Friday, 19 January 2018


There are a lot of Youtube channels on the Rightist side of metapolitics. Very few of them offer much in the way of original content and rely on bad news porn and endless chit-chat wherein the same tired dialogues and monologues are endlessly repeated. It is therefore very refreshing when one finds a little gem amongst the broken glass. Holly Hazeltree offers a much-needed look at forgotten rites, rituals and cultural festivals, the manipulation of language and culture by antagonistic elites, and what the effects of cultural change have been on society. Her first video deals with the various permutations of the word 'consume', the associations that have been imprinted on the word since its etymological beginnings and how it has helped to shape consciousness. I have mentioned cognitive linguistics before, and it is something very underappreciated by the Right.



Her second video examines traditional European festivals just after Yuletide, like Epiphany, Twelfth Night, Wassail and Ploughman Day. It is telling that it was those puritanical fun-hating bourgeois Christocucks, the Victorians, who suppressed many of these remnants of Paganism. What is interesting, but not mentioned by Holly, is the crowning of the Lord and Lady of Misrule on Twelfth Night in relation to post-Marxian politics. As Holly states, the traditional social hierarchies were inverted, hence misrule, but the Left wish to see these inversions become socially normative and thus deliberately create chaos.



Her third video explores the degeneration of the healthy relationship between men and women, especially since the 1960s cultural revolution, but also prior to that and how Christianity has problematised sexual union. She concentrates on esotericism rather than politics in her analysis, which is the correct approach, for politics should always be considered the low and spirituality the high, for political decisions should always come out of a concern for the spiritual wellbeing of a homogenous people. The Alt Right all too often have the same view as feminists in that the body politic becomes a politics of the body in which sexuality becomes a mere political tool. Holly practices what she preaches and I hope people will subscribe to this important channel and help it to flourish.



  1. I like a channel worth promoting. I see a paladin in the video comments has already rushed in to defend miladies. They must do this full time.

    1. He seemed like an errant SJW to be honest. A mention of "The Patriarchy" kind of gives the game away.