Friday, 27 January 2017


This interview was recorded with THA Talks on Sunday 15th January. THA Talks is 'a weekly produced podcast series of interviews indulging in topics generally considered marginal, strange, or esoteric and occult. Standing by the idea of creating a platform where people can share their views free of judgement. “Free thoughts and Open Minds” is more than a tagline; it’s the principle behind the project. THA Talks has had the opportunity to interview a wide selection of guests from around the world and continues to produce ever evolving media elements to cover topics of News, Conspiracy, Spirituality, The Occult, History, Art, and much more.'


Thursday, 26 January 2017


This is the interview I did with Fash Britannia on 22nd January. Among the topics was that of Mike Enoch of The Daily Shoah's Jewishness and the (from my perspective) irrationality of having Jews in the movement. The subject was cut short due to the programme hosts' obvious embarrassment, which I understand, given the awkward position they have been put in, but points were made that have been largely (((shut down))) by The Right Stuff, as Mike Enoch/Peinovich continues broadcasting with them.

Monday, 23 January 2017


I wish I did not have to show the image above. It was sent to me by a friend on Facebook along with a petition for the punishment of the two above. I am personally sceptical about petitions and so I leave what you make of it to you, but pressure has to be put on the government to act. The image above is an image that any normal Western person will find horrific. But we are not dealing with such people here; we are dealing with Turks. The two creatures above are Hasan Kuzu (left) and Neset Yaman (right). One notices their racial diversity, with Kuzu looking very European and one remembers that what is now Turkey was once Byzantium and European, before the invaders looking like Yaman came.


Saturday, 21 January 2017


It is not often I write negatively about specific people in the movement. It is not something I encourage nor enjoy. The matter of Mike Enoch needed addressing because he is an outsider wanting to steer the Alt Right in an unhealthy direction that in some way suited his own design. The two people I mention in this article have addressed me and are denigrating both me and Mjolnir Magazine. People abusing me online is beneath me, but their attacks on the magazine and the lies being spread about its function have to be countered. One of the people mentioned here is, in any case, also a non-White European and thus cannot be counted as actually being in the movement. I will begin with him.


Friday, 20 January 2017


As most people in the Alt Right are aware, there has been a recent spate of doxxing of prominent personalities within the Alt Right. Doxxing is not something that should ordinarily be done to people in the movement, as people will inevitably be discouraged from joining the movement in the first place. The two most high-profile of these are those of Colin Robertson alias Millennial Woes and Michael Peinovich alias Mike Enoch. For those who do not know, Millennial Woes is a Youtube channel in which Colin muses on everything from art to our present-day situation, while Mike is one of the hosts on The Daily Shoah, a weekly audio podcast in which the hosts take an irreverent view of the ruling elite and their shibboleths.


Friday, 13 January 2017


This time, we are on location in Braunau am Inn, as we take a look at the controversies surrounding the political football that is Adolf Hitler's birth house. Why is it that last year, the building suddenly came back into the news with talk of its destruction? Who wants to destroy it and why? What does the building really represent? In this video, we find out.



Saturday, 7 January 2017


I'm out on location in this video, as we take a look at Laufen in Bavaria and Oberndorf in Austria, crossing the magnificent early 20th century bridge over the river Salzach.


While making this video, my hands froze so much that I couldn't feel them any more and couldn't put my mobile phone back in my pocket. After blowing on them a few minutes, I managed to get enough feeling in them to get my key out and into the car, where I warmed them up over the heaters. I've never experienced such pain in my hands as they warmed up. By the time I got into the car, it was -16°C.

Thursday, 5 January 2017


We on the Right could easily dismiss George Michael. I myself have ridiculed him on numerous occasions - and with good reason; the life he led for the last twenty-odd years of his life was ridiculous, was worthy of satire, even if only as a warning to others about the dangers to both one's physical and mental health posed by such a lifestyle. Indeed, one can see both a physical and mental degradation over the course of his life.

1981: Fit and well on the rise to stardom

Of course his sexuality immediately comes into focus, for all his problems stem ostensibly from here. Indeed, his decline rather paralleled his increasing willingness to self-define and be defined solely by his sexuality. In many ways, like so many in the postmodern age, he became little more than a cypher for Leftist politics that has used sex as a weapon against traditional society.