Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Hope Not Hate has released its annual 'State of Hate' publication in which Nick Lowles and co. tell the few on the Left who can still read whom they should hate and by how much. Lowles shows his anti-capitalist credentials by charging £6.50 for this piece of literary brilliance and by spending three pages defending billionaire George Soros, following that with a page of HNH merchandising advertised by that icon of anti-capitalist product endorsement Billy Bragg, whose records have been and continue to be distributed by the likes of Atlantic Records and Sony. Indeed, Nick Lowles now bears the title of chief executive officer of Hope Not Hate and one must suppose that HNH is now a corporation. Will they be floated on the stock market? Only time will tell..... The good news is though that as Mjolnir Magazine is committed to the indigenous European workers' struggle, I found one can access the pamphlet via this link until the army of third-world and Leftist incompetents at HNH fix it!


Avid reader of Mjolnir: Nick Lols


The pamphlet is an astonishing 88 pages long - a homage of course to Lowles' hero Adolph Hitler, as we revealed in our article on last year's State of Hate. Interestingly, that is identical to the length of Nick Griffin and his Indian waifu Dilip 'Jack Sen' Gupta's pamphlet attacking the Right released towards the end of last year in which, obviously forgetting Griffin's youthful affair with Martin Webster and Sengupta's even camper pastiche of It Ain't Half Hot Mum, the pair accused everyone on the Right of being homosexuals. This is in keeping with Griffin's latest political move towards fellow traveller Jim Dowson's Christian fundamentalism that will allow him to tap a new seam of gold, especially after the death a month ago of that donation miner Billy Graham. Another year, another position, and Griffin has known more positions than a Vietnamese prostitute. Sengupta is no stranger to HNH, having attempted to dox me and others to them last year and to report me and others to Merseyside Police for 'hatecrimes', which was nice.


Nick Griffin's Indian housewife: Dilip Sengupta


Indeed, this all serves to keep Mjolnir in the public eye and I must once again thank you all for the free publicity. I am described in State of Hate as 'devoid of charisma' and 'unlikely to have much success', which obviously devastated me. It made me wonder in fact why they bothered mentioning me at all and why people continue to keep trying to dox, threaten and report me to the police. I have no explanation. Equally, as regards Youtube views, which they mention as being as microscopic as Nick Lowles' penis, I am also at a loss to explain why the number of views for some videos has actually gone down. I thought it would be impossible to unsee a video, but perhaps someone can 'enlighten' me. However, my guide to the Saatchi gallery still has over 2,200 views, which is not bad for someone with no charisma. Perhaps you can get it banned.....


I was quite surprised too by some of the names in the pamphlet. I can only put Lowles' mention of Milo Yiannopoulos and Ezra Levant's Rebel Media down to his anti-Semitism and homophobia, while the Iranian Shahin Nejad's mention must be a simple case of racism. And then for some inexplicable reason, there's David Parry of THA Talks, an avowed liberal, which must be considered libellous. Perhaps Parry can bring a lawsuit against Lowles and HNH, although George Soros can provide Lowles with some very expensive solicitors. Does this put Lowles above the law? I think he thinks it does, for the actions of Antifa groups resemble ever more how they portray a fascist regime, where even liberals are attacked both in print and physically, as was seen in a recent encounter with Carl Benjamin, the Youtube vlogger known as Sargon of Akkad. It shows once again that the Left always eats its own.....

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  1. Hearing a charmless extremist slug use the phrase'devoid of charisma' is truly ironic.