Monday, 11 December 2017


The main point of postmodernism, which is the prevailing contradictory philosophy of the contemporary age, is the attack on meaning, whether it be on semantics through cognitive linguistics, on prior religiosity and philosophy through deconstruction theory, on history through new historicism, or on culture through the anti-art artificially propped up by bourgeois and foreign wealth. The point of it all is that those in positions of power can create arbitrary labels and assign them to whatever and whomever they see fit. This is now reaching the endgame where any White European can be labelled a racist if he or she wishes to survive, prosper and see a next generation of White Europeans. This is an obvious example, but to use a festive example, in October 2014, the dubious-looking 'erection' below appeared in the Place Vendôme. Why was it put up, for whom and what was its significance?



The first point to address is that it was put up in the Place Vendôme, one of the most central squares in Paris, created to mark France's greatest episodes in history and built upon classical architectural and artistic codes. It is also home to the Ministry of Justice, which is also pertinent here. At the time, the Leftist government under François Holland was in administration, and the Minister of Justice was extreme Leftist Guianaian Negress Christiane Taubira, who had been married to convicted terrorist Roland Delannon. She had introduced the law that legalised homosexual marriage in 2013 and this is what the stunt was all about. There had been a massive backlash against the legislation by the right-thinking French populace and suddenly this giant green butt plug appeared as an affront to popular sentiment and sensibility.

....except we were told it was not a representation of a butt plug at all. It was in fact a Christmas tree. In October. 'Artist' Paul McCarthy followed his predecessor Marcel Duchamp in relabelling one thing as another. Just like Duchamp told us his urinal was in fact a representation of a fountain, McCarthy told us his giant inflatable butt plug was in fact the representation of a sapin de Noël....just like the tailors told the Emperor he was wearing clothes of the finest silk. The public were not fooled; McCarthy received a public facial slapping and McCarthy's stunt was destroyed during the night. The Leftist media such as The Guardian referred to those responsible as vandals, again showing how language is deliberately used ironically by those in power. Was not the original act of vandalism that by McCarthy of the Place Vendôme?


The establishment have also hidden behind this word 'art' for far too long. McCarthy's works are not artworks; they are political stunts. McCarthy's motivations are absolutely political, as seen in his crude stunt involving representations of George W Bush copulating with pigs. Yet like the representation, Bush himself is a mere caricatured mask of a Rightist; his real beliefs were exposed when he attacked the current president Donald Trump and True Rightist values. And I believe Trump himself will be unveiled as yet more artifice when the time is right.


To exhibit in the Place Vendôme requires permission from those really in power. The game the establishment have played of presenting themselves as the outsiders is exposed as a fraud and their 'art' as a cheap trick based on the dishonest manipulation of language. It is not even new, for Duchamp was doing this in Paris a century ago. Yet it is high time to have the intellectual courage to call the Left out on this. Too many so-called intellectuals have no courage to do so. It is because they are afraid of being labelled a Philistine, which shows a total lack of belief in their own intelligence. One ought to remember that the people the Philistines were exterminated millennia ago and one ought also to remember by whom. Perhaps they were killed merely by a refusal to stand against the confidence trickery we see today in which every value is undermined and even the existence of White Europeans is openly posited as evil.

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  1. With enough exposure they seem to be able to normalize anything. A constant slow and subtle push down the degenerate path. It seems hard to imagine it can rebound from this,

    I think you'd be lucky to only find coal under that tree if you were a naughty boy or girl that year.