Thursday, 26 January 2017


This is the interview I did with Fash Britannia on 22nd January. Among the topics was that of Mike Enoch of The Daily Shoah's Jewishness and the (from my perspective) irrationality of having Jews in the movement. The subject was cut short due to the programme hosts' obvious embarrassment, which I understand, given the awkward position they have been put in, but points were made that have been largely (((shut down))) by The Right Stuff, as Mike Enoch/Peinovich continues broadcasting with them.

1:00 Oswald Mosley on globalism
5:30 Celebrating the Trumpenreich
26:00 The Million Mammary March
32:15 Barron-senpai, leader of the Alt Right
34:45 UKIP update
40:45 Brexit news
59:00 The Greyfield Stray - A Saviour for a Doomed World
1:03:27 D’nation
1:06:15 David Yorkshire
1:18:00 MW and doxing
1:33:30 The obligatory TRS “Jew or not Jew” discussion
1:42:30 Degenerate of the Week
1:48:30 Any other business, including website announcement
2:07:15 EU Rope - The Final Red Pill




  1. Good show. It was indeed a tid bit uncomfy during the Enoch segment. I happen to share your perspective on the situation but from what I can gather it appears to be a minority position.

    "Innocent until proven Jewish." That's a keeper.

  2. Interestingly I have heard a few commentators touch on this once again recently (and it has come up quite a few times from them in the intervening period). There's a repeated "virtue signalling" (somewhat ironic) and shaming of criticism comments regarding Peinovich by podcasters whereby some host and/or their gusts feels the need to once more signal about how they are best friends forever with him now or that he of all people cannot possibly be of the J in the JQ or on that side at all.

    I feel somewhat sorry for those of the Fash Britannia team as they were in a bad position through little fault of their own but then is this not a lesson to be learned by them and others now we have seen it all play out within our midst? They allowed someone with questionable credentials to have this power of soft censorship via taboo and the potential hosting and continuation of their show and now he is in a position of being above reproach with so many. It's glaringly obvious that if this was anyone but him they'd be happy to comment and criticise some clearly obvious flaws and choices, but because of his position of power they all feel the need to make excuses and reassure that they don't think he's of the J clique, even without being prompted to do so, such is the gnawing discomfort deep within them. Uncomfortable listening but had to be said and you're one of the few people of your calibre saying it, David and I thank you for it. You do give a unique perspective and voice in the broad spectrum of this opposition to the mainstream view and you do it with class.

  3. It's very telling that it took you to bring up what was undeniably the most significant doxxing in the movement at that time, yet Woes was the topic scheduled. Their own nervous silence, jokes about being kicked off the air and stumbling desperation to make excuses for Mike's behaviour and history are all very telling for what is truly lurking within their head. If we were going to have holy untouchable characters with taboos against criticism then surely we can do better than a sad sack crypto-Jew who acts like a Hollywood Nazi with rants about putting people in ovens and gassing in showers?

    Everyone seems to be acting in a combination of "innocent until proven Jewish" (nice quote to remember) attitude and willing to bend over backwards for him. Why though if these people were truly of the "lets wait until the proof" did they (and I am not only including Fash Britannia but all of the nervous Alt-Right) then clearly sweep it all under the carpet? None of these points are properly revisited or discussed, especially the issues of him having Jewish children by blood, his side of the family seeming to be jewish too from the social media screen caps that were taken before someone said shut it down and the extreme nature of his wife's documented activities.

    All I've seen since then are more attempts to shut this all down with angry "if you don't like that I'm friends with him or he does this show then f you" (done to applause as they signal in a strange mirror of the left) and variations on this. Like a festering boil I wonder if it will one day pop and make a mess or if it will go sceptic and kill the host.