Wednesday, 24 January 2018


After Dave’s very kind introduction a few days ago, I thought I’d write a few words about the nature of my YouTube channel.



I decided to start the channel a few months ago after watching Millennial Woes's excellent video 'One hour from now', which he recorded last autumn. It made me think deeply about what contribution I could make to the current culture war.

Although I take a keen interest in politics, my true passion lies in traditional culture and spirituality. I think this seems to be a less developed area currently, on the right. I know there are some highly esteemed commentators out there already such as Survive the Jive, Apollonian Germ and the inimitable Thulean Perspective. However, I wanted to concentrate more specifically on discussing how traditional culture, via ancient symbolism, is appropriated by mainstream Hollywood culture and used against us. 

I think it's an area of crucial importance, as understanding this part of our history is a necessary preface to truly understanding the current political climate. I'd already started this with my own blog, which I'm not really using at the moment but may do in the future.

I am also interested in European folklore, symbolism and traditions. I think all aspects of our beautiful, traditional cultures are long overdue for a revival, so I'll be talking about the ancient festivals and how they've developed over the centuries.  It's not my intention to be LARPy about such traditions but these festivals were important to our ancestors, they gave them hope and strength as well as grounding them very deliberately in time and space - something I fear we've lost today. So, I also intend to look at how we can use these traditions and give them new life, new energy to bring ourselves and our cultures back into balance. 

I intend to examine the relationships between men and women, concentrating on the role of women in particular - because that is where a lot of damage has been done, particularly since the advent of feminism - and addressing what women can do to help bring about healing the fractures with men. I believe this aspect to be of the utmost importance.

All I’m presenting is my own thoughts on these subjects, so I’m looking forward to some lively debate and discussion in the months to come. 

I'll leave you with my most recent video, in which I discuss how the two world wars of the 20th century have become the modern Western foundation myth, how they impacted the European male psyche and how that paved the way for many of the social issues we see today.

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  1. A fine introduction and a sound concept. We need to breathe life into the soul before the body can heal.