Tuesday, 13 June 2017


As many on the Right know, I have been distancing myself from the Alt Right for some time now. I, unlike many others, have always been a Rightist; I watched the birth and growth of the Alt Right with interest from its beginning and believed it could be a great force to advance the cause of White Europeans. I even submitted articles to the original Alt Right website, which Colin Liddell was kind enough to publish, after the website I had been writing for had become a haven for loons and shills. This rise and fall into stupidity often repeats itself in the movement and the 'White Shariah' meme is the latest and most degenerate yet in this buffoonery, and many seem to be drinking of this Kool-Aid.



Base-level defenders of the White Shariah meme want desperately to be seen as edgelords and also as intelligent. Therefore their defence always goes that I am not smart enough to see that it's just humour, that it's ironic, that the target is liberal women, who will get triggered and question their support for Islam. Like Jews, they always like to play on the idea of a lack of intelligence; yet they are mostly unlike Jews, because they are just mouthing the sophistry their masters have given them to say. I am not the emperor and you people are not the tailors, but you come to me from the tailors bollock-naked. The fact is the only triggered people I have seen are Rightist women, not liberals. But it's only humour, isn't it? Well, sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't, and it seems to be humour mostly when the proponents of White Shariah are caught out being serious. It also seems largely to have been passed off as a joke right after the murders of Jeremy Himmelman and Andrew Oneschuk.


If those murders aren't amusing enough for the Right Stuff and Daily Stormer crowd, there is, I suppose, female genital mutilation, the stoning of women, women being dowsed in acid and rape. This is just how 'edgy' these people are. In fact, the War Room had a good old laugh about not being able to wait for a society where they could abuse women in this way. And they were only half-joking. It was amusing to them because the idea appealed to them, in the same way that the villain laughs as he explains in meticulous detail how the captured Mr Bond will die very slowly while he takes over the world. Little wonder then that it is the good women in the movement that are triggered. The fact is that liberal women will not be triggered, because they rather like the idea of being abused under Shariah Law, but not by Whites. They will want the real thing.


And this brings me to another point about White Shariah: it is as oxymoronic as it is moronic. You will notice that I generally use the variant spelling of Sharia with an H at the end, because Sharia looks like the name of some Western popstar; I want it to look exactly like what it is: a non-European word and concept. But the sophist defenders again tell me that the oxymoron has been used precisely to indicate irony. If this is so, why does Andrew Anglin simultaneously spend so much time trying to convince us that it is perfectly in tune with old European values? You see, you can't have it both ways, not unless you're a practitioner of the Talmud. And I suspect there may be a fair bit of that at the top of the Alt Right.


Shariah is an Arab concept and inviting it into our our thought brings subservience to the Arab, just as Christianity has brought subservience to the Jew. For what exactly? For edginess? Edginess in the same way a wigger apes the worst examples of Negro behaviour, dressing in baggy sportswear and gold chains, listening to rap and hip-hop and using ghetto slang. In so doing, they betray their own culture. The White Shariah wiggers do so love to point the finger at white women who betray their race at the sexual level, yet this is also a betrayal, at the cultural level. And what effect is this going to have if not to drive a wedge between men and women of the Right, women who have done no wrong? Is a Rightist woman going to be impressed by any man who whores himself to another culture? Perhaps the White Shariah wigger can seduce a woman attracted the idea of Shariah, but as already inferred, she will ultimately want an authentic man from that culture, just like the twerking 'thots' - to use another word that has come into the Alt Right vernacular from outside White European culture - in gangster rap music videos.


Indeed, the effect has already been to drive a wedge between men and women of the Right, which I'm sure will please both those who wish to see the destruction of the movement and those who wish to see it turn into a sausage fest. Videos have started to come out by disgruntled women allegedly in the Alt Right; of particular prominence is one by PhilosophiCat, as it was published on Counter Currents. I understand the indignation; unfortunately, PhilosophiCat often fuels the fires of misogyny in the Alt Right with her own scarcely contained misandry. In her video 'In Defence of Female Hypergamy', she describes non-alpha males as 'beta losers'. Well, just because one is not a leader does not make one a loser. A society cannot function on just alphas, as even a liberal like Aldous Huxley realised. In an organic society, everyone finds their level, and that includes for the union of marriage. PhilosophiCat's problem is though that she sees relationships in terms of Whiggish commercial transactions, where a man is only as good as his wallet. As for her praying mantis analogy....



She is not the only one who is pushing this female hypergamy nonsense, and the obvious question that begs is why a male of higher quality would want to marry a woman of lower quality, if we are merely looking at the argument from a materialist Whiggish perspective - a perspective, I might add, of the liberal Left. I do not, however, for there are many variables that are beyond the Whig view of life, like shared interests and values or being on the same mental and spiritual wavelength - these things that begin in admiration and begin the course towards deep and meaningful love. The other problem with female hypergamy is it tends to create aging cat ladies - and one notes PhilosophiCat's moniker. Varg Vikernes recently noted the amount of childless women in the Alt Right. It is a fair criticism and one that will have the White Shariah wiggers rubbing their hands with glee. They will be able to say that they are both right and joking.



We get now to the real point of this article, which is this: if racially aware men and women cannot even breed, due to a mutual resentment, then Whites are truly destined for the dustbin of history. Those pushing this resentment should be ostracised, because being 'edgy' does not outweigh producing the next generation of White Europeans on the great scales of life. Nature does not forgive buffoonery.


  1. A deserved rebuke. This whole meme is utterly toxic and I don't know if it is only a bad idea that has been promoted by accident or pushed in by design to divide and conquer once more. It doesn't even matter though as it is toxic. It needs to go and those who keep promoting it need to feel the heat for it. We have European culture and traditions to look back on and those are worthwhile and something our people can naturally gravitate towards and feel comfortable in when given a chance.

    Equally, I've heard the same actors you mention talk nonsense about wars abroad and "war brides". Isn't that exactly what we're trying to avoid? Foreign wars and mixing? All of that needs to be flushed and I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Wormtongue figure feeding these ideas or some shills who cheerlead it and spread it if they see something damaging they can use. Some of this is probably a result of Hollywood programming false ideals for how men and women are to be and the struggling under the mental illnesses that spring from a lifetime of it. Hence this "alpha male" obsession nonsense too, like a tribe or nation can have all chiefs and nothing else and be successful, or even an army or a business or any venture beyond two or three men. Whigger culture and programming from music and Hollywood.

    I suppose "Alt-Right" is a label that serves a purpose, even if it has an expiration date as things grow and develop in the future, hopefully to a good end, but I don't think at all that everyone currently under it is in single mind about all these issues, even if some are loud and get promotion thanks to some well funded platforms behind them. There are certainly efforts to redirect things to dead ends or self defeating positions or to push those interested in it away by making sure that the first thing they see is White Shariah and other toxic and disturbing ideas. It can be useful to have people still within these umbrella terms giving a better viewpoint and countering these toxic ideas, at least until there is something else large enough and different enough to step under if it looks like that label has been controlled. It was never going to be easy.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyowTkqQ0ng

    An example of some of the "Alt-Right" thought leaders that have crept in (although I think enough shaming from true Alt-right WN have caused her to slither uncomfortably under an Alt-Light banner that clearly has no solid ground to stand on in the long run), partly due to the weakness that is still too common and the lack of true and good leadership that could otherwise call out and identify such people as not in our interest if the group's natural instincts and "immune response" failed to nip it in the bud early on at a low level. We're not there yet. She and others talk about tradition but then when asked a straight forward question about historical traditions and European societies it results in flustering and a very modern feminine style attack and a lot of wind. The thirsty males floating around her defending her and acting no better than the ones for any other trivial topic. The conditioning over generations has left a lot of damage and baggage. That includes the subject of the video and the supporters of her and others like her who still have blind spots needing removed. Some of these "thought leaders" no doubt will be promoted and encouraged by the usual suspects to distract and waste the energy of the movement. It doesn't help that she's not even truly European, being a mix of three or more races (Jewish and East Indies, I believe) and having done all sorts of videos that were virtually the opposite of views she lays claim to now. Can someone like that mixed racial bag ever truly reach the point where they'd accept creating a society where they are not a desired result? I think even some who said that they could would still instinctively act against it or deep down their ego would say that more like themselves could only be good. There was something off about her to my eye early on and when watching one of her interviews I was surprised at how many gaps in her knowledge and even basic vocabulary she had during a normal conversation. This didn't feel like an autodidact to me, rather than someone who worries about what will get them more Jewtube subscribers and ad revenues while riding a useful current while pandering to "based ethnic in a trump hat/with high IQ".

    I think when the movement grows enough there will be some dead weight shed in the intellectual vanguard and obvious Wormtongue figures outed or even some of the simply misguided asked to step down out of the limelight. As it is things are still in infancy and fragmented and there's not the strength of leadership or a solid enough identity to simply say "this is not representative of us and not what we desire".

    However, the channel hosting the above video is one you may like, if you've never listened to him. Very few subscribers but he seems to have that human and genuine touch, unlike a lot of the bandwagoners, such as the one he was highlighting.

    It's one thing I appreciated Woes for sticking his neck out and saying, that at this point if someone isn't WN then they shouldn't be under the Alt-Right banner, go find something else or catch up. It's the one thing that can't be compromised on or else nothing else would matter anyway.

  3. There's retards or malicious people pushing this all over the place in chat or comments sections. Very manipulative, it always leads to the people in question praising Islam and saying people should imitate it. All but telling people to convert to it, possibly the goal of this wedge? I've heard them compare it to coverture as well, claiming therefore it's a return to tradition and not something new (following Rules for Radicals guidelines clearly for best effect in manipulation).