Saturday, 26 August 2017


It's election time in Germany, that time when you can vote for any extreme Leftist party committed to your genetic extinction you want. Yes, the Bundestag will be totally committed to your Final Solution no matter who you elect...with perhaps one exception. Already, the establishment propaganda machine is rolling, so, without further ado, let's have a quick run down of the major candidates for the chancellorship, their parties and what they stand for.

Angela Merkel, CDU-CSU: Childless Polak Mother Merkel has offered her dry teats to her adoptees - the entire third world - since 2015, when she decided, without mandate from the German people, to welcome in every scrounger, wastrel, criminal and terrorist under the sun into the Fatherland, such is her love for her own people, who have been raped and murdered on a grand scale ever since. "Wir schaffen das," she says ....naja, und wir schaffen uns ab! A committed Christian in a Christian party, she is willing to emulate Jesus by sacrificing the lives of everyone in Germany for the poor sinners of the world.

Martin Schulz, SPD: With a face like a Stürmer caricature of an avaricious Jew, SPD leader Schulz was until very recently Merkel's equivalent in all respects in the European Union, having been the President of the European Parliament until January of this year. He is yet another Christian working towards the destruction of his own people and has had close ties to Daniel Cohn-Bendit, the Jewish leader of the May 1968 cultural Marxist revolution in France and Germany. The SPD have also selected a full-blown Negro from Senegal as a main candidate for a post in Karamba Diaby.

Sahra Wagenknecht & Dietmar Bartsch, Left [die Linke]: Wagenknecht, the daughter of some Iranian who blew his beans up her mother's muff before both abandoned this Mischling to her grandparents, is only there by grace of those just below the surface because of what she represents, as seen when she actually made some mutterings about limiting the number of refugees into Germany and was forced to bow down to the real powers. These are Lothar Bisky, a man who actually defected to East Germany to study and work for the Stasi, and Gregor Gysi, who has tried to undermine the leader of the more moderate faction, Barsch. Gysi, a mixed-race Jew, has famously said that Germans not having babies and being replaced by non-Europeans is a good thing:

Katrin Göring-Eckardt & Cem Özdemir, Green: Yes, it's the watermelon party: green on the outside, red on the inside. And we notice that combination so-beloved of the Left now as candidates for the party: so-called 'moderate' Muslim male, White Leftist female. Goring-Eckardt was an active member of the communist youth wing FDJ in East Germany, but is also a member of the council for Germany's Protestant churches. All of course are pro-immigration and it ought not to come as a surprise that her partner at the top is a Turkish immigrant. Özdemir is for Turkish inclusion into the EU that would see Europe flooded with millions of violent Muslims, and so any criticism he has mouthed of Recep Erdogan and his policies is mere window dressing. Even his campaign for the acknowledgement of the Armenian genocide was used to psychologically beat the Germans, as they had sided with Turkey in World War though Germany didn't need more Holocaust™ propaganda.

Christian Lindner, FDP: The FDP are another facet of the Left that people often forget are of the Left: the liberal free-market capitalists, which we in Britain might call Whigs (as a True Rightist, I certainly do). The third-world hordes are therefore invited in for an entirely different reason: to provide cheap labour for the cigar-chomping globalist elites and undermine the rates of pay of the ethnic German working class. Remember, the Ausländer are just doing the jobs the Germans are too lazy to do... Lindner himself was a member of the committee for integrating immigrants in 2009.

Alice Weidel & Alexander Gauland, AfD: The AfD was only formed in 2013 and is pretty-much like Britain's UKIP. Like UKIP, its party leadership is split between liberals and conservatives, with Marcus Pretzell joining the FPÖ/Front national faction of the EU parliament and stating that Germany borders should be defended by military force. His wife and party co-chairman Frauke Petry is anti-feminist and anti-circumcision also for boys, against quotas for women and staunchly anti-Muslim. She also has five children. Meanwhile, of the front two candidates for election, Gauland is a Burkean Whig and Weidel, although called a "Nazi bitch" by German TV presenter Christian Ehring, is a lesbian who has worked for Goldman-Sachs.

The AfD has sadly taken many votes from the NPD in almost a repeat of the UKIP/BNP story in Britain. The NPD is the party the establishment keeps trying to ban, the last court hearing being earlier this year. The NPD have therefore sunk to under 5% of the vote in all constituencies, which means they will probably get no representation in the Bundesrat or Landesrat this time around. As the NPD are for the moment impotent, the media propaganda has fully focused on the AfD, which it calls NPD-lite.

"We would be poorer without diversity."

It does not end with the media. A couple of days ago, the Hamburg branch of the German supermarket chain Edeka took all foreign foods off its shelves as a propaganda exercise to show us the supposed benefits of diversity. Yet the whole stunt was a massive con. Most of the goods came from other European countries: tomatoes from Spain and feta cheese from Greece and so on. But it's not armies of Spaniards and Greeks who are raping their way through Germany. The days of the Wooden Horse of Troy or even the Spanish Armada are long gone. Wars between Europeans are thankfully largely a thing of the past. (One must mention that what is going on in the Crimea at the behest of international Jewry is a disgrace.)

"The shelves are so empty without foreigners."

No, while we were weakening ourselves both physically and mentally with our petty wars, our racial enemies were growing in strength, and now they sense that we are corrupt and weak and there for the taking. The real message that one ought to learn from Edeka's little exercise is this: our globalist supermarkets can remove our food at any time. Why are we supporting them? Why aren't we supporting our local producers and sellers? Why aren't we growing our own? For the globalists and (((Eternal Enemy))) can starve us at any time and have done, if we look again towards the Ukraine.

"Our selection today recognises borders."


  1. spot on - poor Germany, poor us!

  2. It's hard to see how Germany can survive this. They are almost outnumbered now in the young generations. They hate themselves and are having no children. How can someone who is suicidal be saved while others are happy to exterminate them? There's nowhere to run to in heavily populated Euro states like Germany. No chance of a breakaway area they can thrive in surrounded by people who want them dead. The few shining lights in politics are so dim and distant they won't arrive in time. The usual crowd have such strong control there they don't even hide it. You make a lot of great points on what is needed and where it has gone wrong though. The weaknesses are undeniable and the power it gives others to starve us (literally or figuratively) is unacceptable for any sane people and always dangerous. It's all gone wrong from the ground up and the top down at the same time. Quite a black pill.