Tuesday, 26 September 2017


The Youtube user Gaelic Neoreactionary is spoiling us at the moment by uploading the Jonathan Bowden speeches only previously seen on DVD. The first of his two new uploads is Bowden's speech on the guru of Italian fascism, Gabriele D'Annunzio. Bowden explores the link between D'Annunzio's artistic and political careers, and how his romanticist and traditionalist literature that brought together many strands of thought and styles shaped his politics. Equally, his aristocratic background is important, particularly in relation to modernity, as D'Annunzio joined the Italian Air Force during the First World War, the pilot becoming the modernist knight of the air. Equally, this blend of modernism and traditionalist elitism would shape his fascist ideology.

The second speech is Bowden's look at vanguardism on all sides and in all groups, but with particular focus on our own Radical Right, and the vanguard's function and relationship to the quiet majority in any society and its effect upon them. It is perhaps his most uplifting speech in which he berates the victim culture the mainstream has adopted in the West and offers the view that our mentality should be one of elitism and the pursuit of glory.


  1. Another great treat to look forward to, thanks! Incredible speaker.

  2. Not a character type or performance I see from the modern English normally. I'm glad that he managed to get some exposure to American audiences in his work too before the end (not enough though). He didn't feel like listening to an echo chamber or circlejerk, he had his own views and ways. I bet there are also Brits that can now probably name half a dozen or more Right or Alt-Right figures on podcasts or other formats but don't know about Jonathan.