Monday, 18 December 2017


If, like me, you are tired of listening to the personalities of the multi-racialist, globalist, woman-hating, Nazi-LARPing Alt Right bathhouse, the best thing to do is create your own content. This is what we involved with Mjolnir are doing - forming an alternative to the Alternative Right. That means creating content that presents true Rightist ideas and ideals, the norms given by Natural Law that keeps people and peoples sound of spirit, mind and body: racial purity, heterosexuality, natural aristocracy and hierarchy, noblesse oblige and the eternal struggle towards higher things. And we must always remember to do these things in the best spirit and humour, even when we admonish those who stray too far from those ideals we hold dear. This is the spirit in which independent film maker Neil Westwood and I have launched a new weekly-ish podcast called Mjolnir at the Movies, in which we look at films past and present from a Rightist perspective.



The first episode sees us look at Superman films past and present, focusing on Superman (1978, Richard Donner), Superman II (1980, both the Richard Lester and Richard Donner versions) and Man of Steel (2013, Zack Snyder), as well as examining the Superman phenomenon in general. We critique Superman's impact on society as a force for shaping society by personifying certain values as we examine the differences between the films. Under particular scrutiny are the themes of religion, race and politics embedded in the film. We also more generally discuss the aesthetics, style, narrative and film making involved.


  1. Blocked by copywright holders. And you can check out who owns those movies...
    My last point was that we do not want to be supporting the Hollywood mainstream machine at all! You can check out the owners by a simple google search,so why bother publicising them in the first place? It does not help us to be doing so. They are dinosaurs and we dont really need them. But we should support our own homegrown British films and go our own way. Thats the whole point. Its funny that there are no similar strikes on other users using the same content so they are so desperate to be hanging on to your every word! You obviously have them so worried theyre having to watch you. Sad! But we should not be touting their work anyway.Some of your videos Mr.Yorkshire have been excellent.I hope you will make more regular short close to the mic solo podcasts,then people can link to you. You ARE articulate but I hope you will increase your content. Also create an online Mjolnir youtube channel. I am seriously considering your suggestion. Good luck with your endeavours.

  2. ps.Im referring to youtube where youve been blocked. The thumbnails been turned upside down too.
    However I very much appreciate what you are doing here. So keep going ! British cinema did actually challenge and surpass Hollywood at the time of Arthur Rank,but he did so by not only by controlling production but buying up the cinema chain so he was not beholden to them. They strangled off British cinema by blocking distribution for British films in the States. I am sure you are aware of the massive control of the multiplex system.

  3. and WHO controls it....
    (Astute analysis in the video btw and I would recommend everyone gives this a listen! It is very interesting how such messages are woven into the narrative of Hollywood propaganda without us even realising, so this video is an important and timely revelation and reminder of that.)

  4. I didn't realize the Soundcloud version was embedded here as my browser set up seamlessly blocked it (nothing sinister, just the anti-script security system) and I assumed it was only the YT version around and it was now all down the memory hole. I'm glad it was pointed out that the SC version is in fact embedded on this page too. I'll give this a listen. Very interesting how these videos from various contributors on YT seem to get blocked at incredible speeds or small channels with a few hundred subscribers can upload a one hour or longer video and within ten seconds of it being uploaded they have a dozen thumbs down which all appeared at the same time and no comment ever connected to them. Clearly at minimum there is some kind of algorithmic bot patrol. Isn't it curious how they seem to be so brutal on these small channels which seem to have their finger on a pulse while Hollywood Nazis can larp online freely or with minimum restrictions or demonitization only.

  5. Initially I thought I was going to have this broadcast in one ear only for the duration, but once your guest began speaking I enjoyed the stereo separation choice to give it that feel of being almost literally in the middle of this conversation between you. There was a slight repeat sometimes where I could hear one person's speaker quietly in the background with the associated delay. It was quiet enough though that I only noticed it occasionally.

    Really enjoyed this episode. It could almost have been half as long again or more judging by the knowledge of the film and the symbols and background of it. Entertaining and good rapport between you. Most of us probably saw these films long ago or only took them in at a basic entertainment level, so it's good to have this new lens to look at it with.

    It's refreshing to see people who actually know the subject at hand discuss it. This might seem an odd thing to say but all too often I've listened to or watched shows where one or more party in it had almost no knowledge at all about the subject they are discussing or expressing opinions of. Even fans of the films can learn something with this episode.

    Without our own culture we can't have the world our people need and this site is helping rebuild brick by brick what was knocked over in haste.

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