Sunday, 7 May 2017


These are the last two episodes of the series on classical music I recorded with Erkenbrand, the Dutch Alternative Right group. Episode V sees Mr H selecting his choices for discussion, including Henry Purcell, Claude Debussy and a couple of surprises. Mr H and I were on location at the Opera House Cafe, which is part of the opera house building in Vienna, which another Mr H once famously painted. Sadly, the opera house itself had closed by the time we had finished the recording of the show, so we couldn't make the little documentary on the opera house that we wanted.


The series reaches its climax, as Wagenaar opts to discuss, unsurprisingly, all things Wagnerian. Sadly, Wagenaar had to leave to attend a family function, and so we had barely scratched the surface of the Meister and his great works after a mere hour and a half! If you have enjoyed this series, please let us know and we will continue our discussions on more aspects of European culture. Please subscribe to both Erkenbrand's channel and mine, as we get rather lonely during the dark nights.....

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