Saturday, 9 June 2018


My latest video is from Rotherham, the town made famous for the rape of 1,400 young girls by Muslims over a 15-year period, which was covered up by the British state and police. I also look at the case of Tommy Robinson, formerly of the EDL, and the difference between him and the unsung hero who actually brought the scandal to light, Marlene Guest of the BNP. I also talk about the army of Tommytards who have tried to railroad the comments section here by posting abuse, disinformation and libel. Please note: all comments go straight into moderation and any that are misleading, abusive or libellous get hit with the delete button. That means you will waste several minutes of your time on nothing. I see there is now a collection fund to donate to, organised by Tommy Robinson's Zionist handlers. This will go to the same Zionists putting restrictions on White European freedoms through litigation and bureaucracy, and the irony of Tommytards whining about Robinson being falsely imprisoned because of state infringements on free speech seems to be lost on most people. Anyone of White European extraction donating to the fund must be considered a buffoon and a fool.

One of the comments I had that I deleted was about Tommy Robinson's mortgage fraud case. Again, the commenter made up some garbage to exonerate dear little Tommy, who can do no wrong. Robinson was actually running the fraud for a certain Deborah Rothschild - that's right, ROTHSCHILD! Click the link here for the BBC article. Case closed, folks. This will be the last article on Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, as he should not be worth this much interest. Don't forget to buy his book, Tommytards....


  1. A Rothschild too! The icing on the cake. This guy's background is nuts. Too many "coincidences". It's almost spelled out and lit up in neon. He turns up in news stories and accounts with different names. The way I heard he was handled in America with the passport/border thing which was bizarre. Never heard of anyone else getting that special treatment. Didn't he also get processed in court under a fake name once, even when the authorities knew it was fake? Doesn't sound like the kind of thing that a normal working class English man (who is also meant to be hated by the establishment) would have happen.

  2. I ended up having to make a second video on Tommy Robinson after all: