Monday, 5 February 2018


I am back to cultural excursions, this time visiting the 'unenriched' Yorkshire market town of Penistone and looking at what lessons can be drawn from a Rightist perspective:

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  1. From John;

    The alt right is reactive.It has a paper thin sincerity which talks about heritage but it does not know it or even want to. It pretends to be opposed to modernism but is owned by and embraces it. It talks about 'traditionalism' but then sneers a tradition for being anachronistic. It knows what it is against while it can only merely guess and then make a pretence at knowing what it should be for. It endlessly talks about 'culture' - but theres no culture there. What is its culture? The tradition of English music perhaps ? No. Vaporwave. lol.That says it all. It is de-racinated to the core while it pretends to be racially aware. It is a safety valve, a disconnect central for anxieties to vent. Make a connection to our historic culture and within thirty seconds they would glaze over with boredom and switch to looking at the latest e drama on their mobile phones,yes but 'muh ''''alt right tradition and culture'''''' Forgive my scepticism but the view count between the talking heads videos you refer to and this video says it all. Good video however.You have the right idea.