Thursday, 17 August 2017


As most Alt Righters will already know, 'Reality Calls' is the alias of Tara McCarthy, who is, as she herself stated in one of her Youtube videos, is majority White, but also partly of Indian, partly of Jewish extraction. The Indian admixture is known to be at 25%, the Jewish admixture unknown. Tara is very open about her Indian heritage (although she now downplays the percentage), less so about her Jewish forebears, and the video in which she discusses her Jewishness has been taken down. Given the rhetoric about Jews in the Alt Right, this is hardly surprising. Whatever her non-White origins, Tara poses a problem for the Alt Right, because she wants to be included - indeed, affirms her inclusion herself - and there are those who wish to include her. There are those, however, who do not, and I number myself among these and wish to explain why to those who have more latterly joined the movement and still carry with them the cancer of liberalism.

In the comments section of a recent Youtube video in which Millennial Woes was in conversation with Tara, I wrote the following: 'And another non-White gets a free pass because she has a cute giggle....' This comment may seem quite harsh, but a point needs to be made as bluntly as possible. I regard someone who is mixed race as unfortunate. I can also be friendly towards them, but how can they ever be included in a movement that allegedly wishes to save the White race? Woes made excuses for her inclusion, like 'the work she does, the convictions she holds and the people she reaches'. I will look at this in more detail, but even a cursory analysis of Woes' statement should immediately strike one as odd in that it is a 'civic' nationalist argument. It belongs to what Alt Righters call the Alt Light.

We will start with Woes' latter assertion about 'the people she reaches'. There is no doubt Tara's channel has almost 50,000 subscribers, but what does this say about the quality of people we are attracting into the nationalist movement when a channel like Apollonian Germ with its high intellectual content has only 2,000 subscribers? Let us be honest, Tara's content is lowbrow - not that there does not need to be lowbrow content, but there are a lot of Youtubers out there creating it, and Tara adds nothing new. One could point to the fact that she is a woman, yet Bre Faucheux has only 6,700 subscribers, and some of her content is more highbrow. Crucially, both Apollonian Germ and Bre Faucheux are true White Europeans.

This raises the question: is there not a rather large percentage of her viewers not there in spite of her being mixed race, but because of her being mixed? There are, after all, many men in the so-called Alt Right who seem obsessed with Asiatic women. We know who they are. How are these people useful exactly if our aim is for the preservation and prosperity of White Europeans? It does not end there, for Tara herself advocates bringing in women who are even more Asiatic than herself, like the Youtuber Roaming Millennial (who is distinctly anti-White), as she states in her video 'Can Mixed Race People Be Part of the Alt Right?' She also insinuates that anyone who takes a hardline view on race is a 'neo-Nazi' and giggles at the story of the so-called neo-Nazi on a talk show who did a DNA test that allegedly showed a high percentage of Negro genes. I saw the show in question, which anyone with a modicum of sense and honesty would not take seriously. It was an outright fraud and only SJWs claim otherwise.

Yet the men of the Alt Right do not speak out about any of this, but positively encourage it. As a point of fact, when I made my comments on the Millennial Woes video, I was accused of 'purity spiralling'. Well folks, in my book, racial purity is a good thing, and if you want to encourage impurity in the gene pool, then at least be honest and say you are not for White survival. The difference between allowing in small admixtures and large ones still means extinction for White Europeans. Equally, these people are the first to scream and generalise about White Women whenever they see one with a Negro male. The double standard is breathtaking, and some of the aforementioned alleged Alt Righters who salivate over Asians are some of the worst culprits.

So, in relation to the people she reaches, the answer is high on quantity and low on suitability. What about the work she does? Well, aside from her outreach project to non-Whites in the name of inclusivity, she is also a tireless campaigner for the unhealthy lifestyle of veganism. Veganism might be suitable for Asiatics, but it leads to vitamin and nutrient deficiency in Whites, which can result in physical and mental retardation in children. Like with so much else, she is wilfully ignorant of this, just as she is ignorant of European culture. She is good at talking about herself though:

What about the convictions she holds and do they really matter? Well, firstly she has to be honest with both us and herself. She has to address her limitations. If she really wanted to help Whites, she would advocate her exclusion not her inclusion, but this might be detrimental to her Patreon account and perhaps to her real agenda. I know some mixed non-Whites who take this pragmatic view, of helping by advocating White self-determination from outside. This takes real conviction. I consider these people friends and allies and appreciate the difficult situation they are in. They are far more decent and trustworthy than the Whites opening the door of the movement to all and sundry.

I used to attend and give speeches at allegedly nationalist conferences in Britain, but gave up after they became decidedly multicultural (meaning multiracial). Some of the organisers also refused to take responsibility for the 'Jack Sen' debacle, in which a half-caste Indian was allowed into the fold, who then turned on genuine racialists, passing on information onto Merseyside Police and Hope Not Hate. Sadly, some of the committee members on the organising team will invite anyone who rattles a few sabres against the Jews. Then there was Abdallah Melahaouhi, invited for having been Rudolf Hess' nurse, who told me that the reason we Europeans do not accept Islam is because we do not understand it correctly! Sadly, there are White European attendees, speakers and organisers there who are already more than halfway on the road to becoming Muslims themselves....

As with any bourgeois clique, which is what the Alt Right and even the wider identitarian movement is becoming, none in the upper tier of the movement want to rock the boat and point out the shift towards the oxymoronic 'civic nationalism' I suspect because they fear being decanted from that bourgeois clique and its circle of mutual interviews and conferences and donation money. Do not get me wrong, there are people out there doing good work who deserve the donations, but there are also others with dubious motivations. Anyone advocating multiracialism I put in the latter group and wonder just who is funding them through donations. Whoever pays the piper calls the tune, and this tune of multiracialism is a danse macabre for Whites.


  1. thanks for this thoughtful article (and the introduction to Apollonian Germ!).

  2. You can see the Jewish in her.

    Most of the alt-right talking heads are simply attention whoring opportunists who are trying to be a major part of a new and growing movement. You will find they are much further to the left than they let on and their views are fluid when it suits them.

    Fake Alt-Right

  3. I unsubscribed her some time ago noticing similar things. Good that you provided a proper post about her for the search indexing. The worst case: she is like the podcaster in Imperium (2016), just in it for personal gains. But hard to tell, she definitely doesn't understand the race. Evola didn't bother laying out all the reasons for his apoliteia, but it's getting pretty clear what the reasons were. The psyche itself defends against realizing Evola's vision and the depth of our fall.

    Btw: is there any proper woman youtuber with understanding and unique content? Marie Cachet isn't one. Not that there needs to be, just wondering.

    1. I think it's fine if there are WN women making good material for WN women or to encourage women to think along those lines. It doesn't need to appeal to the men too. It all too often encourages creeps and thirsty orbiters and weird fans to cluster around them when women do try to pander to a male audience online and more of that that is the the last thing that is needed.

  4. Good article. We really need to call out these slip ups in standards. Typically it happens with the women which thirsty men orbit around and feel naturally forgiving towards. Suddenly you only need to be 75% White to count. Would you accept 75% of your soup being the waiter's spit or piss? Once you say it's okay for it to be 75% then you've already smashed any line you had and you've no real argument any more for anything. How can you defend against moving it to 74, 70, 65, 50, etc...? Equally it opens you up for setting your population as 75% "White" and allowing the rest to be some diverse mix or massive foreign ethnic blocs. We are then to assume the constitution or something will save the day? Civic nationalist nonsense seen all across the European sphere. A stillborn political movement. Same with anyone who starts talking about IQs with immigrants and mixes (Based Chinese! Based high IQ brown person in a Trump hat!). It needs to be called out as garbage and the road to retarded and impotent civic nationalism.

    Bad enough that they get to take part in the core of a movement but if these people get to lead a movement then the damage is obvious. They're naturally going to want more people like themselves and the line in the sand gets blurred and moved. Back to square one. Same with certain people who have suggested that people can "renounce" their heritage and then get to take part...WHAT?!

    Interestingly enough it turns out that Jorden Peterson likes to donate money to watch teenage/young hapa girls (talk about politics on youtube...ahem!) too. He appears on the thank you list for donors for at least one, which I found amusing. I came across this only because Youtube is apparently suggesting his videos and videos about him to everyone who has ever had a nationalist twinge.

  5. Pleased to see the criminally under appreciated Apollonian Germ getting some attention! Hopefully his material gets more attention from the wider WN sphere. How can someone not appreciate the philosopher mechanic? It really is quality material. I get a very wholesome and genuine feeling from him, compared to the unease and insincerity I get form so many. It's not some song and dance for him to get shekels at all costs and he's not saying what he thinks is going to make him internet famous.

    I think a lot of people compromise in the hope that these alt-liters, the skeptics and the various apparently sympathetic mixed race video makers will give them air time and exposure with their large subscriber base. But once you go down that path of unconscious mental compromise and then the vocal clear compromises in principles it is a long slippery slope down. I'll grant there's certainly a propaganda game that can be played, just as if someone of a WN streak who was smart and well spoken enough somehow got live TV time they could possibly put it to good use, but it can't be done at the cost of your soul or the soul of the cause.

  6. Alt-Right has come to mean mixed race people lead by Jews or mischlings lead by Jews. So many of these big "Alt-right" groups turn out to have Jews involved by some "strange coincidence", even high up and in the finances of it. And they get a free pass on this and so many don't dare to speak out (yourself a notable exception)? If we do this we're right back where we started. You'd think White nationalist movements could have White people in them and leading.

  7. Two incidents have concerned me greatly. The first was Millennial Woes' and Greg Johnson's appearance on Roaming Millennial's channel, in which they debated her and a Negro called 'That Guy T' on the subject of race. Roaming Millennial and her Negro defended White genocide through miscegenation and the comments section on Youtube were thus awash with justifiable anger, expressed in very strong and racially-charged language. What was disappointing was Woes' response, in which he called his followers' behaviour 'disgusting'. Yet the failure was his, for he had continued to cosy up to Roaming Millennial despite this display of anti-White hatred.

    The second incident was a Ramzpaul video in which he advocated the movement being led by Vox Day and Tara McCarthy. That's right, he's suggesting a movement for White self-determination be led by two quadroons. All these three - Woes, Johnson and Ramzpaul - make a living out of the movement, which means they live off donations. The question is who makes those donations and to what ideals are they holding their beneficiaries? I am not saying that these three have been corrupted by the shekels, but some in the movement will have. I hasten to add that the three I have mentioned have done some good work in the past. Ramzpaul, though, I am the least sure about his motives.

    I do not make money out of the movement, have full-time employment and this will always be the case. This website is my hobby, as are the videos I make and the magazine I run. I only charge for the magazine to recoup printing, delivery, transport costs etc. I could have run it as a 'Nazi' publication or a Christian Zionist publication and made a mint, but I think that would be neither helpful nor honest of me.

    Sadly, when one criticises the Alt Right mainstream, one finds one becomes a peripheral figure through ostracism. The way the Alt Right works is via a network where everyone references each other's work. If one goes against the grain, one finds one no longer gets mentioned and becomes marginalised. This is but a small blog in relation to some of the others and it is therefore difficult to put pressure on the mainstream of the Alt Right, especially as those in the mainstream no longer give it a mention. If people find what I say in these articles on this blog rings true, I ask that they publicise or even contribute articles to this website and help it to grow.

    1. I've got to agree with this comment as I felt likewise when I witnessed this behaviour with those incidents. I'm glad there's someone who can articulate it better than my gut and my vague ill ease does to me. These things worry me deeply.

      I've seen some trying to laugh it up and talk about "purity spiralling" to shut down concerns once they bring in their "right wing jewish friend" and call him the "court jew" (I wish this was just an example I made up) or all the various other additions as that joke apparently makes it all okay and almost everyone is afraid to criticise this or risk being accused of "purity spiraling" or "punching right". I'm glad you're here not to follow the herd (while also it is clear you're not contrary for the sake of it) and also to give sound practical ideas, together with your cultural content. Things that are overlooked or get very shallow levels of attention. Not many can make the references and connections you can, certainly not with an openly rightist point of view. Culture and identity was clearly key to the Irish movement to have Ireland for the Irish in the past (and with many other movements). The man in the pub went out when the call came because he knew who he was and who his people were and the land that was theirs by right.

      I occasionally do share links to this place and I'm glad to hear that you're okay with it being spread around. I'll be less shy about doing so in future. When you do have time you should also never be shy about some self promotion or linking to relevant articles or giving invites at the right time. Stumbling across links in comments sections is how I've found a lot of information and new sites to visit.

      One thing I'd suggest for the blog is the addition of a "recent comments" or "recent activity" list by the side of the main blog page, if possible. It'd help as comments such as yours here can be easily overlooked unless someone happens to notice the reply count to the article has gone up or visits it again and scrolls down to check. I fully admit I am no blogging wizard and have no idea how this is done.

    2. I think the key issue with these questionable people or actions with Alt-Righters is one of inherent motivation. The constant pressures that drive us and push us towards one choice or another. We've all got these motivations and pressures. The traditionalist recognizes this as it is part of nature. It's why one race has certain majority emergent behaviours compared to another. If you're dependent upon patreon or other other key sources for funding then you unavoidably will be influenced by it. Those with deep pockets and motivation can even shape your expression on your medium of choice by funding more when you do the right thing and taking away funding if you've been a bad boy. Subtly done you can shape everyone to be like "skeptics" (we're successful with all this money, so we must be right!). There are a few incredibly rare heroic souls in history or legend who can have heavy pressures and rise above it and wade through peer pressure and instinct like water. But those people are known as heroes for a reason, they are very rare and remarkable. People seem to be overlooking these issues too much or hand waving them away as inconvenient right now. We could end up with multicultural and multiracial movements and then where does that lead us? It can't just be about shouting about DA JOOZ in edgy ways and then that gives a free pass to anything else that is questionable. We need to repair our own identity too, rather than just live in the rotten remains we have now after whatever movement succeeds. We also need to remember it was the weaknesses and mistakes of our own people that allowed others to take over and things to get this bad in the first place.

      Another element with some on the YT alt-right I think is loneliness (with fear perhaps). Woes is a soft guy, which I think he'd agree with, and now pretty much alone and divided from his home. I'd imagine friendliness and sympathy go a long way when you're in the position even when you aren't aware of the impact. It leads to alluring compromises to get that social approval and sense of security.

      It is of course at the same time a puzzle for me as we also require collective effort and funding and organisation is part of that. We can't win by all buying twenty posters and two stickers out of our pockets and winning over with individualistic action like hyper-libertarians. Problems which you've clearly done more thinking than I have as you've some good ideas on collective efforts which can give real and positive results. Another reason why I'm glad you're around and happy to share this content.

  8. Great article David, thankyou very much for writing it. Id definitely like to see Bre get more attention and Il look out for Apollonian Germ as well.


  9. The worst I've heard yet was the suggestion in some Alt-Right circles comments - and I suspect someone is pushing this meme in comments sections to influence things and get it leaking into the main discourse for articles or shows - that it only needs to be 75% White in White nations and then all is well or that counts as the ethnostate! We're already seeing things fall apart in some countries who haven't hit that percentage yet. But it is being pushed as "reasonable" and how you've got to "compromise", etc. It feels like I am watching the Snake in the Garden at work. Of course nothing is addressed on how they will keep this rather tenuous percentage for all time and stop any slippery slope or collapse, nor is it addressed how this means we'd have to (or inevitably will once you accept the premise that this percentage is okay) "diversity" some places that aren't that percentage yet.

    I don't trust Ramz either. Something off about him.