Saturday, 17 October 2020


In this video, I explound the ideology and science of climatechangeoLOLogy. Please share on social media.



Sunday, 23 August 2020


Last night saw the long-awaited boxing match between Alexander Povetkin and Dillian Whyte, which had been delayed due to the Coronachan farce. Povetkin, a Slavic Pagan or Rodnover, is pushing 41, and although an Olympic gold medalist, is in decline with his movement slowing and stamina waning, as shown in the draw against Michael Hunter last year. Dillian Whyte is a Jamaican with a British passport whom Matchroom Boxing and its hangers-on on the Youtube boxing channels have attempted to build up into a British hero for a deracinated Britain. Whyte was very careful not to reveal his own opinions too much when interviewed about Anthony Joshua's speech to Black Lives Matter in which Joshua, wearing black leather gloves like the Black Panthers of the 1960s, talked of Blacks using Black-owned businesses in Britain, an ancestrally White European country. Both Whyte and his brother Dean, however, made Joshua's excuses for him and continued the anti-White narrative. Whyte had also previously played the race-baiting card against former opponent Lucas Browne.

Sunday, 9 August 2020


A while ago, I wrote an article in which I said Tucker Carlson had potential. It was when he lost a debate to (((Ben Shapiro))), but showed a few real Rightist leanings. Sadly, that promise has proven to be false. On Fox News yesterday, Carlson did that most embarrassing thing of all the Jesus-cucked libertardian panoply; he appealed to "muh based black dude" to virtue signal. The authority he went to was none other than that old favourite of the Republicans, the Holy Based Reverend Kanye West. The theme too was an old favourite: abortion. Carlson uses the same tricks as the Democrats: cue scenes of the weeping Negro as he spins his hard-luck story to all who would listen, and all to get their particular party into office, neither of which represents White interests.



Tuesday, 30 June 2020


As Black Lives Matter terrorists murder, rape and loot their way across our homelands, now is perhaps the right time to air a certain speech (below) by the greatest prime minister Great Britain never had, John Enoch Powell. The Left constantly claim that those of us on the Right are unintelligent and uncultured, when the reverse is generally true: one only has to look at the wanton destruction of our statues at the moment. Couple that with the current state of the arts and it becomes all too obvious. Enoch Powell was a man who bestrode politics and culture, a man who spoke at least seven modern languages, a man who could write in Ancient Greek and Latin to the point where he could imitate Classical philosophers, a man who became a university professor at the age of 25, a man who composed poetry in his spare time, a man who staked his political career on warning the native British of the evils corrupt politicians were inflicting upon them. The speech delivered to the General Meeting of the West Midlands Area Conservative Political Centre is extraordinary in its prescience, especially in how those corrupt politicians would use the ethnic minorities to sow division and wreak havoc on the native population. To his dying day, Powell refused to apologise for speaking the truth and maintained his moral position towards racial difference and the wickedness of immigration. We should follow his example.

Sunday, 21 June 2020


Midsummer, the summer solstice, is one of the most important times in the Pagan calendar and is celebrated throughout Europe and its extensions in North America. In some countries, such as Latvia, it is even a public holiday, which shows that organic Pagan religions are on the rise and the globalist anti-Nature of Christianity on the wane. This is patently a good thing, as the European peoples have been hamstrung by Christianity for long enough. What I am alwas wary of though, are people coming into Pagan folds but who still are very much morally Christian. One ought to recognise them straight away by their universalism, concern for the racial foreigner, antagonism to gender and sexual norms, and the urge to reduce our pantheons down to a single male god. Pagan religions celebrate both masculinity and femininity and the Gods and Goddesses have children in the Natural way. Ask a Jew, Christian or Muslim sometime: 'And in whose image was Eve moulded?'


Monday, 15 June 2020


It was a sad day on Saturday, as I learnt of the deaths of two great men of the arts: Charles Krafft and Jean Raspail, the former whom I knew personally. Yesterday was no better, as I found out that my friend, the politician and activist Eddy Morrison died unexpectedly from an accident at home two days ago. An obituary about his career in politics can be found over at Heritage and Destiny, but what is not mentioned is the fact that he was also a very good poet. Some of his poetry was collected in Issue II of Mjolnir Magazine. He was one of the few in the nationalist movement who truly understood the link between culture and politics and was one of the first on the Right to embrace punk rock and turn its energy against the Leftists and Jews who had artificially created the counter-cultural movement as yet another affront to tradition. Eddy was instrumental in setting up Rock Against Communism in response to Leftists like The Clash and Elvis Costello's Rock Against Fascism. Eddy was an unashamed National Socialist, and while I have never shared his politics, we had common ground as comrades in the racial struggle for White self-determination. We actually never had a crossed word - a rarity in the nationalist movement! He was also responsible for the realisation of the Mjolnir logo and helped get the print magazine off the ground.




Sunday, 17 May 2020


I can probably sum up my disdain for the corporate American ethos in one man: John Cena. World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly the World Wrestling Federation) is part of the bread and circuses for the American hoi poloi, although it has become a global concern, with ever more wrestlers being draughted in from Mexico, where such wrestling is perhaps even more of a staple entertainment for the masses. Stadium crowds for the yearly Wrestlemania extrevaganza rival those of the Superbowl. Cena has been the golden boy of WWE since Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson left for Hollywood in 2004, only returning for the big paydays on pay-per-view. If 'The Rock' was nauseating enough with his vulgar fake-macho posturing and loud displays of mixed-race insecurity, Cena's ingratiating wigger persona is absolutely vomit-inducing. We have come a long way since the days of Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan and their less than closeted disdain for persons of colour.