Saturday, 27 May 2017


This is going to be a brief article, as I wish just to address a single point of sophistry that has been repeated in the mainstream media so often that it even seems to be infecting the more easily beguiled on the Right - even on the Alt Right. This is the idea that 'not all Muslims are terrorists'. Some on the Right have taken this further and added that 'not all Blacks commit crime' and 'not all Jews wish to destroy White Culture'. 




First of all, let us admit that this is true, because it is. To say that all Muslims, Jews and Blacks are inherently wicked people who think of nothing but our destruction would be rather foolish and easily disproven by our enemies, who would make us look like imbeciles. Yet, as Rightists ought to know, all people do not count. The mass of all peoples do precisely what their elites tell them to do. This is not a critique of the mass, because every society needs a mass to function. An organic society is pyramidal, with the level of responsibility rising ever further up the pyramid and conformity increasing in the reverse direction. It has to be so, otherwise, as even a liberal like Aldous Huxley came to realise, society cannot function. One cannot have a society of autonomous decision-makers, because everyone would be pulling in their various directions of what they probably thought was beneficial for society as a whole, but perhaps also for themselves, until one had no society at all. This is the reason a hierarchical system of some sort is always needed.



In Islamic societies, that hierarchy is based upon both tribal rulers and religious leaders, largely the latter outside of Arabia. The designation Sheikh, for example, can mean either the one or the other. Blacks have always been tribal and led by warrior chieftains. In modern times, these are now the warlords in Africa and the gang leaders in the Occidental world. Jews are more complex, because for centuries, they formed both separate societies within foreign societies and yet interacted with and constituted part of those alien societies. For Orthodox Jews, the leadership is the rabbinical system of religious scholars, whereas with secular Jews, this is replaced by financial, academic, media and business elites. The job of any elite is to look after the interests of his own group, which can come at the expense of other groups. This group can be racial, religious or more usually a mixture of both. In a truly organic society, the race and the religion are one, as in the various forms of European Paganism and Judaism.




The problem in the Occidental world is that our organic aristocratic elites have been replaced by people who belong further down the pyramid: the caste of financiers, merchants, academics, media heads and bureaucrats, who have no idea how an organic society functions, nor are really interested in such things. One notices that these correlate to the secular Jewish elites. There is a difference here though, in that the Jews having been part of our societies, they have had to act as a group to keep their identity. However, as I have mentioned elsewhere, they also have a habit of deconstructing other groups with which they come into contact to further the supremacy of their own group. This is quite normal, as it is part of Nature to secure the success of one's own ethnic group, and different ethnic groups, in being different, have different methods of facilitating this. This Jewish bourgeois elite, then, is a genuine elite, whereas the White Gentile bourgeoisie is a middle class that is artificially at the top of the pyramid where the upper class should be.



One notices too that now the Jews have their own ethnostate in Israel, the true elite is again rabbinical, with politicians (who are in any case merely the administrators for the real elites) bowing to the authority of the religious leaders. The Jewish leaders of business, media, finance etc. being a genuine elite, as opposed to that of the White Gentile bourgoisie, has meant that it has been easy for the Jews to dominate the Gentiles and manipulate the structures of society, especially as that society is Christian - a universalist doctrine with a Jew as the ideal man at its head. The Gentile middle class, in being both Christian and middle class, have therefore been only too willing to defer to the authority of the Jew, even when Jewish academics deconstructed Christianity itself. To the bourgeois White Gentile, the Jewish elite preaches cosmopolitanism, globalism and multiculturalism, while rarely practicing it itself in its homeland. 




That said, intermarriage between Jews and Gentiles has occurred, for there are Jews who genuinely think in the same cosmopolitan terms as the White Gentile bourgeoisie and are equally bourgeois. There has also been marriage arrangements conducted in the same way as the Spanish would marry Native Central Americans, their descendants then ruling over the natives on behalf of the Spanish. Witness what is happening with the Trump family. The Spanish later introduced a policy of Mestizisation to destroy the Indian cultures and populations once and for all and make rebellions against Spanish rule, like the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 under PopĂ©, impossible. It is no coincidence that this very same policy of miscegenation, though advocated for Europeans with Negroes and Asians, appears in the miscegenated philo-Semite Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi's Praktischer Idealismus, the blueprint for the European Union. 



Now, you will notice here that I have been speaking of the elites, but what of their relation to the masses? The relationship is quite simple: the masses largely do what they are told. That said, the White European masses seem most conditioned to servility and passivity and this is again a product of the meekness and passivity inherent in Christianity, which has shaped our cultures for centuries. However, other peoples are not being indoctrinated into servility and passivity. The Arabs and Arabised peoples under Islam have a text called the Qur'an that encourages aggression against 'the infidels'. Make no mistake: the Qur'an is a permission slip from the elite that gives licence to the footsoldiers, that makes their mission of rape and murder divine. 




Equally, the Talmud is explicitly anti-Christian i.e. anti-non-Jew. Black leaders, having never produced a written culture, tend to do things orally, and in any case, often defer to Jewish or Arabic power, which is currently aimed against European Man. Read the history of the NAACP or look into who is financing Black Lives Matter and you will find the names of those elites echo down the hallway. Among the masses, there are those who are actively hostile towards White Europeans and those who are not in their more passive nature. Yet how many speak out about what is happening in European homelands? And why would they when they know their own groups stand to gain at our expense? That is the harsh reality of Nature and is instinctive. Christianity, though, serves to dull those instincts.



So yes, 'not all' is correct, but not all have relevance. And a 'good Jew' who blew the whistle on the Podesta Brothers like Seth Rich cannot be used to form a general rule because he is an exception to that rule, and therefore cannot be used as exemplar. As long as these alien peoples are among us, a certain percentage, a vanguard, will always emerge from them who are hostile, just as there are those who merely walk on by after every terrorist attrocity and not give a damn. Sadly, those who do not give a damn include the sophists of our own fake elite.



  1. I think once again this is an issue that happens because people don't understand or think in groups any more. They are obsessed with the individual and dividing everything down into that level. As a result they are constantly confused and surprised with the world and everything seems inevitable or unstoppable as it changes around them.

    Group dynamics and emergent behaviours as seen in the simply and unintelligent ant that with many ants can - without discussion, intelligence or planning - form complex results beyond any individual shows how these problems can result from having millions of #notall whatever you like. The group level is above and beyond the constant conscious of the individual. Maybe a handful of the True Aristocrats that ascend in awareness above the majority and are not swept along by that flow might discern it or maybe only parts of it as it happens. The majority though can only see it in historical context through study of the past, be in a lab or in a book.

    Undeniably though the modern elites have great powers to shape things and those parts are ignored, no matter how much evidence and even video is shown of those elites and thought leaders guiding all these groups that are being allowed to reshape European society. It's always treated as an exception to the cuddly bear inside their heads given to them by the media and modern schooling, no matter how many "exceptions" are given. Non native aristocrats can replace the native ones, but instinctively have other ideas for what is best for themselves or their own people. I also believe that although the majority have no understanding of the difference between various peoples and groups or the behaviours that can emerge at large scales, I think many of the elites that shape European people and nations are acutely aware of it and what happens is not down to an accident, especially as there is no shortage of criticism or warnings now or historically.

    I'd also like to know why Barbara and her kind feel that Europe must be multicultural (multi racial too in reality) and how that must happen for Europe to survive. Certainly the Europeans or their culture don't seem to survive in this destiny laid out for us by her.

    The point about the Trump family and the control through marriage and having useful mixed tools to use is also a good one. We're seeing a resurging interest in Jews marrying into Chinese and other Asian powers. They consciously or instinctively rush to power and wealth to get their claws into it. After a few thousand years of surviving as a people in this practice it seems certain it would shape them genetically and culturally, something that is not going to be shaken off any time soon. Might explain why in the past few thousand years aristocrats emerged to expel those people over and over again. If you, David, were thrown out of a pub someone might say that it was a shame and think it was probably unfair. If you told them you were thrown out of a hundred pubs they would instead think you had done great wrong and misbehaving. Why then do people assume that a group that have been thrown out so many times is completely innocent and purely a victim each time? Apparently and uniquely the only innocent and perpetual victim group through all history, it seems. As long as they are writing the histories and culture.

  2. I'd love to see you as a guest on some more of the Alt-Right media, especially the ones which tend to be more Christian leaning or together with a Christian guest. Common ground and shared ideas as well as a sensible discussion on related matters and viewpoints of those sides would be good for all. I think I can see a split between each group and all too often some criticism for each side without considering bringing the others of the right on to air their point of view. It would make for entertaining listening if the guests and host were lined up right, I can think of some fun matches.

    1. I actually have many staunchly Christian friends. I have nothing against Christians who interpret their faith in a nationalistic way, but equally, from a philosophical standpoint, I cannot ignore Christianity's inherent contradictions and nonsense, nor the negative impact it has had upon European Man.

    2. Sounds reasonable. It'll be interesting to see if many more people return to Paganism or Christianity as things continue to unravel and change and what role those can have in the healing process for Europeans over time.

      Stripping all of that out of the European and leaving them with nothing (while others still retain their own past or higher purpose) looks to have done a great deal of damage and allows things to rot even more. As long as it's pro-European Man first it's all good. One positive thing in the Alt-Right is that this seems to be held on to even on the most argumentative and hostile discussion sites. I'm sure "certain people" will try to use wedge issues and agent provocateurs on anything like that to divide and conquer.

      I'll have to do more reading or listening on the impact of Christianity on European Man.

  3. #notallkebabs

    Is it really worth all of this death and degeneration and nasty takeaway food? At least while things have not been totally censored we can thankfully see these matters discussed around the world while silence continues at home.

  4. A quick note on the reference to Christianity. Many people from the Right criticise Christianity as one of the major reasons for White dispossession and lack of resistance against it. At its core, and unlike Islam or Judaism, Christianity is certainly a pacifistic and universal ideology. The irrational, masochistic stoicism of the martyrs in the early centuries certainly impressed the average pagan and attracted sympathy in this initial phase, when Christianity was a fringe, underground movement. However, as soon as it became a state religion used by the aristocratic elites to promote social cohesion, the pacifistic elements ceased to dominate Christian discourse. The virile Christian societies that created European Civilisation were neither nihilistic nor egalitarian or self-destructive, obviously. The above reference to the Spanish imperialists provides an excellent example. The instrumentalisation of Christian idealism for the purpose of destroying Christianity and European Civilisation usually relies on Protestantism and its more extreme incarnations, such as Calvinism. The Reformation provided great opportunities for the subversive agenda of the Jewish elites, and they actively supported radical Protestant groups. It is for this reason that Christian Zionism was nurtured with such success on both sides of the Atlantic in the course of the so-called Evangelical Revival and into the Victorian Age. People bang on about original sin and sheepish mentality, but allegedly conservative Catholic and Orthodox societies never had much of a problem with sexuality and exaggerated moral standards. The Latin lover is Latin for a reason. It is true that Italians aren't subjected to the same moral onslaught we see directed against the Germans, yet their general nonchalance toward Italy's involvement in WWII should inspire ze Teutons.

    1. I very much agree with your assertions about Protestantism, but Protestantism could not have come about had the ideas not already been there in the fundamentals of Christianity. As I've said before, European culture survived in spite of Christianity and not because of it. As you yourself have more or less acknowledged, the aristocratic elites transformed it and Europeanised it. Protestantism in England was really instigated by an incident of history: the dispute between Henry VIII and Pope Clement VII over the demand for the divorce of Catherine of Aragon. In the Anglosphere, things really went from there, so as long as Christianity exists, it can always be brought back to its universalist fundamentals whenever the circumstances arise.