Sunday, 13 October 2019


From mindless Tommytards to Aut Right sell-outs, I always hear the same cries that I am politically naïve or that I somehow do not understand what good-old Tommy Robinson does for the cause. Which cause these people really mean is a matter for debate. I and others have exposed Robinson on many occasions before (click on the Tommy Robinson link below), but I want to show the difference between convicted thug and fraudster Robinson and someone who is doing good work for the cause in the mainstream and acts as a genuine gateway to our political position. I speak here of the film maker Michael Kingsbury, whose work was introduced to me by James from Mjolnir at the Movies. For those who have never heard of him, Kingsbury has made a series of films called the Gulag Trilogy, consisting of Gulag Barashevo (2015), Gulag Vorkuta (2016) and Gulag Magadan (2017), in which he unflinchingly explores the white genocide project of the Soviet Union and its empire in Eastern Europe, the real Holocaust no one in the mainstream wants to mention.



Tuesday, 8 October 2019


An ideal film and topic for this month as we approach Halloween, as David and James are joined by Hanna to discuss one of her favourite films, The Witches (1990). She also brings with her a watchful child in order to ensure no witches are present at the time of recording or able to listen in later as we know from this film that a witch trying to listen to a child for any length of time would drive such a creature mad. A great piece of children's fiction by Roald Dahl adapted to the big screen and blessed by the incredible talents of Jim Henson himself in his last work for the big screen before he sadly died. How does the film hold up today and what messages and meaning does it have? Such tangents this episode include the 'blood libel', Tessa Dahl's revelation about Gary Glitter's paedophilia on This Is Your Life, the elites' penchant for child abuse, Esther Rantzen and (((children's charities))), folk tale and faery tale, and much more.... Spoiler warning as always.



Saturday, 5 October 2019


James and David Yorkshire take a look at the website and Youtube channel Dust, a platform for independent film makers of sci-fi fiction to showcase their short films. We analyse a few of the best and most interesting - as well as the worst - films on the Dust platform. We end by reminding people of the good work of independent film maker Michael Kingsbury and urge people to support him.



Sunday, 29 September 2019


Let me first point out that I have no problem with Greg Johnson personally. I think, unlike many in the Aut Right, that he has done some sterling work in publishing Rightist poets, authors and philosophers like Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Tito Perdue and Jonathan Bowden. Indeed, contrary to how certain miscreants of the Aut Right attempt to portray me, any critiques I give are utterly impersonal. I do not care one jot about the 'flame wars' between the various personalities of the Aut Right who jockey for position and fame. Beyond exposing out-and-out frauds, the only thing I am interested in is the progression of the wider nationalist movement itself, and the question I always pose is: Does it help the movement? And this is exactly at the heart of the problem with Greg Johnson's essay "Gay Panic on the Alt Right". Although an old essay written in 2016, it resurfaced in the volume The Alternative Right, which mysteriously found its way to my doorstep a couple of months ago.




Sunday, 15 September 2019


As the 70th anniversary to George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four has come around, the Mjolnir at the Movies crowd decided to review.....Brazil (1985). We have a look at this dystopian satire and what it reveals of the qualities Terry Gilliam has as a director, the connections to Nineteen Eighty-Four, how much of it really is satire and who might appreciate and identify with this movie. We examine Gilliam's influences and why this tends to be a favourite with Rightists, despite Gilliam's open support of Leftist politics. Do Sam Lowri and Harry Tuttle provide inspiration for domestic terrorists like Timothy McVeigh?



Saturday, 7 September 2019


I thought I would recycle another of my old articles, which was in any case originally published on a website I no longer support. The rather dubious people behind that website have now removed my name from the article, but let it stand, in line with their dishonesty. There are two main reasons I wish to republish it here. The first is that a few weeks ago I received a copy of the Counter Currents publication The Alternative Right, in which an expurgated version of an article of mine appears, which was written back in 2016 before I became aware of just how fake and corrupt the Aut Right actually was. What is interesting though is Greg Johnson's essay 'Gay Panic on the Alt Right', in which he defends the LGBTQ+ community within the Aut Right. I aim to critique this essay in my next article, and this article below sets out the general philosophical arguments against homosexuality, as I have always considered homosexuality a symptom of mental illness. Certainly, scientists from over thirty major academic institutions have now conclusively proven that, contrary to their slogans, most homosexuals were not 'born this way' and there appears to be no 'gay gene', and is the second reason for republishing this article now, as philosophical arguments against homosexuality are now weighted by hard science. The onus is therefore on homosexuals to prove homosexuality has social value, which is a task Counter Currents seems to be engaged in, and where Counter Currents and Mjolnir Magazine profoundly disagree.



Tuesday, 3 September 2019


In Episode 25 of Mjolnir at the Movies, we review the Terminator franchise, in other words all five films and even the series The Sarah Connor Chronicles, with a look ahead to the forthcoming Terminator: Dark Fate. Such themes addressed include Linda Hamilton vs Mary Sue, the acting prowess of the Styrian Oak, the strange need for death camps and motorcycle knees in Terminator: Salvation, how masculine cinematic iconography is reused and recycled, the most inappropriate times for women to wash their tits, James Cameron's evolution into shitlibbery, the effects of marketing on film making, and Terminator midgets and Twinkie bars....