Monday, 23 January 2017


I wish I did not have to show the image above. It was sent to me by a friend on Facebook along with a petition for the punishment of the two above. I am personally sceptical about petitions and so I leave what you make of it to you, but pressure has to be put on the government to act. The image above is an image that any normal Western person will find horrific. But we are not dealing with such people here; we are dealing with Turks. The two creatures above are Hasan Kuzu (left) and Neset Yaman (right). One notices their racial diversity, with Kuzu looking very European and one remembers that what is now Turkey was once Byzantium and European, before the invaders looking like Yaman came.


In Anatolia now, what was once Byzantium and now Turkey, the culture of Yaman's people prevails. It is a culture of violence and cruelty beyond reason, enshrined in its sacred texts. Liberals might point out that we in the West have had such cases. After all, the two youths here cut off the dog's ears as punishment for losing a dogfight. But the difference is that when a White European engages in such behaviour, it is seen as breaking the cultural norms of society, which is why it provokes public outrage. In contrast, in most Islamic cultures, the dog is seen as spiritually unclean, as haraam or khabaaith or najis, as enshrined in the Islamic code by the Sunni jurist Al-Nawawi in his book Minhadj. Contact with dogs for most Muslims means becoming ritually impure.


Although Mohammad himself was quite ambivalent towards dogs, as the Qur'an attests, the notion of dogs being spiritually impure appears to come from an older Arabic tradition in the belief that a black dog was a manifestation of an evil spirit. When Anatolia was conquered by the Arabised Turks, the laws, customs and beliefs regarding dogs were imported along with the rest of the Islamic Weltanschauung. In any case, unnecessary cruelty towards animals is part and parcel of Islamic life. Anyone who has witnessed halal ritual slaughter ought to know this - and let us not forget that this is the exact same principle as Jewish kosher ritual slaughter.


The fact that we now have ritual slaughter all over Europe at the same time as the Leftist political and academic elites attempt to ban all perfectly natural forms of hunting, horse and dog racing demonstrates the dishonesty and treachery of those elites. Equally, the media holds the White European to a different stand to the Muslim. From late August to October 2010, the British media was filled with stories and footage of Mary Bale putting a cat in a wheelie bin. Bear in mind, she did not physically harm the cat, even if her actions were particularly petty and mean-spirited. This same media ignores the hundreds of cases of actual torture to animals by non-White Europeans, particularly those whose religious law actually promotes that torture. In both law and societal acceptance, we are being judged to different standards. In any case, now that we have Shariah courts in the UK, we have a plurality of law that is a product of multiracialism. Yet we are sold the big lie that people are the same the whole world over.


Turkey, or as it ought to be known, occupied Byzantium, has tried to put pressure on the European Union to allow its hordes to flood into Europe freely, where the great Polish King John III Sobieski stood with the equally great warrior Count Ernst Rüdiger von Starhemberg at the Gates of Vienna and drove back these Turkish hordes, but sadly not far enough. The Turk has ever been our enemy for a thousand years and more, as we have seen recently from the epidemic of violations against our women and violence against our men. If you have reached such a level of misanthropy where you feel nothing for them, at least spare a thought for poor dumb animals.

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