Saturday, 2 September 2017


The latest cult of Leftism is transgenderism. As per usual, the Left have sent infiltrators into the Right in an attempt to normalise obviously abnormal behaviour. One notes the Youtuber transvestite Blaire White mouthing moderately conservative views while normalising the idea of him using the ladies toilet. The main point of Blaire White though is that, in seeing him debate against the LGBTJQ+ community and their plethora of 'gender non-binary' pronouns, we accept him as one of our own. And in that moment of acceptance, we have already normalised all of the LGBTJQ+ position bar the trimmings.

The fact is that being 'transgender' is not normal. There are two types of course. The first is absolutely biological and unfortunate. This occurs due to the fallibility of Nature in individual instances - but not, note well, as a rule - where children are born physically with mixed male and female aspects or hormonal imbalances. Thankfully, these are rare. A decent society does what it can for these unfortunate people, as long as they are viewed and treated as what they are: unfortunate exceptions. Normalising them or treating them as exceptional in a positive sense can only result in the downfall of that society, because the rule of Natural Law is what is healthy and not the deviation due to a malfuntion in the system. We will come back to this in due course.

Then there is the second type: the ones who believe they were born into the wrong body. Again, this can be due to hormonal imbalance, but this is treatable via hormone therapy. Interestingly, most, like Blaire White, who claims this is true of him, prefer the other option of changing the body to match the hormones, which brings me to the other cause: self-hatred. This is true of the majority of so-called 'transgenders'. When one thinks, if there are no underlying biological factors, the wish to mutilate one's own body can only come from self-hatred, from the dissatisfation with how one was born. The question is whence comes this self-hatred?

It is to be noted that, in the Western World, by far the majority of transgenders are men who wish to resemble women, by a ratio 3:1 according to most surveys. This means there are more self-hating men out there than self-hating women, although, with ever increasing numbers of people deciding they are 'trans', the amount of self-loathing in the West is obviously escalating. This is confirmed by the suicide rates, which are higher for men than women and astronomical for 'transgenders'. Transgenders almost invariably complain about a lack of acceptance for who they 'are', yet cannot accept themselves for who they are. The gender disparity is telling though. Far from confirming feminist myths about societal bias against women, it displays the reverse.

Indeed, Western men's feminisation has not been enough to deflect feminist hatred against them. Feminist harridan sponsored by the BBC and academia Germaine Greer stated categorically that male to female 'transsexuals' could never be women. Let us be clear here: Greer is only interested in biological fact here as a means to perpetuate her hatred. Having once claimed that 'testosterone is a rare poison', she now says that men removing that testosterone is also representative of a misogynistic society. Such is her hatred of men that suicide is literally the only way out. With a nod to Gilbert and Gubar, Germaine Greer is the reason we used to have attics with locks on the door.

The deconstruction of boyhood has reached ever more degenerate levels. The closure of boxing clubs in White working-class areas of Britain under Tony Blair's Labour government was just the tip of an Occident-wide attack on masculinity. Now we have transgenderism being forced on primary school boys, with stories of boys in Sweden and America being raised 'gender neutral' - and note that it is almost invariably boys who suffer this abuse. I have no doubt the story of this poor child called Nemis, who has been raised as a drag-queen called Lactatia (note the name from the verb to lactate), will sadly end in tragedy:

One notes here that the poor eight-year-old boy is not just being dressed as a girl, but as the worst kind of parody of womanhood: a sex-obsessed trash-talking common whore. One notes also the state of the mother - obese with a ring through the nose like a prize cow, and the absence of a father. The mother's discourse of having let the boy decide belies the fact she lives her warped fantasies through the son by the path she has pushed him down. The boy Nemis too accidentally betrays his mother when he says, 'It makes me feel happy, like I am accepted.' What is inferred by omission is that he was obviously not accepted as a normal boy. His sexualisation and grooming into the 'LGBTJQ+ community', where they refer to him as 'their bitch', does not bode well. In a decent society, he would be with a loving foster family and his mother at the very least in that attic with Germaine Greer.

As if children were not at risk enough from deranged adults, self-harming is also on the rise. Self-harm requiring hospital treatment was up 14% from 2012 to 2014 for children in the UK, with the figure for 10 to 14 year-olds having risen by 70%. Something is therefore very wrong in this Leftist utopia where children are allegedly so free to be whatever they want to be. In addition to surgical procedures, transgenders also have a staggeringly high rate of other forms of self-harming, 42% of transgenders having self-harmed. What is worse is that self-harming is also being normalised.

This is not even new. I remember Richey Edwards of the ultra-Leftist band The Manic Street Preachers glorified on the front cover of the Melody Maker with his arms slashed. Even then, it was not new. Such self-abusive stunts were regular events for Iggy Pop back in his Stooges days. Now comes the next wave: transableism. Like transsexuals, these people are so filled with self-loathing at being able-bodied that they willingly mutilate their bodies to the point of being disabled. As we speak, this is seriously being discussed in universities as a legitimate identity. And why not if transgenderism is normative? Canadian academic Clive Baldwin, who teaches at St Thomas University in Fredericton and has previously taught social work and mental health, says that it is starting to be thought of as a neurological problem with the body’s mapping, rather than a mental illness. As with homosexuality and transgenderism before it, then, the road to declassifying 'transableism' as a mental illness is underway and is the first checkpoint towards the finishing line of normalising self-crippling.

So what are all these things really about? It is about the Left's true agenda, for it is the political Left who are behind the normalisation of the abnormal, the corrupt, the degenerate. One must remember that sinister comes from the Latin for left. They are sinister and filled with hate. Their actions bear proof. The political Left supports anything nihilistic in the West; it is always against not for. They are the reactionaries; they are reacting against that which is healthy and wholesome and good, that which is ultimately ordained by Nature. The Left is like a cancer that wishes to kill a healthy body. It must be cut out.


  1. This is mental illness in a mass scale. How can we expect mad people to recognize what is happening around them and to their people? They're obessed with being special snowflakes and getting attention. Faceberg, Twatter and the rest are making it worse too.

    The other thing people forget with these mentally ill people is that if you're this unbalanced what other problems do you have? Extreme mental illness seems to come in big bundles.

    Virtually all of this was unheard of when I was a kid. It was so rare you had to hear of it like Chinese whispers as a legend in another town once in a lifetime. It's all so unnatural. We desperately need a return to old traditional standards with peer pressure to reinforce it. No more blindly supporting the whims of the mad.

  2. The drag queen thing, they are becoming as scary as clowns!

    I may be wrong, but somehow I feel that with this little boy, the visit of RuPaul (I am guessing that is who that was) was the beginning of the end of his obsession with all this. There was nothing beautiful, glamorous, or the least bit appealing about this "horrifying fairy godmother's" appearance, instead it was frightening and freakish. The boy seemed more scared instead of being in awe, and I sensed his not really enjoying or appreciating all the "adult" "advice" and "pointers". It's not that the boy is looking for a mentor or wants to take guidance from anybody, he just wants to aggrandize his own ego and make himself feel that he is already "a diva" and on top of a world of his own creation. He wants to be the Unicorn of his own fantasy world, not become one with the fairies. Also, he has figured out a way to rule the roost, everything at home revolves around him and his peculiar creation. But in the real world, he is only a freak, and if he does receive some public reception, it will be within a very miniscule, circumscribed, and ultimately meaningless world. If he really is made of stern stuff (like he hopes he is), he will quickly "faze" out of this as a momentary embarrassment. He certainly doesn't think this right now, but it wouldn't surprise me if what I said really does happen.