Saturday, 21 January 2017


It is not often I write negatively about specific people in the movement. It is not something I encourage nor enjoy. The matter of Mike Enoch needed addressing because he is an outsider wanting to steer the Alt Right in an unhealthy direction that in some way suited his own design. The two people I mention in this article have addressed me and are denigrating both me and Mjolnir Magazine. People abusing me online is beneath me, but their attacks on the magazine and the lies being spread about its function have to be countered. One of the people mentioned here is, in any case, also a non-White European and thus cannot be counted as actually being in the movement. I will begin with him.


The person in question above calls himself Jack Sen, although his real name is Dilip Sengupta. He has stalked and trolled a number of people in European Nationalist circles who have excluded him as a non-European and also as psychologically unstable, which goes with his confused Anglo-Indian ancestry. He pushes the cancer of so-called civic nationalism on his various websites, as would be natural for someone in his ethnic dilemma. One of his many tricks is to spam nationalists with e-mails threatening them and alleging we have made the initial threats, usually to his family, or insulted him in some way. Here is his latest e-mail to me:

Lastly when i get home from my holiday I will make it my new years res to find your sorry arse. You dont want to fuck with me . im not like greg johnson and tait, webster and turner. Ive seen things you cant imagine boy. You delete the abuse that i am a "queer" immediately frm youtube and anywhere youve written it. You will leave us alone and you will reveal who you are. if not, i will find you. in the interim i will post a video about you like i did turner and lake. My little videos which have not even been shard on the main channel reach ten times more than yours do
Anyone interested in your stupid work will find them, child molester. erase every comment abusing us now. and
ring me
to reveal your cowardly self. Expect to see my trollbusting video of you and your magazien- how you recod the payment and address details of your subscribers and give them to the police - when im back in Malvern.

I have cut and pasted the e-mail, so it is exactly as I received it. He is pretending here to be a friend of his called Carl Mason, who has previously also harrassed nationalists, including at the house of Julie Lake, whose husband is terminally ill. Having seen so many of his previous e-mails though, which are all very similar, I know it was Sengupta who wrote it. What he tries to do is bait people into replying with threats. If they do, he takes the replies to Merseyside Police and files charges for hatecrimes. At least one person I know has already been interviewed by police. He has been doing this for over a year now.

The second person in question is one Seana Fenner, who hosts an obscure website called Odinia, but whose main purpose seems to be to attack anyone and everyone in the Alt Right. Odinia would appear to be named after herself, as she often uses the pseudonym Odinia Freyjasdottir. She was, until today, on my Facebook friends list, and I had not paid her much attention. She then wrote on my timeline and in a group she had set up called Fake White Activism Awareness that I supported homosexuality and cast aspertions about my own sexuality merely because some of my articles have appeared on Counter Currents and I support the work they do there in compiling an intellectual Rightist body of reference. I do not approve of every single article, but that is not the point. She also criticised my support for Millennial Woes, who has been doxxed, merely because he used to be homosexual, a subject he has already addressed and he has openly said that homosexuality is destructive.

To answer Seana's contemptuous aspertions, I am heterosexual and have only ever had relationships with women. Merely because I have not become one of your band of beta orbiters does not make me a homosexual. It makes me someone sceptical about a woman who claims to have studied archeology at the University of Oxford and then worked for NASA and selective about the company he keeps, especially when he thinks someone has been spoilt and over-indulged as a child and who now believes herself to be some Pagan Goddess or at the very least an Aryan princess or high-priestess. In general, I keep to the following guidelines as regards my conduct, the values Mjolnir Magazine represents, and find them useful for any Alt Righter:

  1. Show respect to those who show respect.

  2. Keep the Alt Right all-White. We can co-operate with other groups, but they simply are not us.

  3. Our motivations must come from the love of one's own people, not from the hatred of others. One only hates those who attack us.

  4. Heteronormativity only is to be promoted. If homosexuals keep their sexuality out of the public eye, one ought not to care about it.

  5. Even among heterosexuals, the ideal to be promoted is the loving relationship between man and woman as a basis for the creation of a loving family.

  6. Be sensible and avoid extremes in earnestness. Playing an extremist role for humour is fine, but be careful not to get sucked into playing it for real.

  7. Avoid blind worship of leader figures and cults of personality. Politely call leaders' actions into question when necessary.

  8. Promote true elitism. Encourage each other to reach higher and support and promote each other's projects. This is true progress. 

  9. Do not denigrate others within the movement or their projects without very good reason, such as promoting miscegenation, feminism, misogyny, paedophilia etc.

The main reason I am writing this is to make people realise the pressure we in the public eye in the movement are often under and to apologise if I am sometimes abrupt and if I have not responded to genuine e-mails that I thought were suspicious. I also want to make people aware that some in the movement may not be all they seem and to advise people to keep their wits about them. The movement is going well and our enemies know it. They are thus redoubling their efforts to "shut it down!" I therefore offer these guidelines to make sure that never happens.


  1. As a postscript, Seana Fenner is now falsely claiming I have links to the homosexual writer Jack Donovan. I have never met nor even corresponded with Jack Donovan and do not support his work nor his ethics.

  2. David , You are not the only one who reached a proper conclusion about desperate figures like Jack Sen ( Dilip Sengupta ) and others like Mike Enoch.
    Kyle Hunt on has put those people in the right perspective already.

    Greetings ,