Tuesday, 8 January 2019


I have been critical of the political party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD). In a way, I recognise its necessity, because most people who have been programmed into viewing Leftist ideology as normative do not suddenly arrive at our position. They move further to the right through increments and one needs structures through which to move them ever closer to Nature and to Truth. Equally though, I also realise that such vehicles as the AfD will attempt to pass off their politics as the whole truth and steer voters clear of asking fundamental questions about Germany's history, culture and the influence on them by other ethnicities, as well as voting for the Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (NPD). This is why I both criticise the AfD and recognise its necessity. Ultimately, the AfD are classical liberals, and the fact they are now portayed as "far Right" shows just how far Left the mainstream actually is. The mainstream also continually misrepresents their politicians as troublemakers who will inevitably engender racial and political tension and violence, when that is precisely what the Left is doing. A case in point is yesterday's attempted assassination of the AfD politician Frank Magnitz.



Make no mistake: this was a clear and determined assassination attempt. The three hooded assailants were waiting for him and attacked him in front of the theatre on Goetheplatz in Bremen as he left the Weser-Kurier newspaper's reception for the New Year. They smashed his head in with a piece of squared timber and then continued to kick and stamp on his head as he lay unconscious on the ground. It was only the brave intervention of a passing construction worker which saved Regional Chairman and Member of the German Parliament Magnitz from certain death. The police have gone so far as to admit the attack is politically motivated after many attacks by Leftists on AfD politicians have gone unpunished. This has served to encourage Antifa mobs in further attacks on AfD politicians. Not merely the anti-White extremist party Die Linken (The Left) support and fund violent Antifa mobs, but also Die Grünen (Green Party) and the SPD, as well as, as has been widely documented, internationalist oligarchs like (((George Soros))).


Politicians from Die Grünen and the SPD like the Turk Cem Özdemir and Heiko Maas have been quick to publicly condemn the attack, but they have only condemned Leftist violence now that the media spotlight is upon them. Özdemir can be seen in the video above evading questions about Die Grünen's links to aggressive Leftist groups, while Maas started his very reserved criticism of Antifa as a move to save his own career after an Antifa march on an AfD party conference in Cologne in April 2017, which he himself had supported, ended in chaos and violence. The Left always say that violence follows the "far Right" around. They are correct. That is because the Left has state power and abuses it with alarming regularity. Let us not forget the assassination of the two Golden Dawn politicians Giorgos Fountoulis and Manos Kapelonis in 2013. The Left make the labels and decide who is "far Right" and they are the ones who follow the "far Right" around.


  1. Unfortunately this was bound to happen somewhere in Europe eventually as only the right is suppressed and the left has been allowed (or even encouraged) to do as it pleases and spiral further into its pit of madness, safely shielded from consequences. Especially as the ever more hysterical left lacks any ability to connect to reality or deal with opposition. It takes little imagination to think what the media reaction would be like if the political sides were swapped in this attack. International news and almost certainly all manner of celebrities and politicians commenting on it for weeks, months or years and used as a bludgeon of guilt against the right. As the right gains more traction in the hearts and minds of the European people as well as politics there will be more of this too from the same sort of deranged criminals as were behind this, I suspect.

    When people on the (usually alt) right online lament the lack of this or that material support (and how they require it to land in their laps before they do anything) they would do well to remember what is behind the left and not to expect the same treatment if they are true dissenters of the mainstream.

  2. Germany is slowly awakening - like a body in a deep sleep gradually awakened by the irritating bites of insects.