Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Andy Nowicki does not like the word "cuck" and I am beginning to agree with him. It is perhaps the most overused and misused word in the Alt Right lexicon. It had its uses when it was first coined as an abbreviation of the word "cuckservative", itself a portmanteau of "cuckold" and "conservative" used to describe the "America for Israel" type Republicans who engaged in the Leftist doublethink of being allegedly race blind, but yet gave preferential treatment to ethnic minorities, particularly to Jews, whom they worhipped through Jesus Christ, the Jew the Jews rejected as their Messiah. Christian Zionism, the Republican political religion, is the belief that Jesus promised Israel to those who either hate or don't believe in Jesus. I know it makes no sense. I never look to the Judaic faiths for logic.




Now, however, it is used indiscriminately and has become as much a stick to beat each other with as to beat our enemies. There is a certain vlogger in particular who, instead of showing any empathy with the victims, delights in calling various nations cucks after every atrocity committed against them. After the rape epidemics in Sweden and Germany, the Swedes and Germans were cucks; after the Paris and Nice attacks, the French were cucks; and now, after the Westminster attack, the British are cucks, just as they were after the Rotherham scandal.


It is no coincidence the vlogger in question is a former libertarian and therefore formerly a cuckservative himself. There is no one worse for complaining about smoking than ex-smokers. It has become infectious, however, and nationalists can now be seen cuck-cuck-cucking their way across the internet at each other like chickens crossing the hen house. And all this clucking about which country is more "cucked" does is cause friction between good nationalists from different countries, rather than directing our energies where they ought to be directed. We have enough enemies with making enemies of one another.


The fact is that all Western countries are "cucked", if you want to use such a term, because the masses will always conform to norms handed to them by their ruling class. That is not a criticism of the masses. There has to be a conformist mass in any society for that society to function. The problem does not lie with the mass, but those who rule them. Even so, it is clear that the masses are far more compliant than they would have been centuries ago and I believe Christianity has a lot to answer for in this regard, with its worldview of people as sheep. European Man has been moulded into a grazing herd by an alien culture in similar fashion to how the ancient Aryans moulded the Dravidians through Vedic Hindooism.


Yet allegedly former libertarians still retain remnants of the cancer of libertarianism in their psyche and cannot wait to pour scorn on the masses because they conform, whereas these so-called "red-pilled" libertarians have reached a supposed higher state of consciousness. If they had reached a higher state of consciousness, they would have realised they are now responsible for the masses. Yet instead of adopting an aristocratic paternalism, as befits someone rising to the higher state, they retain their unhealthy bourgeois attitude of spitting on those they deem in some way inferior to themselves.



The worst case I have seen (and unfortunately I will have to name the culprits here, as I will be discussing the video they made) is the Mürdoch Mürdoch team's Yuletide video A Kangz Carol, in part a retelling of Charles Dickens' famous Christmas tale. In it, they depict a racially-aware old man (the Scrooge figure) whose daughter is a Leftist and dates a Negro. He is, of course, visited by three spirits, as the story goes - in this case three Negroes - who show him the "error of his ways". The jokes come in the completely unrealistic depictions of past, present and future from a "woke" Negro perspective.



Yet the ending is completely off key, for the final laugh, the grand finale, is a joke at the racially-aware man's expense, as he "embraces diversity" and is delighted to discover his daughter is pregnant with the Negro's child. The audience is expected to laugh at the old man being "cucked" by the Negro. It is all meant to be ironic, but it goes too far and becomes a fetish, particularly the last image we are left with (see below). It is almost as though there is a deep desire in millennials to be cucked themselves and to see others like themselves be cucked. Certainly, as a Gen X-er, I find this material questionable from the usually reliable Mürdoch Mürdoch team. Perhaps the society in which we live has warped our youth's sensibilities to a degree to which even those in the Alt Right remain unaware.



My writing this article was not to attack anyone or any group, but rather to raise awareness, that those shaping the Alt Right - and thus the new culture - have certain responsibilities. Ultimately, just as the culture bearers of a people shape their culture, the culture they create shapes the masses. It is something to keep in mind as we head into and shape the future.

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  1. I found that episode of Murdoch Murdoch unsettling for similar reasons. I'm not sure what their thinking was behind it. It seemed to be almost delivered without irony or humour at the end. No twist and played straight, which damaged the whole and ended it on a bad note. Not very entertaining or uplifting way to finish, especially considering the season it is applied to and it felt very different to their other efforts. It put me off watching any of their material for quite some time. I don't understand how a team so steeped in the Alt-Right world and producing their material so well for a long time now can go so off key. Hopefully just a mistake or badly played in a way that didn't come across to the audience as it should, rather than a sign of the mental scars and damage left to the current generations.