Monday, 11 December 2017


The main point of postmodernism, which is the prevailing contradictory philosophy of the contemporary age, is the attack on meaning, whether it be on semantics through cognitive linguistics, on prior religiosity and philosophy through deconstruction theory, on history through new historicism, or on culture through the anti-art artificially propped up by bourgeois and foreign wealth. The point of it all is that those in positions of power can create arbitrary labels and assign them to whatever and whomever they see fit. This is now reaching the endgame where any White European can be labelled a racist if he or she wishes to survive, prosper and see a next generation of White Europeans. This is an obvious example, but to use a festive example, in October 2014, the dubious-looking 'erection' below appeared in the Place Vendôme. Why was it put up, for whom and what was its significance?



Friday, 8 December 2017


Prince Harry's engagement to half-caste divorcee and bit-part actress (Rachel) Meghan Markle has had many on the Left dancing with glee and ruffled a few feathers on the Right. Harry had always been seen as the successor to Prince Phillip as the royal who would never bow down to political correctness. The reason this has changed is of course because of Ms Markle's ethnicity, and one sees in this the nature of the real battle between Left and Right and what they stand for. The Right, philosophically, are the defenders of Nature and Natural Order, while the Left seeks to overturn and destroy the goodness of that given by Nature. This is why the True Right have always defended racial purity as normative and endowed by Nature and why the Left has promoted miscegenation as a destructive means. One must never forget that the Left is etymologically and philosophically sinister and the Right etymologically and philosophically for truth and correctness, which is why the Left has invented and needs the imposition of political correctness to quash true correctness.



Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Last month saw California decriminalise knowingly infecting another person with HIV. It is, in effect, now legal there to give another person a death sentence through sexual intercourse. The two chief proponents of the bill were Scott Wiener and Todd Gloria, both of whom are open homosexuals and Democrat politicians. The former is also Jewish and the latter a confused jumble of several different races, including Alaskan Indian tribes, Philippino, Dutch and Puerto-Rican. One notes the higher tendencies towards homosexuality of people from such ethnic backgrounds. Weiner's purported reasoning was that:


Legislators passed a number of laws three decades ago, at the height of the HIV epidemic, that criminalized behaviours of people living with HIV or added HIV-related penalties to existing crimes. These laws were based on fear and on the limited medical understanding of the time. In the decades since, societal and medical understanding of HIV has greatly improved. Effective treatments dramatically lengthen and improve the quality of life for people living with HIV — treatments that also nearly eliminate the possibility of transmission. HIV is a public health issue, not a criminal issue. These felonies, which treat HIV differently than all other serious communicable diseases, stigmatize people living with HIV and discourage people from getting tested and into treatment.



Sunday, 12 November 2017


Today is of course, Remembrance Sunday, that time when Europe remembers its dead in the twentieth century's futile industrial wars engineered by corrupt politicians and merchants of both our own and Other ethnicities. More important than remembering, I think, is how we remember. Instead of the pointless finger-pointing and recrimination over who was to blame between the former nation-states that participated in particularly the two great wars that dominate the first half of the century, we ought to remember our dead for their valour and heroism outside of politics. After all, the nation-states that once were have little meaning in the present, now that our politicians have brought real enemies within our borders and given them citizenship to create nationless-states. The same clique that created wars between countries are busying themselves in creating wars within countries, and we must no longer think in terms of country, but in terms of race.


Tuesday, 7 November 2017


I was very saddened to learn of the premature death of activist for our cause Paul Hickman. Persecuted by the corrupt British state, so-called Antifa groups and the Jewish lobby, he committed suicide last week, having served a two-year suspended prison sentence, having been facing another trial, and having been doxxed by Leftist terrorist groups who put pressure on his employers to sack him. He had found it difficult to get work ever since in a job market that has been flooded by cheap immigrant labour by Whiggish capitalists and Marxist trade unions. I only knew him in passing, chatting briefly here and there on forums after my interview on Renegade Broadcasting over three years ago, but he always struck me as an intelligent, cultured and committed man, and he will be a great loss both to the movement and to those who knew him.


Wednesday, 1 November 2017


I have heard it often said that no art is being produced on the Right anymore, that everything we see and hear and experience is deconstructive of traditional Western values, particularly in film. This, however, shows the laziness of many of the talking heads on the Right, who are only too ready to churn out bad news porn and not willing enough to do a modicum of research or promote those creating content. I have showcased many of our talents in Mjolnir Magazine and I hope to publish a fifth issue soon. But surely, you cry, there are no film makers producing films congruent with our values! And you would be wrong. Let me introduce you to the team of Alex Popov and Bradford James Jackson....


Sunday, 29 October 2017


Soul music is said to be the preserve of the Negro, yet the later soul music of the Negro was not the preserve of the Negro, for it very often relied on Jewish production under the likes of Syd Nathan, Ralph Bass, Jerry Wexler, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, and on White classical tradition and instrumentation for its orchestral arrangements. All music can be said to be interconnected, but there is a reason the MOBOs are called the MOBOs, and soul music was created for a Black American market. The American Blue-Eyed Soul crossover genre very much links into this, but the White British soul tradition is quite different and distinct in the same way as that deemed to be Black American.