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Over a year ago now, super middleweight and light heavyweight boxing champion Andre Ward retired undefeated at the age of 33. Whatever one might think of his dirty tactics and lack of entertainment value, there is no doubt he was extremely good at his craft and his opinion as a pundit is valued and respected. He is also half-caste, but this ought to have no bearing on how we view his insight into boxing, for he obviously has an honest perspective - in contrast to the LDBC. LDBC stands for Lion's Den Boxing Community. It is a collection of Youtubers of and for Negroes of the Black Lives Matter variety and comprises channels like Thaboxingvoice, Worldbreaker Fighting and Blue Blood Sports TV. The bias shown towards black fighters and their monocular view of bouts and politics both within and outside the sport are as exaggerated as they are unsurprising. It is in this spirit in which LDBC Youtuber Barbershop Conversations approached Andre Ward to berate him about his views on heavyweights Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder.



Anyone without any bias knows that in the WBC world championship contest between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury, a 50% fit Tyson Fury was knocked down twice, but in general proceeded to give Wilder a lesson in boxing craftmanship. Possibly because of the WBC's continued protection of their "champ", which has seen Wilder fed a series of unworthy contenders, the judges somehow ruled a draw, when pretty much everyone else saw the bout in Fury's favour by at least two points - with the exception of the LDBC. The LDBC have been defending Wilder through thick and thin, despite his poor level of opposition, despite continually avoiding a fight with Anthony Joshua and despite obviously losing against Tyson Fury, a man who has just lost over 100 lbs in weight in a few months and spent over two years out of the ring. The reason for their unbridled love for Wilder is that Wilder plays into BLM narratives of black exploitation. Born in Alabama, he has repeatedly whined about slavery and segregation as though he has experienced them. The reality is that he had a middle class upbringing as a preacher's son and went to college until he got his girlfriend pregnant. He also called Anthony Joshua a slave and his white promoter Eddie Hearn a slavemaster, despite Joshua earning ten times the amount Wilder earns per bout. Wilder's own promoter is Shelly Finkel, who is a Jew. There it is again, that special relationship. One might ask, why doesn't Wilder have a black promoter?


Back to Andre Ward: after the dubious draw, Ward tweeted that Wilder would not want any part of a Fury rematch. It was logical; Wilder was not able to beat a shadow of the Fury that eased past Wladimir Klitschko in 2015. How would he fare against a fully-fit Fury? Yet the LDBC in general and Barbershop Conversations in particular came down on Andre Ward for not sticking by "them" and their fighter, resulting in the confrontation filmed in the video above. As you can see, Barbershop Conversations is constantly race-baiting. The major problem for Barbershop Conversations, besides the one of Ward's commitment to truth, is that Ward does not see himself as Black. He sees himself as biracial, probably because his father is the white parent, whereas half-castes whose mothers are White tend to self-identify as simply Black. Barbershop Conversations' real beef is that Ward was simply not being black enough in his statement; in other words, he is angry that Ward chose to comment as he saw the situation instead of writing BLM propaganda. Another couple of things also happened after the bout which ought to have snapped the LDBC out of their false consciousness. Ring Magazine, that most respected of boxing sources, ranked Fury at #2, behind Joshua, but in front of Wilder at #3. The WBC also moved Fury from being a voluntary defence for Wilder in the first bout to mandatory defence should Fury want the rematch. It would appear the WBC have realised Wilder is a busted flush and are looking to the future. Fury is, after all, very marketable. Indeed, ESPN were swift to realise this and have signed him on a £80 million deal for broadcast rights in America. That's right, the British non-belt holder got a deal Wilder can only dream about.


What are we to make of all this? The sport of boxing has always had racial overtones right back to when Englishman Tom Cribb beat black Americans Bill Richmond and Tom Molineaux in the early 19th century. It is why white boxers like John L Sullivan refused to fight Blacks, even though Sullivan himself was the first to congratulate Jack Johnson after beating Jim Jeffries, who, rather like Tyson Fury, had come out of retirement to challenge the new champion. Like Fury, Jeffries had to lose 100 lbs in weight, but unlike Fury, had been out of the ring for five years and was already 35 when he stepped back in, and it ought to have come as no surprise when Jeffries lost badly. Yet such was the belief in racial supremacy among Whites that they thought their "Great White Hope", as he was billed, would win in spite of ring rust, age and poor conditioning. Equally though, in today's climate of white ethno-masochism and Jewish and black supremacy, Jeffries' disadvantages are often overlooked, and the double standards are obvious when one views the same sources address the Rocky Marciano versus Joe Louis fight, in which Louis suffered much the same fate as Jeffries. In contrast, Louis' disadvantages are both foregrounded and exaggerated: despite being 37 at the time and obviously way past his best, Louis was very much an active fighter, was mandatory challenger and had not been beaten for eight fights against decent fighters, the last loss having come at the hands of another former world champion in Ezzard Charles, which was only his second loss in his entire career. The LDBC attitude to Marciano vs Louis is somewhat satirised in the film Coming to America:



One can see where Barbershop Conversations got his nom de guerre from. There is also a double standard in the behaviour boxers are allowed to get away with, especially when it comes to racially charged language. Alan Minter is still pilloried even now for his racialism and support for the National Front back in the 1980s, whereas Bernard Hopkins, who famously said to Joe Calzaghe that he "would never lose to a white boy", has been made a minority partner at Golden Boy Promotions. Hopkins' words echoed those of Minter with the races reversed; both lost their respective subsequent bouts, but their difference in fortunes speaks volumes about the pervading culture of anti-White racism in mainstream society. This inevitably gives black boxers a psychological edge over Whites in a sport where the psychological edge can make the difference between winning and losing. There is a spiritual space to where Blacks are allowed to go but Whites are not, and that is the one of racial pride.


In the contest between Fury and Wilder, Fury was able to negate Wilder's race-baiting because Fury comes from another protected minority group as a traveller or pikey. He was able to express pride in his gypsy heritage and gain equal strength through the same Sklaven-Moral of hailing from a perceivedly oppressed minority group to be able to engage in the war of victimisation politics top trumps. This, coupled with a long-standing culture of bare-knuckle boxing, has seen white gypsies become over-represented in boxing's elites. East Europeans too have emerged since the fall of the Iron Curtain, unimpeded by political correctness. Fury himself, however, has fallen victim to the West European politically correct hegemony, having been hounded by the press for breaking the thoughtcrimes imposed through the Leftist and Zionist lexicon of sexism, anti-Semitism and homophobia. This resulted in his public mental breakdown and absence from the ring, during which time he ballooned to over 350 lbs. He told it as he saw it and paid the price. He has now reinvented himself as a champion of the mentally ill and downtrodden and claims to have given his purse for the Wilder fight to the homeless. What he has done though, is to play the media-savvy politically correct game of celebrity in order to gain the moral high ground against future opponents. 


Is Tyson Fury a sell-out? That is a matter of opinion, but he is anything but stupid. He has proven himself time and again to be very shrewd. He took the fight with Wilder knowing Wilder thought he was too unfit to win. Wilder was ringside during Fury's prior warm-up bout against Francesco Pianeta, and Fury played Wilder with a bit of kidology, deliberately underperforming so Wilder would take the bait. As said, Wilder is known for ducking legitimate opponents. Perhaps Fury is also picking his time for the rematch against the establishment. Or perhaps he has become another celebrity social actor, who knows to keep quiet and take the money. Time will tell. Perhaps the real Great White Hope, meaning a boxer who will represent White Europeans unashamedly, will emerge from Eastern Europe, where political correctness and ethno-masochism are still being resisted. There is nothing wrong with being a hero to one's own people, a role model for the youth to look up to and emulate. Are we not told that this is a good thing for [insert any race other than White European]? Are there not government-funded schemes to get more [insert any race other than White European] into sports to provide role models for young people of said race, all approved of by establishment mouthpieces like the BBC?  Again, why the double standard?


Loving one's own race does not necessarily mean hating other races, which is a concept the LDBC don't seem to get - although the LDBC are at least honest in their racial hatred at times, unlike the white Left, who again apply one standard to non-Whites, whose instances of racial hatred are ignored and covered up, and another standard to Whites themselves, whose racial hatred is exaggerated constantly through all mainstream media channels. This is not to say racial hatred does not exist among Whites, but if societies were in any case homogeneous, it would be a moot point, as it would for any other race. The LDBC could then race-bait and be biased to their heart's content and there would be no mixed-race Andre Wards to try to use against Whites. Everyone is biased to a certain degree, either for or against, including me. And perhaps this is the final point: that racial rivalries or hatreds could then be vented through structured contests like boxing matches, when homogeneous societies would pit their best against each other in the ring. Conflict in a broader sense would then be minimised and the shekel-grubbing internationalist bourgeois promoter would be forced to promote his own. Of course, this would all be anathema to the Zionists and Leftists, whose politics are based on the promotion of interracial conflicts.


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  1. I didn't realize it was so bad in boxing for the anti-White agenda. Seems there's no escape from politics or place to put your head in the sand, if everyone lets it happen. No matter the hobby, sport, etc. The double standards and craziness with the left and non-White identity politics is pretty clear. Parts might be a warning in parts on what not to mirror, although a level of healthy appreciation and instinctive defense of your own seems a wise thing to encourage.