Thursday, 23 February 2017




This is the podcast I did with Dutch Alt Right group Erkenbrand, who appear to be a model for how to run an Alt Right network. Meetings are currently being attended by around 120 people and numbers are set to rise this year. Mainstream politicians in the Netherlands are tuning into their podcasts, especially as they maintain their respectability, steering a steady course between the Scylla and Charybdis of Nazi LARPers and the Alt Light or Alt Left of militant homosexuals and promoters of miscegenation. Sometimes, in this crazy basket case of a thing we call the movement, people are all of these things at once.


As an aside, I have received criticism of late about my intolerance of people I would call degenerate, who have been invited into the movement by others. My ethics are simple and have always remained constant and consistent: if their hobbyism or lifestyle choices are detrimental to White survival and empowerment, they are part of the problem, not part of the solution. That means, when certain individuals who have come from the so-called "Manosphere" consistently denigrate White Women, I hold them in the same contempt as a feminist, for like a feminist, they serve to drive a wedge between White Men and White Women. When they go on to say we ought to be having sex with East Asian women - particularly those, it would appear, from the Philippines - this poses an existential threat to the race.


With homosexuality, I do not ordinarily care and do not want to care about this lifestyle choice that obviously arises out of mental illness - but force me to care by repeatedly mentioning it and I will react extremely negatively. If "muh homosexuality" is being used as a shield behind which is cached that form of paedophilia we call pederasty, this again causes an existential threat to the fabric of society, for it breaks down the trust between adult and child and between adult and parent. Such things I will call out and be damned! The fault lies not with me, but with people who put political manoeuvring before honour in enabling such people in the Alt Right. 


Allowing such people in also drives decent people away. As Faust, the host of the Show, told me, Manosphere types have been instrumental in driving women away from the movement in the Netherlands with their relentless assault on all things female. So it is in the Anglosphere. I sometimes wonder if some in the movement wish to turn it into a sausage fest. As for including people more in tune with the Leftist mainstream than with our ideals, why would anyone with our ideals then risk livelihood and career to join a movement that increasingly resembles the mainstream society they have rejected as putrid? There is everything to lose and nothing to gain. As I have said before, I will be taking a long break from this (bowel) movement later this year, which may prove to be permanent. There will be many who will be glad to see me go, but this is of little consequence. What is of consequence is if the movement is fit for purpose, and I increasingly do not recognise it as such.


Anyway, back to the show: after the obligatory preamble about me and Mjolnir Magazine, Faust and I discussed the arts in Europe and the White diaspora, White Nationalism versus European and "petty" nationalism, and various forms of governance - especially monarchy.


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  1. Isn't the "alt-right 'movement'" the only movement we (White people) have going for us at this juncture?