Monday, 10 April 2017


Every club has its rules and members of that club have to abide by those rules. The reason ought to be self-explanatory. If one were to join one of the last remaining gentlemen's clubs in Britain, one ought to be committed to upholding the rules that further the continuance of its existence. If the membership elect to allow women members, then it is no longer a gentlemen's club. The membership will have broken the rules and, in doing so, the club that was will have met its demise. Rules laid down are there for a reason. The rules define what the club's function is, and what the membership wish it to continue to be into the future.


Let us apply this to the Alt Right. What is the purpose of the Alt Right? Is it not to protect and promote White identity and White interests? If it is not, I am in the wrong place. I would also have to question, though, what exactly is it for if not this? To LARP at being a National Socialist? To deny the Holocaust™ or say how much one hates the Jews? To create 'dank memes' in the safety of one's bedroom? To express one's love for a long-dead dictator? To express one's love for the new President of the United States of America? Well, how is that last one working out for you?


As regards Donald Trump, I was one of the few who invested little time in his election. I kept a healthy scepticism while others hailed the 'Trumpenführer', the 'God-Emperor Trump', 'The Don'. Did anyone seriously believe he was anything but beholden to International Jewry? He had his two eldest children married off to Jews in Jewish ceremonies and daughter Tiffany has been in a steady relationship with Ross Mechanic, another Jew. Only Eric has so far married another White Gentile. It would also appear that Donald's son-in-law Jared Kushner is the true power behind the throne. Jews have historically had a profound anti-Gentile hatred and Trump seems to wish to be numbered among them. The attack on Syria is not disloyal to his Alt Right followers, because he never had any loyalty to them in the first place. He never had any loyalty to his own race.


Recently, a so-called member of the Alt Right has been having a pop at me on his blog for defending our racial interests. He has used my online friendship with the writer Ann Sterzinger as an excuse for this attack, but the real reason is he friended me on Facebook and I got rid of him when I found out that he was a degenerate sex tourist to the Philippines. As I do not like using people's real names, we will call him Matt Foreskin, or MoFo for short. MoFo has written a book (at 62 pages, more a pamphlet) of tips for sex tourists called Do the Philippines. Here is a snippet of the blurb for his "magnum opus":



Now what has having sex with Philippino girls got to do with serving the interests of the White Race exactly? Does MoFo have any little hapa bastards running around that he has abandoned like some ghetto nigger babydaddy? What a mofo! As for his relationship with 'a bit rapey' mystery meat Roosh V, why is someone in the movement encouraging semi-Arabs to have sex with our women? Is it some kind of fantasy of his to be cucked by some Middle Easterner? And yet this MoFo has inexplicably been invited to speak at White Identitarian conferences! I think we need David Lane with that quick reminder:




Thank you, David. Some people need a daily reminder. Now to address Matt Foreskin's claims that I am somehow following Ann Sterzinger in the hope of some kind of liaison. The answer is certainly not. I published Ann's short story 'What Women Want' in Issue IV of Mjolnir Magazine because Ann is a good quality writer and the short story she submitted is excellent and vitalist. That said, the review of her novel NVSQVAM that I published was quite critical of her negativity and pessimism, and I myself addressed the subject of her anti-natalism in the introduction to her piece.


As for the exchanges Ann and I have on Facebook, this is called banter. It is what grown-ups do for amusement, Matt. Ann and I live on separate continents, have never met and will most probably never meet in the future. Frankly, Ann is not racially aware enough for my taste anyway, but, as far as I know, she has not dated outside of her race.....unlike Matt Foreskin. As for my own relationships, they have always been with European women and always in the hope of a long-term relationship that will bear fruit for the continuance of our race. I would neither say I am the most nor least successful with the opposite sex. Some find me very attractive; some don't like me at all. Unlike Matt Foreskin, I am self-assured enough not to feel the need to make up stories about my prowess, as he so obviously has done with Ann Sterzinger among others:




Seriously? She forced herself on a 300 pound tub of lard? So is MoFo crying rape here? And this shows just what I think about the manosphere types: that they have the same obsession with rape as the feminists. It is just like looking in the mirror and realising it is a window and yet they are still staring at their reflection in its sameness and opposition. Personally, I think the manosphere should be put on an island with the feminists, where they can work things out together....or not. Either way, at least decent people will be rid of them.


For all I know, there may be a grain of truth in some of what he says, but it is all so ridiculously over-the-top and embellished as to make the whole into some teenage fantasy. As for me, I have had a fair few relationships and two that lasted several years. I am not ashamed to say, though, that I would have preferred to have had only one. In short, I thought Matt Foreskin's little lies about me needed a rebuttal, but I hope I have done it in a way that also highlights a greater concern about the general movement, because that is what is important.

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  1. "we will call him Matt Foreskin, or MoFo for short". Beautiful. I'm enjoying this side of your humour too. What do you want to bet that the manosphere island with MoFo types and feminists would not suffer from overpopulation over time?

    I can remember Harold Covington berating those who claimed to be "sport banging brown pussy" as hardly befitting the role of leaders or saviours of their people. I guess it's one thing it if is in the past but if this is something they do not regret or wish to reform from then it's hardly a sign of suitability or sound character. About one minute of imagining these guides written for preying on our own people in a reversed situation should be enough to make someone feel sick or boil their blood if they have any soul left.

    As for the peanut gallery types insulting you with some pretty unworthy comments I guess if it has been getting a lot of air in your circles or in the Alt-Right sphere in general I can understand addressing it, but don't fall into the trap of feeling like you've got to justify every decision, especially when it's not even remotely questionable (unlike if you had published a pro race mixing manual like certain others). I'd be tempted to ignore the little scrote though, seeing as hammering him into the ground like a fence post isn't an option that is legal or moral in our society. You're a big enough lad to know what is best for you but I also know all too well what trolling is like online and how wrapped up we can get in it at either side of the sparring. Sometimes replying to a troll is like apologising to SJWs. Although at least in this case it is not an anonymous troll and he has been foolish enough to leave a disgusting trail of his own preferences in public. On the upside it is helping educate more people like myself on what MoFo is like.

    The more I read of MoFo the more unhealthy he seems. At least he proves once again that it is not only cream that floats to the top of every pot.

    As to the theme and title of the article, yes. That has to be that one unbreakable rule without which the club or group or effort means nothing and doesn't exist for all the reasons you state or insinuate on this blog.