Tuesday, 7 November 2017


I was very saddened to learn of the premature death of activist for our cause Paul Hickman. Persecuted by the corrupt British state, so-called Antifa groups and the Jewish lobby, he committed suicide last week, having served a two-year suspended prison sentence, having been facing another trial, and having been doxxed by Leftist terrorist groups who put pressure on his employers to sack him. He had found it difficult to get work ever since in a job market that has been flooded by cheap immigrant labour by Whiggish capitalists and Marxist trade unions. I only knew him in passing, chatting briefly here and there on forums after my interview on Renegade Broadcasting over three years ago, but he always struck me as an intelligent, cultured and committed man, and he will be a great loss both to the movement and to those who knew him.



Yet I also fear that more could have been done for Paul by the nationalist community and that in some ways the nationalist movement itself has a culture of doom and negativity that lends itself to depression. It is something I have scolded people for promoting. Many in the movement seem to live for their latest fix of bad news porn: the next terrorist attack, the next Muslim child rape scandal, the next anti-White Jollywood film, the next law passed by our corrupt politicians. They can then share it on Facebook or moan about it on Stormfront, happy in the knowledge they have done something for the cause without really having done anything. And in fact, all this does is to have a negative effect on the nationalist psyche as a whole, whereby everyone lives under a shadow of impending doom. 


This is coupled with an obsession with the loss of a romanticised version of the past - particularly of a regime that existed in Central Europe in the second quarter of the twentieth century. So much so, indeed, that British nationalists are often seen flagellating themselves on the anniversary of the Dresden bombing. It is no different to the Germans begging for forgiveness for National Socialism. Wallowing in supposed past ignominities is the way of the Left. We should be celebrating our glories and striding over our past mistakes while learning from them to ensure new glories! Yet this wallowing and self-flagellating is again a symptom of the cancer of negativity, depression and defeat in the movement and in the White European psyche as a whole. It has to be cut out!


Paul on the other hand did something positive for the movement. He actually got out there and was active and tried to make a difference. The radio channel he was involved with, Renegade Radio, broadcast at that time good quality programmes, and his show, Voice of Albion, was a great source of information on British nationalist politics. Yet it was also his activity that got him into trouble with the law. Paul was a founder member of National Action and that group attracted both young men of good character like Paul, but also ones with questionable motivations. Sadly, the more foolish element at times dragged down the good with the bad. Some of us older heads tried talking with National Action members about their conduct over the internet on several occasions. While ones like Paul would take any advice on board (and I do not necessarily mean follow it, nor would I expect it), others would dismiss us as relics of the past who had failed. Their methods were like watching the 1980s all over again, but they were blissfully ignorant that they were not doing anything new or innovative.


Some members could be quite surly if one pointed this out, and they were encouraged in their actions by older Nazi LARPers, who ought to be ashamed of themselves given the spate of arrests and now this tragic turn of events. Did these people, who often collect donations, offer to help Paul after he lost his job? I ask it as a genuine question. I hope also that the former members of National Action have learnt something from all of this. When people like me criticise them, it is to keep them out of jail and doing positive things for the movement. All too often, there is a culture that infects the movement of sneering at others who show weakness or compassion, and I remember some of the jeering comments when Millennial Woes was doxxed. It is a lesson to us all that our anger should be directed outward at our enemies, but we should remain compassionate towards our own people. If we are not, then we do not deserve to succeed. In that spirit, if anyone should need to talk, my door is always open. May the Gods rest Paul Hickman. He served the cause with distinction.