Sunday, 8 October 2017


The situation in Catalonia is a difficult one for me to reconcile: on the one hand, I believe the different peoples within Europe have the right to govern themselves and that political borders should be redrawn to reflect the historical boundaries of peoples (obviously, there would have to be a certain amount of compromise); on the other, the independence movement has been orchestrated by Communist groups in an area of Spain dominated by the Extreme Left. After all, this is the Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, who delights in urinating on her own streets:

The photo is symbolic of Communism in general; Communists turn everything they touch into an open sewer, including their own spaces. If Catalonia is granted independence, we can expect mass immigration to the point where Catalonia no longer exists in any meaningful sense to the Catalans themselves. One notes that the mainstream globalist media are only highlighting the separatists and ignoring the marches by Catalonian unionists, like the one this morning. Again, we see the Leftist bias of the media. Already, twelve years ago, a Catalan friend of mine told me that the streets of Barcelona were no longer safe for women alone at night because of the roving Negroes.

On a cultural note, she also told me that the patron saint of Catalonia is St George, and on St George's Day, the streets are decorated with red roses, as the photo of the building below designed by world-famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi shows. Compare this with governmental attempts to forbid St George's Day celebrations in England. Indeed, the Spanish government has never interfered in Catalan culture, even in relation to the controversial sport of bullfighting.

This contrasts with how the Catalans have been treated in France, for it is often forgotten that the region is divided between two countries. Northern Catalonia was ceded to France in 1659 as part of the Treaty of the Pyrenees and now makes up most of the département of Pyrénées orientales. In accordance with the French cancer of standardisation, it has lost its language and much of its indigenous culture, to be replaced with the artificial Jacobin one of the French Revolution. This ought to strike people as obviously scandalous, for regionalism is true diversity.

This opens up a wider question about the nature of both Spain and France, for both are comprised of several different indigenous peoples. Mainland Spain broadly comprises Basques, Catalans, Castilians, Andalusians, Galicians and Astur-Leonese. Mainland France broadly comprises Franks, Gauls, Bretons, Catalans, Basques, Burgundians, Normans, Flemish, Italians and Germans. This is before one even starts with overseas dependencies, and it is here that things get complicated. All the aforementioned peoples are European; they have their distinct idiosyncrasies, but are also culturally similar, just as they are genetically similar. Therefore, small-scale exchanges between individuals and cultures leads to cultural evolution, while still maintaining diversity - even if the Jacobins of France have tried their best to destroy diversity through "homogenisation".

However, what the new Communist Left always want to see is revolution, hence the genetic damage they wish to inflict upon Europeans, by importing from outside the European gene pool. Unfortunately, even if immigration were to be halted, France and Spain have territories outside Europe containing non-Europeans. The Canary Islanders are a Berber-European mix, while Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guyana and Réunion have high South Indian and Negroid populations, who are free to mix with the mainland European population. Our road is the Right road, between the two extremes of standardisation and revolution. This, ultimately, is the bigger picture, and one must not allow the Left to take our eye off the ball with petty nationalist circuses.

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