Saturday, 17 June 2017


The nihilistic Left and their ethnically Other helpers (particularly in the Jewish community) have pushed ever further towards the extermination of White Europeans. One hears it openly in the university lecture theatres the length and breadth of the Occidental World now, and, perversely, anyone so much as arguing against this attempt at genocide is labelled an extremist. It follows that it is therefore good to be an extremist, but why is it good? Well, for pure races this is obvious (their eventual extermination), and we looked at why miscegenation was bad for half-castes (their crises of identity) in the article 'Why IQ in Different Races is Irrelevant'. But the Leftist counter-argument is that they wish to abolish identity in any case, so once everyone is the same through mixing, there will be no problems. No identity for all ergo no crises of identity. Is this true and also what is the Left, that which is sinister, not telling us?



First of all, one should never take whatever the Left says at face value, for they have a tendancy to obfuscate, deny facts and outright lie to 'win' arguments. No identity for all would mean crises of identity for all, rather than the utopian vision sold by the Left. We of the Right recognise the link between identity and meaning. A new artificially created logos (even in a quasi-religious sense - see deconstruction theory) would be just that: people and peoples link with prior tradition that provides logic and structure in order to locate themselves in time, space and being. It is how one makes sense of the world. And so the Left, via their cultural hegemony and control of the entertainment industry, have made it 'cool' to 'stop making sense', as David Byrne and Brian Eno once urged. It is why so many in the West feel that life is senseless, meaningless. Yet whilever we remain ourselves, unmixed, not yet fused and confused, we will be able to recapture our sense and meaning.




Thus, given the quasi-religious zeal for miscegenation and the stripping of identity, the other great lie sold to us by the Left is that of diversity. The racially pure women above are diverse; the mixed ones below are not. The way they get around this is through doublethink, where they preach the two contradictory propositions of having multiple identities, as in postmodernist theory, and a liberation from identity, from tradition, as in (((Frankfurt School))) theory, particularly in Erich Fromm's Escape from Freedom. The notion of multiple identities is particularly interesting, as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is a recognised mental illness, in which one of the symptoms is multiple identities. The proponents of postmodernist theory propose that these identities can be reconciled, yet can they and, if they can, will everyone need their own personal psychologist to do so? Would it not simply be better if each people had its own unique identity that gave them sanity, structure and meaning, or are the Left cynically fuelling their ever-expanding and non-productive social science industry? Jobs for the boys....and girls....and those of indeterminate gender....



If one needs a justification for sanity - and the Left always like to challenge every traditional norm - it is that without sanity, one cannot create a society of any description, let alone the utopian one the Left claims it is building towards. This is why the Left is in reality pure nihilism, congruent with its cynicism. Not only would racial purity and separation give the benefit of sanity, as it has always done so in the past, but it would also bestow and has always bestowed the gift of progress. And as the Left always tell us with a wry smirk, progress is an intrinsic good. Yet how can progress be linked to racial purity? Well, as any Rightist ought to know, different races excel in different areas. Even if one keeps an analysis of differentiated abilities to the material level, so that empirical evidence can be readily observed, one sees the different races excelling in different sports. Sprints will always be dominated by West Africans, whereas swimming will always be dominated by Europeans, the World's Strongest Man competitions by specifically North Europeans and endurance running by East Africans. There will of course always be exceptions like Allan Wells or Valeriy Borzov that rather prove the rule in being the exceptions.


The point is this is that if West Africans were blended out, the genes for achieving such high speed would also be blended out. Not all West Africans can run 100m in under 10 seconds, and only a few, with the right training, will be able to. These people are at the extremes of the race. But if they were to be mixed with slower races, the rate at which these genes are preserved would decrease. These means an ever smaller pool of talent with which to draw from, and as the pool became smaller, the standard would drop; as the pyramid is reduced in width, so is it reduced in height. This applies to the North European's strength; he would be weakened through miscegenation. And if one notices, the extremists in the world of athletics get faster and stronger with every decade, because, contrary to the ideas of egalitarianism sold by the Left, the natural instinct to be superior still prevails and is still rewarded in some forms.



Progress in the true sense can only be achieved by rewarding the extremists - those who wish to push further, past what are deemed to be the limits of human ability. And this is how we can see that the Left's egalitarian project is not conducive to progress, but to 'regress' - a great levelling down and degeneration. This brings us back to our point about each race having its own logos whence logic springs. Each race's cognitive capabilities both define and are defined by its system of understanding, its logos, and are both limited and directed by it. One cannot free oneself from this limitation, as the Left tell us, for this will leave us without a logos, and so it is for the extremists of the race to push back the limitations by expanding knowledge, given prior tradition. This is progress. The great artists in each people are the cultural extremists, the bearers and custodians of their races' logos and identity. One of their tasks is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the race and suggest improvement through a culture shaped by the logos. Therefore each race has its own path and its own destiny based upon its intrinsic capabilities. To mix the races together would be to stunt humanity as a whole in the varying directions it could take to further extremes.



Neither would blending the races together prevent war or violence or discrimination, as the Left often claims. People segregate themselves on many different lines, often completely artificially. One only has to look at the phenomenon of football hooliganism, where men fought for a corporate entity that despised them and to which they gave money. At least with racial conflict, there is at base the authenticity of a genuine struggle for survival of the group. This is only natural. Yet if the races are separated and kept separate, there can be no racial conflict. The Left's obsession with multiracial societies have created nothing but conflict, and deliberately so, for again one sees the doublethink, and sees past the superficial sheen of the pretended goodness of diversity, and sees behind to the clenched fist rhetoric of the Eternal Revolution.




Even if one got to the point where the races were blended, they could not be blended equally, and some would still have more the features of one or the other. We know from the Left's unhealthy obsessions with race and equality that this would lead to a state-sanctioned impurity spiralling, where those who were too much of one thing or the other would be persecuted, just as pure White Europeans are discriminated against now in their own European homelands. And therefore there can be no peace until the Left is utterly defeated and destroyed, for they are ever restless, uncomfortable as they are with themselves. As a last thought, the Left have always had the mind of insects, their pusuit of equality borne of their impossible utopian ideal of the hive. Yet we of the Right must prove them wrong at every turn. We do that in every work of art, in every piece of literature, in every sport and activity, in our dress codes and aesthetics and ways of living that confirm our White European identity. Live White and take it to its extremes!

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