Friday, 17 May 2019


The Jeremy Kyle Show has thankfully come to an end after fourteen years. I hope that in the future it is studied as a reminder of how a corrupt political elite exploited the poorest members of their own people for their titilation. The cancelation comes after 62-year-old Steve Dymond killed himself after failing a lie detector text that 'proved' he had been unfaithful to his fiancée. Lie detector tests are notoriously unreliable, yet faith still seems to be put in them in line with the post-industrial religion of the machine.  What did the truth matter anyway, when the result gives a reality-TV host the excuse to scream and lambast his 'guest' for entertainment purposes, all dressed up in the guise of high morality?



One might point to the fact that Dymond had choice in his appearance on a show that everyone knows is exploitative. Yet in the voyeuristic circus society created by the corrupt elites, where fifteen minutes of fame is everything and the only thing left for the poor to aspire to, ordinary honest people are easily tricked into believing they will receive fair treatment by the media. Western media is fair and unbiased, we are often told. Candidates for appearance are often goaded by the show's researchers by creating more friction between the parties involved in the dispute to be aired. The researchers whisper malicious tales in the ear of the other. There is no doubt that Dymond was also an emotionally unstable man: he had tried to get on the show over 300 times. It ought to have been obvious to the producers then that he was not stable enough for such an ordeal, where his life and integrity would be scrutinised and questioned in front of a studio audience and also a million-strong television audience. But people who create a show such as this are hardly going to care about one man's mental health when they are serving up this exploitation as soul food for the masses.


Dymond was also a simple man who drove a digger for a living. He would, like so many other straight white working class males, never dream that the establishment want the likes of him off the planet. Indeed, is that not the bigger picture of The Jeremy Kyle Show? Why is it that 99% of the 'guests' on the show come from the white working class and white underclass? Many of them are indeed reprobates: drug addicts, thieves, thugs, people you would not turn your back on if you had any wits about you. They have been carefully selected for their negative traits. One might think that they deserve having Jeremy Kyle in their faces, screaming at them about their lack of virtue, and to an extent, they do. But worse is the cynical hypocrisy of the likes of Jeremy Kyle, who have been responsible for turning the remnants of the white working class into a mob of worthless savages. Kyle comes from a background of privilege, and with privilege comes responsibility. Instead of working to create a culture that might ennoble and raise up the white working class, Kyle has been part of a psychological mincing machine that has mangled the spirit of the white working class. Kyle, like so many of his ilk, has not just shirked his responsibility, but spat upon it.


He has also spat upon people who are similar to himself. Do not get me wrong, I have no romanticised view of the white working class. Many are not particularly bright and will never be able to do anything more than labour-based jobs. That is not a criticism nor anything to be rued. Such people are needed in an organic society. But Kyle's ilk believe in replacing them with a cheap lumpenproletariat from Africa and Asia, leaving the white working class on the scrap heap, where they will sink into the ever-expanding underclass. They believe in dumbing them down to the point of imbecility, so that they might not mobilise as they once did under the trade union movements - the same trade union movements that sold them out to another globalist ideology. Culture precedes politics. The white working class were deconstructed culturally long before the political act of their disenfranchisement. Where are the Yorkshire brass bands now or the Cockney parades of pearly kings and queens? They have long since been replaced by televisual trash. The white working class have become passive spectators, when once they were active participants in their culture. 


The Jeremy Kyle Show, like other trash reality television shows like Esther, Trisha and Jerry Springer, was also instrumental in lowering standards of morality. They played a game of critiquing the degeneracy of their 'guests' while raising them up as minor celebrities, in which role the more outrageous they were, the more they would be remembered. The word celebrity comes from the notion of someone to be celebrated. It used to be a gifted individual that might be held up as one to whom others would aspire. Compare that with the celebrities of today, many of whom, like the former contestants of Big Brother, are famous for being famous. Little wonder we have a trash society when we have a trash culture. Culture not only reflects a society, it shapes and moulds it. This is why I keep banging the drum about the need for cultural rebirth and renewal, and I will keep banging it. Here at Mjolnir Magazine, we are all too aware that we need an organic culture that does not just entertain, but ennobles and raises the racial spirit. The present elites have failed in their duty of care and as culture bearers. Their luxury has made them decadent. They need replacing by intelligent and creative people regardless of previous class background.

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  1. Sadly they will try to replace one terrible show with another and they all made profit from it. They mock and insult the poorer classes while doing nothing to lift them up and instead doing all they can to push them down to the lowest common denominator. They don't see any morality or duty in trying to lift them up from their position of power and natural talents that let them stand at a higher position. They know what they are doing and the have the power to do otherwise. That is why it is evil.