Friday, 19 October 2018


The basic premise of all trickery, which the trickster often condescends to call magic, is to distract the audience's attention one way while the deceit or sleight of hand is carried out in the opposing direction. 'Magicians', tricksters in reality, have been doing it on streets, in theatres and music halls and on televisions for years. Penn and Teller have been one of the biggest double acts since the 1990s, when they started appearing regularly on their own television shows. Currently, they have a series in both the US and the UK called Fool Us, in which 'magicians' are invited to perform tricks in an attempt to baffle the experienced duo in how the trick was done. There is, however, trickery going on at the meta-level of the programme, which is directed by a certain (((Dennis Rosenblatt)))....




Friday, 12 October 2018


I was back with the Erkenbrand team for a podcast about the importance of poetry, hosted by Mr H, with whom I did the excellent Erkenbrand series on classical music. Joining us was Holly Hazeltree, whose fledgeling Youtube channel and blog are already very informative, even if she is more sympathetic to Christianity than I am. Please consider subscribing to her channel to give her some encouragement. There are, after all, very few allegedly nationalist channels with anything approaching a high level of content, most tending to be style over substance. Erkenbrand's channel tends to have both, with excellent production and content, so that's another one to subscribe to, and you might even like to subscribe to my own.... This podcast concentrates on European poetry, its history and its relevance and function for a people. Erkenbrand will also be producing Dutch language shows on specific poets.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018


Antoine Fuqua, you're not the one. Indeed, we try to steer clear of the great steaming turd that was 2004's King Arthur, as we indulge ourselves in the greatest cinematic version of the Arthurian legend ever made - and perhaps ever will be made - John Boorman's epic masterpiece Excalibur. In this podcast Neil and I are joined by film buff and fellow traveller James, who will be a regular member of the team. We try not to get over-excited by this film, but it's very difficult, so expect lots of superlatives as we tackle the film's major themes and dichotomies of Christianity vs Paganism, Nature vs civilization, masculinity and femininity, nationalism, myth and art. Is this the most Rightist film ever?

Monday, 8 October 2018


Having driven the length and breadth of Western Europe and in parts of the East, one thing has struck me on the long hours on the road: French radio is probably the worst in Europe. Most of it consists of bourgeois chatter, like their television. French radio also has a commitment to 'French' songs, largely meaning songs in the French language and generally meaning rap music, which is not French at all. This has been going on for quite some time; during the 1980s there seemed to be a transition from the indigenous French tradition of the chanson, a modernised form of lyric-driven song that traced its roots as far back as the ancient troubadours of the Middle Ages and sung by the likes of Jaques Brel, Édith Piaf, Dalida, Léo Ferré and Charles Aznavour, who died on Monday; a transition to Black American influenced rap and hip-hop that gained in ascendancy just as the non-White population began to explode in mainland France. Zouk also rose at the time, coming as it did from the French Antilles and was organic to that section of the population, but synth pop, which emerged during the 1970s, was completely overlooked.




Friday, 5 October 2018


Norman Bates has been created, a mentally deranged man dressing up as mother. There are many like Robert Bloch's character; some like Liam Suleman / Lucy Edwards, William / Gillian Jaggs, Kayleigh-Louise Woods / Kyle Lockwood have all murdered women exactly like the character; others behave in other violent and depraved ways like Miguel / Michelle Martinez, Kim Leverton, Gary / Carys Cooper who have all sexually assaulted children; still others are non-violent, but equally psychologically damaged. Let us be honest, all who identify themselves as 'trans', 'genderqueer', 'LGBT', 'gender fluid', 'gender non-binary' and all the rest of the newspeak terms that have emerged over the past 50 years, have serious psychological problems. A database has been compiled of crimes by 'trans' persons, which can be accessed by clicking this link. One notes that they are overwhelmingly born white and male. But how did all this come about and how can we fix an ever growing problem?



Saturday, 29 September 2018


It is unfortunate that the historic development of electric pop music has coincided with the domination of Leftist politics, where liberal capitalism funds Marxist socialist propaganda. John Lennon's song "Imagine", which gets pumped out over the airwaves after every Muslim terrorist attrocity to passify Whites for more of the same, is a prime example, distributed as it was by Capitol Records, then a division of EMI. Given where the money is, it is very difficult to find any songs by mainstream artists that do not toe the PC line, and any artists that do go against it are soon blacklisted and defamed, as was the case with Ian Stuart Donaldson, the leader of the band Skrewdriver, who had actually been on John Peel's BBC sessions series. Nonetheless, I have managed to come up with a Top 10 of politically incorrect songs for your delight and delectation. Enjoy.....




Sunday, 23 September 2018


Memes are patently useful media for disseminating our messages concisely and effectively, and often with some much-needed humour. Indeed, one thing I try to avoid on here and in my videos is bad news porn. Other websites, particularly on the Alt Right seem obsessed with bad news porn. Particular favourite subjects seem to be the murder of Whites and miscegenation - although in the latter case, one notes it is generally always black men with white women, so they can virtue signal to MGTOWs, who in turn will donate lots of lovely shekels. White men with Asian women is invariably ignored or even celebrated. How this is conducive to the procreation of Whites is anybody's guess. The preoccupation of black-on-white sex and violence though is the pornographic aspect of it all. Indeed, the same things are focused on in all modes of (((the film industry))). The end result, which is the very aim of such films, is the demoralisation and internalisation of the victim mentality among Whites. Feelings of hopelessness give rise to apathy, and apathy negates the activity needed to improve one's condition and the condition of one's race.