tuesday, 14 August 2018


The Dutch Alt Right group Erkenbrand, with whom I have had a long collaboration, have announced another conference on 3rd November. The price is €35 and speakers include Millennial Woes, George Hutcheson, Faith Goldy and Greg Johnson, the first proof of whose White Nationalist Manifesto I have just been reading through and offering a few suggestions. It will be a very interesting read when the finished version is released, so that's two adverts in one there.

Monday, 6 August 2018


People in the nationalist movement often make the grave mistake of being for something by dint of the fact that their enemies are against it and vice-versa. Following suit from the extreme Left, many youthful members of the Radical Right know what they are against before they know what they are for. It has therefore always been the position of Mjolnir Magazine and its spin-offs to concentrate more on what we represent than on deconstructing our opponents' positions. Brexit is a case in point. Most nationalists saw the Brexit vote as a means to jab our genocidal opponents in the European Union in the eye. I was far more cautious; indeed I said then, as I do now, that Brexit will make absolutely no difference to our concerns: mass immigration, state oppression, the overthrow of our law and morality, the rape of women and children by third-world aliens, the state-enforced genocide of Whites, media and academic brainwashing of the masses.




Our tour of Bavaria continues with a visit to the mediaeval festival in the castle of Burghausen, which is the world's longest castle. In the first video of two, I go to see what is happening in the town itself, before taking a walk through the main thoroughfare and various courtyards of the castle itself and showing you some of the events, stalls and exhibitions along the way, giving a brief history of the place as I go:



Saturday, 4 August 2018


Tommy Robinson has only been out of jail since Wednesday and in that time seems to have appeared on every media outlet known to man. That ought to ring alarm bells in anyone who hasn't been converted to the Church of Latter-Day Tommy. Why would there be a media frenzy over Robinson and a complete blackout on Jeremy Bedford-Turner? Both were termed politically 'far right' on their imprisonment, yet it seems one is certainly more acceptable than the other. While extreme leftist news outlets entertain Robinson even as they demonise him, Fox News presents Robinson as a martyr, and Tommy - good old Tommy, that down-to-earth likeable working-class cheeky chappy - has been more than obliging in playing the role he was groomed to play.


Sunday, 29 July 2018


A founding member of the feminist group Femen has died at the age of 31. Oksana Shachko has apparently taken her own life in her Paris apartment by hanging herself. She was of course not the real leader, for the real leaders were the financiers of Femen, the ones who provided the Ukrainian with an expensive Parisian apartment, the ones who set her up with a cushy career as an 'artist', where she could deconstruct Western culture to her handlers' hearts' content. Everything Femen has done has been contradictory and destructive. They have supposedly campaigned against sexual exploitation by exploiting their naked bodies, campaigned against dictatorship by having a strict unelected leadership, campaigned against religion by creating mock-iconography. And in this latter campaign, what have they done but deny women spirituality?


Oksana Shachko, the abyss within


Wednesday, 11 July 2018


For those who do not know her, Katie Hopkins is another one of those Christian Zionist types who are ever in the news serving as the mainstream's fake boogeymen of the fake Right for their Jewish masters. They are in place to make sure those rebelling against the mainstream are herded into other avenues conducive to the retention of Jewish power. In America there are the likes of Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson (although British) and Mike Cernovich, in Canada Lauren Southern, Faith Goldy, Jordan B Peterson and Gavin McInnes, and in Britain Tommy Robinson, Anne Marie Waters, Pat Condell, Paul Weston, Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen, some of whom are of partially Jewish extraction themselves - and one has to wonder, given her looks, if Hopkins herself is of Jewish ethnicity.


In this video I travel to Mühldorf, mediaeval town and, during the Second World War, site of a network of concentration camps, as we take a critical look at the rise of the new religion of Holocaustianity, as promoted by its televangelist Jordan B Peterson, who is now ubiquitous. I have done my best to remain unbiased and objective in my assessment of the camps and of history and any offence caused to persons living or dead is unintentional. Please feel free to download and share before Youtube bans it.