Tuesday, 25 July 2017

ON INNS, by Hilaire Belloc

In my article on the English inn as the basis for a Pioneer Little Europe, I mentioned Hilaire Belloc's love of inns. I had intended to include quotations from his essay from 1912, 'On Inns', published in his collection of essays This and That and the Other, but could not find my copy at the time. I then, in any case, had a better idea: why not put the whole thing on this blog, as it represents as important an article now as when it was first printed 105 years ago. Anyone who knows Belloc, is aware that he is one of our number, a staunch racial nationalist, concerned with both Europe as a whole and with its individual ethnicities. He is, as is always the way, described as an anti-Semite and Islamophobe by our enemies, for identifying those two great threats to European Man. 


Thursday, 20 July 2017


Gypsies, pikeys, travellers, the inapposite 'Roma' if you are a Leftist - these are the latest darlings of the chattering bourgeois Leftist establishment and have become a protected species, both in spite and because of their thievery, general criminality and antisocial tendencies. Yet there are aspects of their way of life and protected status that ought to be of interest to us. Caravanning is, after all, a staple of European holiday-making. One thinks here of the small private affairs with just a central office and communal washroom, but also of the more extravagant caravan parks like those owned by Haven, and the entertainment-driven holiday camps of Butlin's and Pontin's.


This image and the ones below are of a second-hand static caravan costing £2500


Saturday, 15 July 2017


Faust of the Dutch Alt Right group Erkenbrand hosts the long-awaited podcast on H P Lovecraft with myself and best-selling international novelist, raconteur and professional Catholic depressive Ann Sterzinger (below in the t-shirt mentioned in the show). 


Wednesday, 12 July 2017


I want to write a positive article in these dark times. It is important to remember that there are good people doing positive work for White Europeans and you who are reading this would do well to help them. In this article, I want to look at White European community-building. There are already such communities, often called Pioneer Little Europes, being built. As the gutter press have reported, budding PLEs already exist in the north-east of England, the north-east of Germany and the north-west of the USA. 'Astonishingly', the press, who are always so keen to promote ethnic communities when it comes to non-White groups, have denigrated and libelled these projects for the sole reason that these are White European ethnic communities. So how does one go about building one? In this article, I will give my ideas on PLE-building, which can then be discussed in the comments section below.



Sunday, 9 July 2017


There are in fact many ways one can go full retard on the JQ. One way is to invite Jews into the movement by associating with them, which allows them the possibility of ingratiating themselves with you. Pretty soon, they may be writing articles on your Alt Right website or making podcasts for the 'goyim'. A while later, they might try introducing some subversive elements into the mix, all done ironically, of course, and in the best of humour. Indeed, the humour will be such that when good nationalists speak out against having Jews in the movement, others will accuse them of 'counter-signalling' and 'purity spiralling', when what they really mean is 'muh entertainment'. The Gods forbid anyone should stand in the way of their entertainment with reasonable concerns.


Yes, I know they are.