Friday, 8 December 2017


Prince Harry's engagement to half-caste divorcee and bit-part actress (Rachel) Meghan Markle has had many on the Left dancing with glee and ruffled a few feathers on the Right. Harry had always been seen as the successor to Prince Phillip as the royal who would never bow down to political correctness. The reason this has changed is of course because of Ms Markle's ethnicity, and one sees in this the nature of the real battle between Left and Right and what they stand for. The Right, philosophically, are the defenders of Nature and Natural Order, while the Left seeks to overturn and destroy the goodness of that given by Nature. This is why the True Right have always defended racial purity as normative and endowed by Nature and why the Left has promoted miscegenation as a destructive means. One must never forget that the Left is etymologically and philosophically sinister and the Right etymologically and philosophically for truth and correctness, which is why the Left has invented and needs the imposition of political correctness to quash true correctness.



The Left will always appeal to people's sympathies in argumentation, as though this somehow makes what is untrue true and vice versa. They will tell us that it is not Markle's fault that she was born mixed, and they would be right, but this has nothing to do with the matter at hand. The blame lies with the Left themselves, who have deliberately created the conditions that have led to the birth of Markle and others. This infantile petulance is typical of the Left, causing chaos behind the scenes and then virtue signalling and appealing to morality in the media they control, where they state that the reversal of the bedlam they have created would require measures deemed as evil within the framework of morality ushered in by societal institutions corrupted by the Left. I still remember the Labour councillor in Barnsley who jumped about like a madman screaming, 'It's too late! You're too late! It can't be undone!' He was indeed a madman and I am reminded once again that the opposite of Right is both Left and wrong! The petty evils of the Left can be undone and we shall look at this later in the article.


What is particularly satisfying for the Left is the tainting of the 'blue blood', given to mean the blood of those belonging to aristocratic families, yet this colloquialism is somewhat erroneous. The notion of blue bloodedness goes back to when the Franks were fighting the Moors to rid the Iberian Peninsula of Islam. As the ethnic Europeans tanned in the sun, the Moors were distinguished by their veins, which one could always see on the underside of the arm: the Moor brown and the European blue. The idea of blue bloodedness is therefore one of racial purity. It is not the only racialist prerequisite for the European aristocrat. One must be a gentleman, which is nothing to do with being gentle and everything to do with being Gentile, that is to say racially pure, 'gentile' coming from the Latin 'gentis' from 'gens' meaning 'nation', 'race', 'people', 'tribe', 'clan', and is specifically non-Jewish in its association with the Biblical 'Gentile'. Thus, when the Rothschilds and other Jews were created peers, it was against the principles of aristocracy itself.


Doreen Lawrence, given the title 'Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon'


Of course we now live in an age where even Negroes of low breeding are doled out peerages to make them feel better for losing a son in a stabbing incident. It is a mockery of the word 'aristocrat', which comes from the Greek 'aristos' meaning the nobility and simultaneously 'the best', as it shares its root with 'arete' meaning 'excellence'. Aristocracy is therefore the rule of the best, and in the Middle Ages, when countries were carved out for peoples by warrior leaders, this meant the warrior elite. Again 'king' etymologically comes from the same root as both 'kin' and the modal verb 'can' in Germanic languages, and therefore, as Thomas Carlyle noted, the king is the 'ableman', or as I call him, the man who can, as well as being a people's kinsman! In the Germanic warrior society, peerages were originally bestowed upon great warriors, who showed leadership and courage in battle. A society's leaders were necessarily its protectors and thus custodians of the folk, culture, and land, hence the term landlord. 


The term landlord today commonly refers to the owner of a public house or inn, or property that is rented out. However, the word originally denoted a man entrusted with the responsibility of land at a time when very few were. Inns and alehouses were common rewards for trusted campaigners in the king's wars, and this gift of land put the recipient on the first rung of the aristocratic ladder. If his son proved as reliable as the father, a peerage could well be in the offing. Titles were inherited father to son, for the men could well be expected to do their duty in battle at any given time. Titles were lost either because of the lack of issue (i.e. descendents) or disgrace. Perhaps in later times, there was not enough of the latter, for betrayals of folk and land begin at the top, not at the bottom, and that betrayal began with the bourgeoisification of the aristocracy.


The betrayal of folk, culture and land began with the adoption of the foreign religion of Christianity. Not only is it a religion that is anti-aristocratic in its extolling of the virtues of lowness and servitude, creating, as Nietzsche noted, a slave morality, but it also hastened the splits between spirit and body and between city and countryside. It is no coincidence that Christianity took hold with the cosmopolitans of the city and that they denigrated those of the country, who held to their ethnic beliefs and who lived with Nature, as Pagans, 'pagan' literally meaning someone from the country. Bourgeoisification thus began here, which accelerated as time wore on and the mercantile middle classes of the cities emerged, who gained peerages through their activities in commerce and finance instead of through valour. There is a problem here in giving tradesmen land, for they regard life in terms of a series of business transactions and have little concern beyond profit and loss. They thus regarded themselves as landowners as opposed to landlords and, with few exceptions, paid no heed to the noblesse oblige, of which the Tory poet and essayist Samuel Taylor Coleridge would later be scathing.


In Britain, the middle class literally waged war upon the upper class in the mid-seventeenth century, with Parliament triumphant over the King in the English Civil War, a precursor and model for the French Revolution and others. Their legacy of Hebraic mercantile fundamentalist Protestantism can still be seen in America to this day. Whiggery was born here - the original 'democratic' Left in opposition to the King's Right. The Whigs essentially rigged the monarchy, bringing in liberal puppets to rule with both the so-called 'Glorious' Revolution of 1688 and then again with the Hanoverian Succession of 1714. We have had a liberal monarchy ever since and our monarchs have followed our corrupt politicians in every twist and turn to where we are now. People wonder why the present queen has never spoken out against the misrule over her reign. It is because her position is and always has been to facilitate Leftist 'progress', to give an authoritative stamp of approval on every immigration bill, on every law against freedom of speech and expression, and to knight and ennoble the most ridiculous entertainers like Elton John and most anti-White lobbyists like Sayeeda Warsi. 


'Baroness' Warsi showing just how British she is


And she is there as that authoritative figurehead because the commoners still respect her nod of approval in the residual faith in true natural aristocracy, for they mistake the pomp and finery and manners for authenticity instead of the affectation of a pantomime dame. And when one considers all this, one can but ask why the great shock that Prince Harry is to marry a Negress? How quickly people forget his own mother's seedy dalliances with Arabs. Yet the plebs and the proles will largely lap it up, for they have read the adventures of their other Harry. Was it a coincidence that J K Rowling named her hero so or just art foreshadowing life? What was no coincidence was her raising up of the 'muggle' and propagandising against the principle of the purity of the blood and Europeans with fair hair. And now the masses believe that racial purity is a bad thing, because the masses always operate within the framework of the given culture. But so, it appears, does Harry Windsor.....simple Harry Windsor; for in his choice of bride he has demonstrated that he is no aristocrat, but one among the masses.

Yet these things can be undone if there is a will to do so. There has been a not unreasonable panic about the number of half-caste babies being born. Yet those of us with cooler heads and a knowledge of history know that when the German Empire conquered Cameroon in 1884, they rather foolishly left the soldiers without suitable womenfolk, which resulted in miscegenation with the natives. Upon becoming kaiser, Wilhelm II later took matters in hand by encouraging German women to go to Cameroon and having the half-caste offspring that had already been produced sterilised. This is thus a humane option for the present day, but it will take a new natural aristocracy with the will and vision to reshape the present culture and morality. The House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is finished, for it has joined the bourgeois mass. Yet the aristocratic principle will always remain. Whenever the masses become oppressed and wretched, they look to those among them who might lead them to greater things. In a Europe where they are increasingly beleaguered by those brought in from outside by our corrupt politicians, they will turn to the best among them for guidance. Those who sense opportunity instead of despair, who have a will to heroism instead of defeatism just might end up as the new nobility, for valour has its rewards.


  1. So Mr.Yorkshire,respectfully, I would like to ask you assomeone(myself) who hasfollowedthealt right,isnt thoisalsosomething that is happenning with them I feel quite disappouinted of late with debvelopmentsthere.It doesnotseem tometorepresent ethnonationalism atallbut civic nationalism for metropolitan grammar school kids who are quite happy to welcome multiculturalism into their ranks. In reality there is nothing there that is different from the mainstream of politics. It is not 'ethno'andit is not 'nationalist. I grew upin an area which I saw completely overrun.A year or so ago the alt right werevery exciting.Now,of late it is just.... terrible to be honest.

    1. A lot of people just aren't ready for ethno nationalism yet and will shy away from it all or run away when any pressure or exposure comes upon them. Some came aboard with very weak and milquetoast ideas in mind, not quite understanding the problems or is needed. The alt right's energy was redirected in part by those who want to simply profit personally (attention and money), as there always is such an element in every group now, and also by those who do not share the aims and goals that such energy should have been used towards and instead would rather it be burned out on dead end paths.

    2. I think you have it about spot on about the Alt Right, John and Anon. When it first appeared around 2010, I was rather hopeful about it, but it's been hijacked by too many with other agendas - especially after incorporating the 'Manosphere' that has so many non-Whites, militant homosexuals and low-energy males with a chip on their shoulder in it. It now seems the Alt Right is just as diverse as the multicultural globalist project. You actually have a degenerate tranny in Blaire White being brought in to go with the ubiquitous and nausiating Milo. And this is apparently normal. And this goes hand in glove with the cartoon Nazism of the Daily Stormer or the White Shariah of TRS. So what you have is exactly like the establishment ideology, where you have two polar extremes (like Islam and cultural Marxism) and nothing in between.

  2. It really does feel like there's a heavy burden of time pressure now. I know some are relaxed about time running out or think that God/Gods/Nature or people will suddenly 'awaken' or dream of some 600 year reconquista in a mythical future after generations more of suffering but it sure seems more like as a people we're all being pushed into the back of a truck headed for a one way trip into the woods in the Soviet Union like in the old days.

    Did you in see the interview that you screen capped that the future high race mixer to be quite openly stated that their relationship was about (and I can't quite remember the phrasing but it was something like this) challenging people's/the youth's views? Who on Earth says that about their bride to be? Odd body language during it too.

    A weird match. An aging and older mixed, divorcee, non-Christian, non-aristocratic, washed-up minor actress (I've heard rumors of it not all being tasteful work either but not heard confirmation). I wonder if she's been on the casting couch with the rest of them or joined in the fun with the pot plants?

  3. It is not difficult.I am white and British and I am proud of being white,being English and being British.
    I want a place that is for whites and whites ONLY and an ethnonationalist movement has to be strict on that.That means no association with people who are not white. End of! ie;Ethno
    And in fact we British need a movement really that is for white Brits only ie; ethno AND nationalist.
    Yes,I am aware of and very appreciative of European culture and do accept that -oneof my favouritecomposers isBeethoven - but I am English and British first.There has been touting of civic cafe culture pretending to be ethnonationalist.
    My culture is British.It is the culture of Vaughan Williams,Elgar,Shakespeare,Chaucer, Henry Williamson -the whole patheon of English literature and poetry, and it is also George Formby, Morecambe and Wise,the Two Ronnies,Only Fools and Horses,seaside postcard humour, British humour which is the best in the world. British cinema too -the films of Ealing, films like Zulu,the Italian Job, the adaptations of Hardy and Agatha Christie. It is also excellent modern music I have liked - Bryan Ferry.Mike Oldfield, British folk music - anything that is of us and our land. All of this is absent from the alt right which does not feelremotely British and they have created instead a 'cosmopolitan civic nationalist' cafe of millennials who are being led by the nose straight back through civic ''''nationalism'''' back to the status quo.
    The last straw came for me with how it could be even thought to even entertain a disgusting degenerate like ThatGuyT drooling like an atavistic monkey over the conquest of white women and promoting prostitution as a free market transaction'Look at the comments section.Disgusting.
    Then a Canadian in a strangled Canadian accent having the temerity tothink he can tell the English about their own language.What next? Hebrew classes? No, not for me.