Saturday, 20 January 2018


Catherine Zeta Jones is the latest actor to come under fire for so-called 'whitewashing', where a White actor plays a character who is ethnically Other. Jones plays Colombian 'Cocaine Godmother' Griselda Blanco in the biopic of that name airing tonight on Lifetime. As usual, the blatantly anti-White Huffington Post has led the charge, with Latina journalist Carolina Moreno screaming for the casting of someone from her own ethnicity. Moreno claims it has caused an angry backlash and shows a handful of social media comments to prove it. It is not the first time this furore at 'whitewashing' has been manufactured in the media, with the likes of Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lawrence and the cast of Gods of Egypt all having come under fire in recent years (even though the Egyptian Gods were White).


Yet nothing is mentioned when Whites are played by ethnically Other actors. The Huffington Post was quick to attack Whites who similarly complained when the Negro actor Idris Elba played the Norse God Heimdall, who is the fairest of the pantheon, with journalist Zaki Hasan stating:

These folks are upset because a movie adaptation of a fictionalized version of a fictional character is the wrong color. In fact, not only are they upset, they’re so upset that they’re trying to galvanize fellow racist—er, concerned citizens to do something about it.


The portrayal of Heimdall is worse than the portrayal of a historical figure, because it undermines the very myths upon which North Europeans base their very identity. It is the same trick Hollywood has pulled on the Greeks by having Dwayne Johnson portray Hercules. Would Zaki Hasan be so blasé if I were to portray Allah as an Arab terrorist supervillain in a film? Would the Hollywood moguls of a certain ethnicity dismiss it as mere entertainment if I portrayed Yahweh as a black hermaphroditic genocidal maniac? No, they would all be using that tired cry of 'racist' for alleged 'misrepresentation', just as Moreno is doing now, and it shows the double standard of the Huffington Post and reveals its anti-White agenda.

Yet there is a more direct comparison. Hasan says that the character is fictional, so why then was Huffington Post jounalist Claire Fallon so upset about white actress Emma Stone playing a partly Asian fictional character in the 2015 film Aloha? The title of her article puts it plainly: 'Emma Stone Plays a Part-Asian Character in Aloha and That's Not Okay'. Again here we see the same tack as Moreno of using a few comments on social media by disgruntled 'ethnic minorities' to back up her claim. The Huffington Post's message is quite clear: it is right for non-Whites to complain about Whites portraying non-White characters, but not for Whites to complain about non-Whites playing white characters. And that is how one can prove unequivocally that the Huffington Post hates Whites.


Furthermore, in the new biopic of the Norwegian black metal scene of the early 1990s Lords of Chaos, due for release at the Sundance Film Festival currently taking place, Varg Vikernes is played by New York Jew Emory Cohen. I hear no outcry from the Huffington Post on this one. Given Varg's distaste for Jewish influence on White European society and the fact he refused the use of music by Burzum in the film, the casting is probably quite deliberate. This contrasts with the casting of Welsh actress Catherine Zeta Jones as a Latina, who has obviously been chosen for her dusky good looks to sell the film, for Blanco herself was nowhere near as attractive as Jones at a similar age.


It may not be the only reason though and Jones' casting may also be to do not with pro-Whiteness in the media, but with anti-Whiteness. We all know which is more typical of the media and that the American film-making industry is controlled almost exclusively by Jews antagonistic to White interests. Jones is of course married into the tribe and her casting may be both because of nepotism, but also because she is good-looking and White. After all, Griselda Blanco had a debauched bisexual sex life that included a string of younger Negro lovers later in life and those in charge of the media love nothing better than to show attractive white women with black males. I would give this film a wide berth.


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  2. Look at the outrage when Ghost in the Shell production cast someone White looking as the lead role. It was labelled as "disgusting" in the lefty media and all their parrots. Lots of limp men who looked like they didn't have the strength to cut a steak let alone ever ate one were shrieking about it. Yet the original artist who created the works said her appearance was meant to be European anyway (the body being almost entirely machine other than the brain), despite the story being set in the future in Japan. That was ignored in the rush to foam at the mouth about daring to put a White person on the screen, basically. They got their message and guilty feelings hammered home, despite there being no grounds for it. "Whitewashing" term was used once again. Yet complaining about it being done to Europeans and European stories is not allowed and certainly kept out of the mainstream media, revealing an agenda.

    Do these lefties travel the globe telling Africans they need to make their media more diverse? Chinese? Indians? Etc. Of course the left would believe that a 100% African cast in Africa was 100% diverse and good in their bizarre mental and moral knots. All that truly matters is that there are less of European stock in the production or from the results.