Sunday, 8 April 2018


As is widely known by my friends and acquaintances, I have little time for Paul Golding and Britain First, and there are several reasons for that. The first is that Golding and founder (now former) member Jim Dowson abused their positions within the British National Party to misappropriate members' data so that they could spam them, cold call them and send them begging letters for donations upon founding Britain First, a routine to which they had become accustomed during their time in the British National Party. The second is the amoral campaign they launched to collect donations, in which the public were allowed to believe the monies were going to help soldiers, when in fact they were going towards funding Britain First and thus in the pockets of its hierarchy. The last and most important reason is that they have wilfully buried the issue of race in favour of a politically correct narrative of ideology, which goes hand-in-glove with their obsequiousness in relation to Jewry. That said, Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen did not deserve to be imprisoned as they were a couple of weeks ago.




The British state has now reached the stage of tyranny. They are now actively looking for excuses to prosecute and/or imprison the native British public on spurious charges if they so much as disagree with the policies of the current Leftist regime. Golding and Fransen have not even committed a single act of violence against an alien invading Muslim horde that has instituted the rape of White European children as a norm, protected as they are by the corrupt political and media clique. Yet even peaceful protest has now been prohibited in Britain. We often joke about how inept our politicians are. Yet this is a mere mask. What they are doing is absolutely deliberate and the effete public personae they adopt is to fool us into thinking that all this is mere accident and folly. In reality, it is the mad grab for fleeting wealth and power by perverts who would sell out their own children - and are so doing, those that have them - in the lust for personal gain. Even now, beholden to Saudi Arabian interests, they are passing legislation that will further remove Muslims from criticism by the indigenous peoples of Great Britain and Europe as a whole - basically, by White People.


Kevin Crehan has been all but forgotten about. His so-called crime was to put bacon on the doorstep and doorhandle of a mosque and for this act of littering he was effectively given a death sentence. Five months into his one-year prison term for this heinous crime, he was allegedly found dead in his cell in December 2016. The police have supposedly been carrying out an inquest since December 2017 that will allegedly explain all in December 2018, an unheard-of full two years after Crehan's death. I know full well how the police buried evidence of and colluded in the anti-White Muslim rape of young girls in Rotherham and regard this very suspiciously. If I were a betting man, I would put money on Crehan's death being found to be accidental, the police/guards exonerated from wrongdoing and the media convincing the public that Crehan was a common lout the world is better off without. Crehan in reality was obviously a courageous man who wanted to fight against evil. He did what he thought was a good idea because many have found it difficult to know what to do when those who are meant to protect us, namely the police, judges and politicians, have turned on their own people. It is easy to say it was foolish, but such simple and innocent folk are often oblivious to the machinations of corrupt intellects that have set traps for the likes of Crehan. 


RIP Kevin Crehan



Others like Britain First, For Britain, the English Defence League and the British National Party among others have tried the route of aligning themselves with Jewry, Sikhs, Hindoos, Christian Blacks etc. and denying the racial aspect of the violence. It's all ideology, we are told. These groups are not 'racist'. Did this virtue signalling save Golding, Fransen and before them Tommy Robinson from the gulags? And what of the Black gangs that have taken over London, which saw just three nights ago seven people stabbed, followed by nine the next night. London is now officially more dangerous than New York. Are they Muslim? And one also has to look at what is happening in South Africa: are the Negroes there Muslim? No they are not, but they still attack, rape and murder Whites, as they are doing in the USA and Europe. The only difference is the ones here do not have the political power they do in South Africa. And what of the Jews? Over the last few days, Israel has announced plans to deport 'refugees' from Africa to Europe because they are too dangerous. Isn't that nice of them? And did the Jewish lobbies come to their shabbos goyim Golding, Fransen or Robinson's aid when they were being put on trial? *Cough*


The fact is that all this virtue signalling gets us nowhere. You can only make alliances when all parties involved want the same thing. And if they don't and you ally with them, lie on their behalf and do their bidding, then you are a fool. But you are worse than a fool, because you have knowingly betrayed your own people as much as the corrupt politicians you claim to detest. Now I have talked much about what not to do, but what about what is to be done? The first thing is to organise our own communities and defend them. Do not make a song and dance about it. Get on with it quietly without public virtue signalling. After all, it is not necessary. Open our own pubs and restaurants and shops and even fast food places and frequent only those places. Keep ourselves to ourselves and keep those who wish to harm us at bay. It is only when we have communities that we can act as communities and that politics becomes possible. As those doing us harm know all too well, strength comes from a solid community.


  1. A refreshing read this, straightforward, logical and true. It's from kith, kin and a strong homogeneous ethno-community that we will reforge our future.

  2. Well said. Your advice at the last is the best and most effective course of action we can take. I hope you build on developing and talking about these suggestions in future videos.