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Jez Turner, host of the London Forum



I am presenting the three speeches that I gave at the London Forum and its sister conference the Yorkshire Forum together here, as it may well be that these will represent the last of my public appearances, as I plan to take a sabbatical from the movement later this year, which may, indeed, prove to be permanent. Jez Turner (above), has kindly asked me to speak at the London Forum later this year, but my heart is just not in it. Sadly, I have grown weary of some of the people in the movement, who seem to lack any compassion for members of their own race in favour of ideologies that often encompass the interests of other peoples.  


This generally involves taking one side or the other on the Israel-Palestine question, or reducing our entire movement to "the Jewish question". Then there are the people more interested in "esoteric Hitlerism", whereby, as soon as the movement is actually going somewhere, they will cry: "Now's the time to tell the public 'the truth' about Hitler!" Yes, I did put 'the truth' in inverted commas, because these people are not interested in any historical veracity at all, but in creating a fictional figure that fits their heroic narrative, just as Hitler as a secular Satan fits the Leftist narrative. The Holocaust narrative being a separate issue, I fail to see the relevance of Hitler to our movement. It is mere hobbyism.


One thing that then seems to crop up from the so-called "National Socialists" is having "honorary Aryans" and thus bringing non-White Europeans into the movement, which then, inevitably, causes friction between those already in the movement - although the NS brigade seem to have no sympathy for the misfortunes of people actually doing something in the movement, as I discovered during the doxxing of Millennial Woes. The non-Whites invited in then, equally inevitably, attempt to steer the movement in the direction of so-called "civic nationalism". Well of course they would, because it is only natural that they would wish to normalise themselves in a movement, or indeed a society, where they are outsiders. In practical terms, this means attacking those within the movement who adhere to racialist principles and forcing them out. Indeed, certain racial outsiders allowed in by the so-called National Socialists have already doxxed members of the movement and have attempted to dox me. Earlier today, the people at the Alternative Right blog forwarded this e-mail written by someone called Mike Moran:


To Dave Yorkshire

I tweeted about Mike Enoch being Jewish and that fucker reported me and got me banned for "targeted abuse". Ironic no? Guy is getting punished for  exercising his free speech rights, but tries to shut down others for doing same. Total Jew move.

Can't believe people are  debating whether he's Jewish  OF COURSE HE IS. He looks and sounds EXTREMELY Jewish. First time I listened to TRS and heard his phlegmy, glib. declarative patter, I immediately thought he sounded like a Jew. Then I saw his pictures - OY VEY. He's got the map of Israel written on his face. And those beady eyes - not being pejorative here - but close set eyes are part of the jewish look. He showed up at HWNDU a few times in mirror shades. Why? It was after dark. Maybe it helps to hide the jewish eyes. 

I still think we haven't got to bottom of this. He and the misses have an apartment on upper east side for $5,000 per month. She works as some sort of SJW advocate and he's got a routine IT job. There is no fucking way they can afford that apartment on their own. Someone is funding them. Maybe it's just family. But maybe it's (((someone else))).  

As far as Mike previously (sorta) admitting he's half jewish - this is another familiar ruse for self hating jews. Howard Stern went for 20 years claiming to be half Italian even though he's Jewier than Shylock. Same with Mike - he is OBVIOUSLY FULLY 100% JEWISH. Why can't people see what's right in front of their eyes. 

I've lost all respect for the TRS goys. These dudes know each other well. They had to have known Enoch was a Jew. If Enoch came out as a Bobby Fisher or Gilad Atzmon type jew, that might've saved it. But they still maintain the fiction he's a goy married to a Jew. Give me a break. TRS is done. 



I cannot verify the authenticity of the reason for Mr Moran's Twitter ban, but neither have I any reason to doubt it. He is, after all, correct about Mike Enoch's duplicity. I found Greg Johnson's defence of Mike Enoch interesting, as it revealed further duplicity:


I am not going to violate the privacy of Mike and his wife. But, by way of correcting some false statements floating around, I will confirm four things. First, she is half-Jewish through her father. Second, she does not have a strong sense of Jewish identity and ethnocentrism. Third, she was aware of Mike’s work and supportive of it....


If Enoch's wife were supportive of his work, why were we told by Enoch and the rest of the Daily Shoah team that he is divorcing her because of his work on TDS? It just does not add up, and if it does not add up, it means that a lie is being perpertated. People in the movement have talked about creating a "big umbrella". I would prefer to create one that stops us from getting wet. I hope you enjoy the speeches:


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  1. The lies upon lies with Kike Enoch are ridiculous. She's not really Jewish is the angle being played there, despite all her behaviour being out and out pro Zionist and her (IIRC) B'nai B'rith and similar activities. The pro (European) degeneracy and anti (European) traditionalism is part of that and has proven to have taken place even recently. And as you said the divorce doesn't add up either. One minute she's not really Jewish, the next she's supportive, next he's divorcing her because his "true" nature is a secret and she didn't know and then we see she's actually on her show before now. Gut instinct about the whole situation screams that it is rotten and careful examination only confirms it. If people weren't emotionally manipulated or pressured by the alt-right media power and control of Kike Enoch into silence or making excuses then he'd never get away with this clown show. There's a basic thing that we should have all learned as children or at least when we became adults and that is that when a story keeps changing it is almost certainly all a lie and the person telling those stories should be known as untrustworthy, whatever comes out next. With this one it's a steaming pile of them. If he had simply said "it is private" and didn't speak of it I'd have nothing to form an opinion on. But he chose to dig this hole deeper and deeper. Got to agree with Mr Moran too as far as the eyeball test for the pair of them. If you saw them in Israel or some Zionist political lobby in America you wouldn't bat an eyelid or think them out of place.

    There was a lot of material dug up from her CV, social media and the extended family of this couple by the anonymous detectives that dug into their past and social media before they shut it all down. There are some good goys holding onto it as not all have short memories.

    I'm glad I didn't attach any anchors to the TRS ship emotionally as others have unfortunately done. The worry is though that he and the rest can lead the good goys on an endless circular dead end like Alex Jones does, at least for too many precious years (and wasting money that could fund others not lead by the dishonest or wrong tribes). Keep donating and buying our products and you'll wake up to find the revolution or paradise on your doorstep one morning, I promise.

    It's disappointing to see how many on the right spectrum have come out in defence of him or shy of criticism, people who really should know better if they are being honest and open.