Saturday, 3 June 2017


It gives me great pleasure to announce a conference held on 14th October by the Dutch Alt Right group Erkenbrand, which will take place in the heart of the Netherlands. As regulars to this site will be aware, we at Mjolnir Magazine have had a happy co-operation with Erkenbrand and I have been a regular panellist on the mini-series on classical music that we have recorded.



Entry tickets cost €27.50 by Paypal or €25 cash. Cash payments will only be accepted from Dutchmen and people with special dispensation. There are over six hundred places available, although these are being bought up very quickly, due to the quality of location (which is in a very traditional piece of architecture) and speakers.


Guest speakers will include The Golden One Marcus Follin, Jared 'Huwhite' Taylor, Joost Niemöller, Millennial Woes and Greg Johnson. There will also be many other familiar faces from the Alt Right in attendance and I may also turn up. There will be many books and magazines available for purchase on the bookstands.


 Also coming soon: the Erkenbrand team and I in another podcast, this time on H P Lovecraft. The novelist Ann Sterzinger will also be joining the panel. We will be discussing Lovecraft's life, his beliefs, his works, his mythos and his gods, like Azathoth, Nyarlathotep, Cthulhu and Covfefe.



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  1. Sounds like a great event. I hope you get to go to it and everyone attending has a successful night. Good place for people to browse and see all the fantastic new media and art available. The contrast between the old left and new right is only more glaring when I see the flowering of art and the vitality out there.