Saturday, 3 March 2018


Again we see another terrible shooting incident in America being used as political leverage. It has been suggested by some on the Alternative Right that the murder of seventeen people at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida by Nikolas Cruz was orchestrated by the government. Certainly, something does not sit quite right about the event. We are told by the mainstream media that Cruz is a white supremacist and Donald Trump supporter, which is convenient, and his own ethnicity is disguised by the fact that he was adopted at birth. Living in a post-truth age in which the media constantly churns out fake news means many facts about the case are impossible to discern. What is known, however, is that both the FBI and local police under Sheriff Scott Israel (note the surname) allowed the massacre to happen through inactivity. Cruz was known to the FBI as a threat, but was never arrested despite stating on social media that he was going to exactly what he did. During the attack itself, Israel's deputies stood and watched and never made any effort to stop Cruz, which is bizarre.




There have been many other strange occurences after the event, like the behaviour of Scott Israel, a Democrat Party member and Florida's first Jewish sheriff, who could not wait to get on camera and boast of his 'amazing leadership' - a typically Jewish character flaw, but given the context, it demonstrated a complete lack of empathy. Israel is a political animal, having switched from Republican to Democrat for political expedience and power. He is now very vocal on the party line of gun control advocacy and used the massacre he allowed to happen to further the agenda. Israel could not wait to attack National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch for 'not standing up for these students. The NRA duly responded:



Some of the 'survivors' too could not wait for their moment of fame. Their behaviour too was bizarre and showed the same lack of empathy as Israel. They were seen laughing and joking before their appearances on the news in which gun control was always at the forefront of the interviews (see photo, top). Two who were repeatedly interviewed were David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez, who appear to be crisis actors. What is known is that Hogg appeared on the news as a witness in California last year (below), his father worked for the FBI before retiring and that the family are firm Democrats, while Emma Gonzalez is a far-Left Antifa anti-White LGBT campaigner. Both are involved in anti-gun campaigns.




In response to the Leftist propaganda, President Donald Trump has already started to erode at the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, caving in to (((Dianne Feinstein's))) long-proposed ban on assault rifles. The Florida shooting was cohencidentally carried out with an AR-15 assault rifle. The very idea that Trump, whose children are being married off into Jewry, is 'our man in the Whitehouse' is laughable. The Second Amendment of the US Constitution was added to prevent tyranny by the government. The fact is that the Left has carried out some of the most bloody and vicious political revolutions in the world, and given the chance would do so again. Given the rhetoric of their university professors, lobby groups and politicians, if they ever managed to gain total political power over a disarmed White European populace in America, they would attempt the genocide of White Europeans in a heartbeat.



You don't believe me? It is happening in the Republic of South Africa NOW. On Monday, the ruling black supremacist communist ANC Party announced the forced dispossession of the Boers, the White European farmers who settled there in many cases three centuries ago. Their farms will be taken without compensation, leaving them homeless and destitute and as easy victims for the black gangs supported by politicians. Boers are regularly murdered in the most gruesome manner after being tortured, which we will not go further into here. The leader of the Marxist-Leninist Economic Freedom Fighters Party (the third biggest in South Africa) and former ANC youth leader Julius Malema has regularly called for the killing of Boers and welcomed the decision, stating that 'Whites must be happy we are not calling for their genocide.' The Occidental press has either been suspiciously quiet or apologetic on the subject, with Britain's allegedly right-wing Daily Mail dismissing it all as a mere 'transfer of land', which shows just how left-wing the entire mainstream press really is. Let this be a lesson. Keep your guns America; at the rate of demographic change, you may need them sooner than you think.


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  1. There's a lot of deeply weird things about this whole incident. It doesn't follow natural thought and behavior and that then points to something or someone with their finger on the scale knocking things off balance at the very least. There's so much weird things about their background or family history coming out over time, thanks to the people not in the pocket of the msm doing some digging. The only way you can swallow this one whole is if you take it whatever the media says without thinking, which is what they rely upon.

    If the American people are disarmed they'll be led to the slaughterhouse eventually. As long as they have their wits and their arms they can at least hold the line and stop anyone from pushing them into extinction and slavery, they have that chance to escape any tyranny or evil efforts by those in power.