Saturday, 24 September 2016

Mjolnir Magazine Issue IV out now!


The fourth edition of the White Eurocentric arts magazine is now available for purchase at The magazine features artwork by Vig Scholma and Gary Persello, as well as handicrafts by his wife Bonnie van Hall. There are short stories by Juleigh Howard-Hobson and Ann Sterzinger, the latter's novel NVSQVAM also being reviewed by Nick Walsh. Then there is poetry by Ellin Anderson, Eliza Witte, Dorin Alexandru and Juleigh again. Our blast from the past is Thomas Ingoldsby and there is a short play and a review of John Lash's The Hero: Manhood and Power by me.

The theme The Wedding March was chosen in order to explore and rebuild the relationships between European men and women after the disasters of feminism and its equally unhealthy reaction the manosphere/MGTOW, that has seen both men and women unhappier and more psychologically and spiritually damaged than ever before, and prey to external threats that have entered our homelands at the invitation of corrupt politicians.

While my play satirises and transports contemporary bourgeois liberal relationships to Elizabethan England and Juleigh's short story laments the loss of tradition in many ways through the contemporary bourgeois relationship, Ann's uplifting short story offers hope for these people. The poetry and artwork maintains the high standard set in previous issues and it would appear that there is no shortage of talent within our ranks.

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