Friday, 29 December 2017


Before I introduce Episode II of Mjolnir at the Movies with Neil Westwood and I, I ought to mention what happened to the first episode. ADL-controlled Youtube took down Episode 1 of Mjolnir at the Movies within a few hours of me having uploaded it. Apparently, it was due to copyright infringement, as I had used John Williams' Krypton theme as an intro to the podcast. Yet strangely, many countless other Youtube videos use film scores and clips without any problems whatsoever. We make absolutely no money from videos, do not ask for donations for them, as they are free to make (although Neil has just bought an amplifier for our current music project....), and have not attempted to monetise videos - although we do not as yet have enough listeners to monetise videos or podcasts. The point is though that videos using copyrighted material are usually only taken down when the user earns money from them, so I am more than a little suspicious about the motivations of a company that has for the last few months employed an aggressive Jewish-supremacist group to censor content. Episode 1 however is still available on Soundcloud, which I hope you will enjoy, and I ask that people share it on social media etc. and make people aware of its existence.



Onto the second episode in which Neil and I look at Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 and attempt to answer the question as to why a sequel was made after 35 years. We also examine the racial politics of the films as well as the aesthetics and religious symbolism of the films and how the films of today lack the subtlety and artistry of the films of yesteryear, even if the special effects have improved. We also bring the effects of the feminist lobby on scripts under scrutiny and note the emergence of the Mary Sue. The episode is available on Soundcloud (above) and, at least for now, on Youtube (below), where they have turned the still from Blade Runner I used upside-down. The still nicely illustrates the religious themes of the original film, and Youtube/the Anti-Defamation League's act does nothing but show the Jewish lobby to be petty-minded. Because the first episode was banned, ostensibly due to copyright infringement on Sony-owned music, Neil has composed a rather nice little intro theme for Mjolnir at the Movies, which shows that the obstacles put in our way only serve to make us more creative....



  1. Before anyone mentions it, I made a slip of the tongue on William Gibson's novel Neuromancer and not, as I said, Necromancer.

  2. I don't know if this idea is any use to you but perhaps you could still illustrate the YT (or other) discussions at key moments by having time stamped links to images below the video/sound or annotation links popping up for the YT format, with the links directing to another image site or a site which hosts the images and isn't likely to be a target (if not your own site then perhaps even commercial and MSM sites which happened to host the image or clip you want). The listener can look at the image while the talk continues. Perhaps a neat way of working around their restrictions as they can't take down half the internet and major sites to stop you linking to them every time when you partially step outside of their controlled space. The fewer images you need to use the less extra effort this would require, obviously.

    May as well proverbially tweak their noses and make life difficult for them in turn.

  3. You seem to have split the audio between left and right for David and Neil respectively. This is very distracting when listening on earphones - it's as if you are leaning in and talking directly into my ear instead of feeling that I am sat down opposite you listening to your conversation. I hope you will reconsider this for future podcasts.

    Also it would be good if you would publish an RSS feed for the podcast on soundcloud. This makes it much easier to subscribe to your podcast in a podcast app. Instructions here:

    I'm glad that you have started this podcast - it seems like a logical extension of the blog. Morgoth also seems to be going down this route. Perhaps he could be a guest at some point in the future. Cheers.

  4. An enjoyable second episode. You've come out the gate strong with these episodes, I hope to see it continue. Plenty food for thought.

  5. The line "I think we were made for eachother" could equally refer to God/Nature being the creator of natural life forms as 'replicants'.One revealing essay on this is written by the author,Philip K Dick who believed he was living in the time of ancient Rome.
    One only needs to think of a book like Pinnochio, even ideas further back,to see that the idea itself of course pre dates science fiction, and it predates Christianity also,though in Blade Runner,because of Philip K Dicks preoccupations I think the references to Christianity are more explicit.

  6. quote;
    'It reminds me of a headline that appeared in a California newspaper just before I flew here. Scientists say that mice cannot be made to look like human beings' It was a federally funded research programme, I suppose. Just think: someone in this world is an authority on the topic of whether mice can or can not put on two tone shoes,derby hats,pin striped shirts, and dacron pants, and pass as humans. Well,I will tell you what interests me, what I consider important.I cant claim to be an authority on anything, but I can honestly say that certain matters absolutely fascinate me,and that I write about them all the time.
    The two basic topics which fascinate me,are what is reality ? And what constitutes the authentic human being ? Over the twenty seven years in which I have published novels and stories I have investigated these two interrelated topics over and over
    again. I consider them important topics. What are we? What is it which surrounds us,that we call the not-me,or the empirical or phenomenal world.'


    In Platos Timeaus God does not create the universe as does the Christian God. He simply finds it one day. It is in a state of total chaos.God sets to work to transform the chaos into order. That idea appeals tome,and I have adapted it to fit my own intellectual needs. What if our universe started out as not quite real,a sort of illusion as the Hindu religion teaches and God,out of love and kindness for us is slowly transmuting it, slowly and *secretly* into something real.'

    Quotes from Philip K Dick From the essay 'I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon' introduction.