Saturday, 17 March 2018


As subscribers to my Youtube channel will know, over the past month, I have been making a series on Nature and our relation to it. I had originally planned to make only one video, but soon realised there were so many aspects that needed covering that it warranted a whole mini-series. In any case, the feedback from the videos I was getting was very positive and I had several requests for more in the same vein. The first video explores how the Left-Right political split in politics is congruent with the city-countryside split and how the bourgeois city-dwellers have manipulated semantics, whereby words relating to people from the country carry notions of stupidity. We look at the history of the 'progress' of the Left and how this has been responsible for the destruction of Nature in Europe, starting with the acceptance of Christianity.



The second video further analyses how Judeo-Christianity led to the wanton destruction of trees and groves that were held sacred by European Pagans and removed Man from Nature. We begin to explore the role of Jesus in shaping the future Left as a proto-SJW archetype. We pose the question as to where what the Left terms 'progress' is leading and look at transhumanism and Industry 4.0 as a practical application of the theory that is currently in motion.



Next we look at the Norse religion in its relation to Nature, remembering that Paganism is not a unified and universal religion, but many diverse ethnically specific religions. We see the veneration of trees, which is subverted and turned against Nordic archetypes in films like Avatar. We explore the difference with Judeo-Christianity in the latter's worship of ignorance in comparison with the Norse tradition's pursuit of knowledge, which can be seen in the two's respective tree myths. We end with a critique of Oswald Spengler in his philosophy of doom and compare it with the Pagan perspective of rebirth.



We start with this theme of knowledge to look further into the Garden of Eden story and how European Man as been alienated from European Woman through Judeo-Christian dogma, with both becoming ever more unnatural because of it. We look at what kind of men Christianity appeals to in its anti-heroic passivity and the kind of women who were involved in feminism, which can be seen as a destructive backlash to the deconstruction of the divine feminine. We also have advice for the Alt Right, as we critique the inclusion of MGTOW, viewing it as a male equivalent to feminism, as well as the promotion in some quarters of female hypergamy and question whether the Alt Right is not yet another dead end run by people who do not have White European interests at heart.


Lastly, we review the main points, as well as poking holes in Leftist thought and noting that its unnatural ideology is really sophistry promoting ultimate nihilism in the destruction of Nature and Natural Order. In this, we look at the latest cult of gender theory and how only dishonesty keeps it afloat. We are reminded of the ostensibly bizarre pact between the Left and militant Islam, as both seek the destruction of the West. This brings us to the religious prophecies relating to the downfall of the West, the Christian Armageddon and the Norse Ragnarök; but do the two amount to the same? In this, we are again brought back to the themes of activity and passivity, death and rebirth, and we end with advice for the future for Rightists and how to try to lead a more natural life.



I hope that this series will be both interesting and educational and that you will consider subscribing to the channel - although no matter how many people subscribe (I get a notification whenever I get a new subscriber), Joutube still maintains I only have 160 subscribers.....


  1. I am putting this on my "to watch" list

  2. This is undoubtedly your best work.It is significant and gets to the point. You have the right idea, However, I would respectfully make the following suggestions;

    1. It may seem a small point, but I believe this is relevant; Without going 'SJW' I would suggest it would further delineate your message if you clarified more in the use of your personal pronouns (yes I'm serious...) Using 'they'rather than 'we' (particularly in marking the distinction between the natural and healthy view and modernist nihilism for example.)
    Regardless of what someone is, if they are not on your side in any given conflict,they are not on your side; however that really depends on not just the overarching situation but specific battles where circumstances could mean that you might have to form even temporary alliances with those not of your beliefs, otherwise you risk painting yourself into a sectional corner. (I dont think you need to compromise anything, but it is something to bear in mind).
    At the same time when you are talking in the same terms as you are above, ie; it is not entirely effective to suggest an affiliation; it is not effective to use 'we' referring to white degenerates simply because >they< are white and in western society; They are every bit as much our enemy and the enablers of nihilism as any other group who are opposed to nature. Deluded foot soldiers they may be, victims also, but they serve its cause nonetheless.
    I realise that this might sound as if I'm contradicting myself - (especially as you want to change peoples minds) but with the the factors and the effects of globalism the reality is that people will experience and see the mess being created by the globalists and so, with this, and through your message, 'they' will change to become 'we' or continue their decline and die out.
    But you have to maintain the distinction in your talks. We are not sick- they are; (they even use slang to denote'sick'as something good. Funny, but, as we know, their brainwashing is to invert everything in to hasten the wests destruction).
    2. Get a windcover for your microphone and if you are walking rerecord the audio track with the transcript of your talk inside later on.
    3. Picking on the church these days is a bit like kicking the shit out of a down and out drunk.
    My criticism of the'pagan'movement left or right is that they are neo modernists who have merely swapped the word Christian' for the word 'pagan'. Left or right they act like Marxists and still think in the same terms. Particularly in comments sections you will see this, and their inability to deal with the realities of history to project on it instead a wish fulfilment post/preChristian utopian left wing hippy paradise. Its Rousseau all over again, Roussea himself being influenced by Calvinism. It negates race, tribalism and warfare. It is essentially an adolescent rebellion, but a deflection, plus of course it is easier to pick on the granny at the WI going to Sunday Service (though I suspect even she would remain a formidable challenge for a millennial polytheist death squad).

  3. In answer to your points:

    1. I think the meaning is obvious and as these videos are unscripted, I cannot engage in pedantry straight off the cuff. I do not do this for a living and do not have the time to make BBC-quality documentaries. If you can do better, go ahead, as there are too many who chunter and do little themselves.

    2. I do not use a mic. I use my phone. I redo the sound if the wind is too strong, as I did in the Penistone video, otherwise it is part of Nature and so is part of the video. Enjoy it.

    3. I have addressed neo-Paganism in the videos. Your analogy is silly. Christianity is little more than the Cult of the Suffering Jew and needs to go. It is precisely one of the big reasons why we ended up where we are. I do not "pick on" easy targets or hard targets; my videos and articles are aimes at Truth. If that is not your aim, you are in the wrong place.

    1. I enjoy the natural sound of walking and talking, like going along with you. I bumped into your work through an essay on the Tommy Robinson drama posted on I'll definitely continue watching these videos, being a Northwoods rustic myself. Great work.