Sunday, 23 April 2017


A speech by the late great Rightist thinker Jonathan Bowden has been discovered and uploaded onto Youtube. The speech is from a rump BNP meeting in Leicester from 2008, back when that party was both growing and decaying under then-leader Nick Griffin. Bowden addresses postmodern economics and the banking system, and how this relates to the vast movements of the Massenmenschen as human capital that results in Whites becoming minorities in their homelands - especially as the city of Leicester itself at that time had already become majority non-White. He also tackles old versus new imperialism and how British colonialism benefitted Africa, as opposed to the pointlessness of neo-con invasions.


  1. Fantastic speech. We need more of his calibre out there. Thanks for bringing this to light. He should have had many more years in him and in times like now he'd have been a blessing. An elder statesman type figure able to do speeches or Q&A on many topics is a precious thing.

    He's spot on about the self policing that goes on with Europeans. It is a mental illness impressed upon us with conditioning and is the cause of all the spiralling sickness that continues today where even as thousands of our children are being raped, tortured and killed they fill themselves with more guilt and self hate as even a germ of the natural opposition reaction inside them only propels them even further to the extreme Cultural Marxist side in reaction due to this conditioning. I've sadly seen recent years events and even recent ones push people off this cliff of madness into the ends of Cultural Marxism, it's hard to know if these people will ever return to sanity.

  2. Thanks for putting this up. The Maurras speech is a new one for me. Inpsirational.